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Economics for a Typical Utica Completion in Ohio


CEO Frank Tsuru of Houston-based M3Midstream is investing over $1B across Eastern Ohio in a

rush to get into the Utica ballgame. His enthusiasm is generated by the incredible profit

margins which his company projects for Utica operators. He claims that based upon well results

to date, producers will achieve an internal rate of return of 91% over the life of the well(s).

Incredibly, he claims that dwarfs even “the next-best shale play, the Eagle Ford in south Texas”.

Producers there, according to Mr. Tsuru, have an average rate of return of about 60%. These

numbers all obviously tower over those of dry gas shale plays, including the Haynesville,



Posted by John W. Landman on June 8, 2014 at 3:52pm

The Impact Of Rig Efficiency On Drilling And Production

The American shale revolution has changed the nature of the domestic oil and gas business in many ways.  One of those changes is the embrace of pad drilling as the method for achieving more efficient drilling while minimizing the environmental impact from petroleum activity.  This damage is a contributing factor to the public’s growing objection to shale development in various communities around the nation, and, in particular, in several promising shale basins.  The shift to more pad drilling has changed how players seek to adjust.  Producers, drillers and rig equipment companies have learned that hardware changes can improve drilling efficiency, and in turn, the exploration and development economics of shale plays.

There was a time when the most prized capability of drilling rigs, besides how deep a well they could drill, was their…


Posted by Keith Mauck, Publisher on June 25, 2014 at 1:59pm

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