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Environmentalists Disrupt Efforts To Boost NE Gas Supply


Two weeks ago last Saturday, a group of residents led by an environmental activist marched in Burrillville, Rhode Island protesting plans by Spectra Energy (SE-NYSE) to expand the delivery capability of its Algonquin pipeline system that supplies gas to the state and other New England states.  Actually, the physical expansion of the pipeline will occur elsewhere, but Spectra Energy operates a compressor plant in…


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Shale's Footprint: Anti-Frackers will really hate this

Make sure you share this on Facebook. Your enviro-friends will hate it.

Link1: Wind farms need 700 times more land than shale

  • A wind farm requires 700 times more…

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"La Plume Rouge"

This summer I have spent a fair amount of time dusting off my memories of offshore Gulf of Mexico. I guess it should be expected since I attended the OTC for the first time in 25 years, add that with the offshore process training at the Shell Robert’s Training Center in Southern…


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Great Crew Change

New technology must come to the forefront to solve the “Great Crew Change." With the economy finally starting to begin to rebound, the available talent pool is just not there. Due to the a situation in which everyone was either looking for a job or looking to cling to what they had before,most qualified candidates are already employed. The…


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Will Natural Gas Storage Go From Worst To Best In a Decade?

Last week’s natural gas storage injection volume of 82 billion cubic feet (Bcf) fell short of the consensus of industry forecasters’ projection for an 83 Bcf injection.  This marked the third consecutive weekly shortfall in actual injections versus analysts’…


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Ohio's Triple Play?


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Gasland 3?

What about Gasland 3? Where could Josh Fox find some more naturally forming methane to blame on the "fracking" industry so he could whip up the fractivist zombies? After all, facts, and scientific data are not part of the Gasland agenda. So why not blame the natural occurring methane in cows on…


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Jet Fuel and Diesel in Ohio?

In May of  2011, I read the first article about some shale gas being more valuable due to its specific mineralogy.  Most LNG’s are sent to a cracker plant to be processed into ethane and used for the vast myriad of…


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Europe’s Reliance On Fossil Fuels: An Excerpt from Frack Off

By Vincent Lentini

The EU estimates that it costs on average, between 170 billion Euros, ($233…


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Get A Job: Shoot for the Domestic Oil and Gas Industry

By Keith Mauck

Anyone seeking a job these days would be well-advised to consider entering the oil and natural gas industry. Unlike other parts of the economy, the industry is booming and there is a huge demand for…


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Interview with Daryl Mazzanti, VP of Operations from Evolution Petroleum

Operators have been drilling in the Woodford shale play for almost 10 years, but withnew gas and liquid rich  areas within the formation emerging more recently, such as the Cana Woodford (particularly the SCOOP), the formation is seeing a significant upturn in interest from both suppliers and…


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How to Trade Natural Gas Options Like a Professional with John Carter....This Weeks Free Webinar

It's ON.....John Carters next free webinar is this Thursday, July 31st at 8:00 p.m. est

Just click here to get your…


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Higher Summer Gas Prices? It’s Not Really a Conspiracy

Most travelers still budget a considerable part of their summer vacation towards gas, fully expecting the typical rise in prices by Memorial Day. Who’s behind this summer conspiracy and why does it occur seemingly each and every year? The answers may surprise you in that there are legitimate costs…


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Understanding the Basics of Ohio Geology


The Trenton Limestone:


The Trenton Limestone and accompanying Black River rocks are important in that they serve as the source for much or all hydrocarbon formation in the Appalachian basin. Generally speaking, the Trenton Limestone serves as a cap rock for the underlying Black River source rocks.  Because it is not as thick here in Ohio, it has allowed hyrdocarbons formed by the Black River group to migrate naturally into the Utica/Pt. Pleasant.  To…


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Needed: Mature Liberal Response to Zombie Shale Campaign

Nick Grealy, our liberal-progressive ally from the UK, offers his take on what's missing from the US shale discussion: mature liberal voices of reason.

I’ve mentioned before the Zombie Facts of Shale, defined as shale misapprehensions founded on either fear or misinformation. They’re Zombie, in that they are the living dead, non-facts or wrong facts that just keep on coming, the Whack-A-Mole of 21st energy discourse. We think they’re dead and buried, but then…


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NY Home Rule Decision: All About the Meaning of “All”

While there will be a lot written over the next few days about the New York State Court of Appeals decision regarding “home rule” laws banning natural gas development in New York, it’s far from the end of the story.

The decision was disappointing, to be sure. The reasoning of the five justices who sacrificed Jennifer Huntington’s property rights on the altar of political correctness speaks for itself and may be summed up as this; “all” doesn’t mean all.…


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The Impact Of Rig Efficiency On Drilling And Production

The American shale revolution has changed the nature of the domestic oil and gas business in many ways.  One of those changes is the embrace of pad drilling as the method for achieving more efficient drilling while minimizing the environmental impact from petroleum activity.  This damage is a contributing factor to the public’s growing objection to shale development in various communities around the nation, and, in…


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E&P Companies Like Ohio for More than Just Geological Reasons

Drillers like Ohio for more than just geological reasons. Ohio is ideally located to take advantage of development and commercial networks in both the Midwest and on a national scale. Ohio is within 600 miles of 60% of the US population and more than half of the Canadian population. It has considerable existing infrastructure and one of the most favorable tax/business climates in America. Ohio has zero tax on inventory or corporate income, no tax on investments for inventory or…


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