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Natural Gas Market Update

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The above graph looks at natural gas prices going back to January 1997.

Natural gas prices have retreated from their Polar Vortex highs and remain relatively low by historical standards.

The prices plotted above are not adjusted for inflation.  If they were in 2014 dollars, the left side of the curve would be more elevated.  In real dollars, today’s prices are lower…


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Total War over the Petrodollar

By Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist

The conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Total SA’s chief executive, Christophe de Margerie, started the second the news broke of his death. Under mysterious circumstances in Moscow, his private jet collided with a snowplow just after midnight. De Margerie was the CEO of Total, France’s largest oil company.



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Saudi Arabia Oil Policy Hammers Home The Austerity Case

With little fanfare, the government of Saudi Arabia has sent the oil market into a tizzy with disclosure that it is willing to live for up to two years with oil prices below $90 a barrel and possibly as low as $80.  For many oil market observers, this revelation shocked them as they were convinced, and espoused the view that the Saudis would help coordinate an OPEC production cut in order to support global oil prices in the $100 a barrel range.  That view was based…


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Will Lower Oil Prices Drive A Greater Austerity Push?

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil prices fell below $90 per barrel last week in response to data reflecting weakening economic activity in China and Europe.  Recent economic data for the United States has been mixed, but generally it has been more positive than negative.  That said, future economic growth is being questioned by the weaker global outlook and the announcement of the first Ebola case in the United…


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The Longest Running Water Management Event in The Rockies Returns To Denver This Month

Pressure to reuse produced water in tight oil and shale gas plays in the Rocky Mountains is ever increasing, with a recent study by Ceres showing that reusing produced water can achieve a cost reduction of 24-46% per barrel.

The program for the 4th Annual Produced Water…


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How Low Can Crude Oil Go?

Our trading partner Mike Seery is laying out his bearish view on crude oil. How low can it go?

Crude oil futures in the November contract are down $1.50 a barrel currently trading at 89.53 right near two year lows with extreme choppiness over the last several weeks with many rallies and sell offs as I’ve been sitting on the sidelines but now the trend clearly is to the downside, however the chart structure is terrible at the current time so I am not taking a short at this time,…


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The Top 5 Chesapeake Royalty Litigation Trends to Watch

By Keith Mauck

Over the last few years litigation arising from Chesapeake Energy’s royalty practices, has reached a tipping point with a number of new suits being filed in the last year and stretching into new legal theories of liability. The origins of this litigation boom against Chesapeake stems from changes…


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Environmentalists Disrupt Efforts To Boost NE Gas Supply


Two weeks ago last Saturday, a group of residents led by an environmental activist marched in Burrillville, Rhode Island protesting plans by Spectra Energy (SE-NYSE) to expand the delivery capability of its Algonquin pipeline system that supplies gas to the state and other New England states.  Actually, the physical expansion of the pipeline will occur elsewhere, but Spectra Energy operates a compressor plant in…


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Shale's Footprint: Anti-Frackers will really hate this

Make sure you share this on Facebook. Your enviro-friends will hate it.

Link1: Wind farms need 700 times more land than shale

  • A wind farm requires 700 times more…

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"La Plume Rouge"

This summer I have spent a fair amount of time dusting off my memories of offshore Gulf of Mexico. I guess it should be expected since I attended the OTC for the first time in 25 years, add that with the offshore process training at the Shell Robert’s Training Center in Southern…


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Great Crew Change

New technology must come to the forefront to solve the “Great Crew Change." With the economy finally starting to begin to rebound, the available talent pool is just not there. Due to the a situation in which everyone was either looking for a job or looking to cling to what they had before,most qualified candidates are already employed. The…


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Will Natural Gas Storage Go From Worst To Best In a Decade?

Last week’s natural gas storage injection volume of 82 billion cubic feet (Bcf) fell short of the consensus of industry forecasters’ projection for an 83 Bcf injection.  This marked the third consecutive weekly shortfall in actual injections versus analysts’…


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Ohio's Triple Play?


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Gasland 3?

What about Gasland 3? Where could Josh Fox find some more naturally forming methane to blame on the "fracking" industry so he could whip up the fractivist zombies? After all, facts, and scientific data are not part of the Gasland agenda. So why not blame the natural occurring methane in cows on…


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Jet Fuel and Diesel in Ohio?

In May of  2011, I read the first article about some shale gas being more valuable due to its specific mineralogy.  Most LNG’s are sent to a cracker plant to be processed into ethane and used for the vast myriad of…


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Europe’s Reliance On Fossil Fuels: An Excerpt from Frack Off

By Vincent Lentini

The EU estimates that it costs on average, between 170 billion Euros, ($233…


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Get A Job: Shoot for the Domestic Oil and Gas Industry

By Keith Mauck

Anyone seeking a job these days would be well-advised to consider entering the oil and natural gas industry. Unlike other parts of the economy, the industry is booming and there is a huge demand for…


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Interview with Daryl Mazzanti, VP of Operations from Evolution Petroleum

Operators have been drilling in the Woodford shale play for almost 10 years, but withnew gas and liquid rich  areas within the formation emerging more recently, such as the Cana Woodford (particularly the SCOOP), the formation is seeing a significant upturn in interest from both suppliers and…


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How to Trade Natural Gas Options Like a Professional with John Carter....This Weeks Free Webinar

It's ON.....John Carters next free webinar is this Thursday, July 31st at 8:00 p.m. est

Just click here to get your…


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