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07/20/08 06:51:58PM @jr:
hello tom glad to see you on the site. i never heard from you on the terrell well. cal me
Keith Mauck
07/21/08 04:17:23PM @keith-mauck:
Hey Tom, would you be interested in becoming a sponsor of the site?
07/22/08 11:15:30AM @jr:
hello tom glad to see you on the site. i just talked with xto and they told me that they bought all of anadarkos leases in natch. parish also hunt petro. that is good news. have you heard any news on the messenger well?
07/22/08 01:06:21PM @jw:
Tom, I have 100 acres in Peason, LA. Has Shell or Encana mentioned going that far down. I understand that there are Seismic crews working southeast Sabine now. I am in contact with other landowners in my section daily. There are only 4 or 5 landowners in our section and I am sure we would all like to make a deal together.
07/29/08 06:53:06PM @landowner:
Tom, I read your reply to Chesapeake's Hold by Production Sizes"The technical stuff I read puts NW LA just where it is but the shale will be all across North LA with Winn and LaSalle close in on center. It is sanwiched between two uplifts the Sabine and the Monroe. This whole area is the Northern Gulf of Mexico during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. How far South is anyones guess the map shows the North Half of Rapides."I have property in Jamestown, La. and from what you said if I understand it right is that Winn and LaSalle are in close on center. Where does that put my property. I kind of thought from the latest map that we were in the center. Thanks
James CD1
08/02/08 01:10:56PM @james-cd1:
can you explain what a voluntary unit is and do the o/g do that anymore.
James CD1
08/02/08 04:17:40PM @james-cd1:
If they just choose to leave you out do they still have topay you anything if the well is paying people on all 4sides of your property. I didn't sign a lease because they never sent one. I am sorry I just don't understand how they can choose to not pay you if you are in the unit.
08/03/08 09:17:58PM @randy:
Thomas, are you AAPL? I am to the point where I want to start working towards certification and was wondering if you have done any of it.
08/04/08 10:41:00PM @randy:
I am going to work toward the PL certification but I need a little more time under my belt as it's 4 years exp or a degree and I don't have a degree or quite 4 years exp :(
08/05/08 02:17:53PM @kfly:
I've read a number of your postings. You must be a landman or experienced in all of this. Do you mind if I ask you a royalty question... specifically calculating percentage of ownership of a section?
08/05/08 02:57:07PM @kfly:
I live in sect 19, T19N, 13W and own a few acres. The Red River passes thru the western part of this section. If there are royalties paid, will the state (or any other gov body) participate due to the land area the river covers, or how would this be handled in calculations? Thanks kf
08/05/08 03:14:42PM @kfly:
Thanks for the comment and info. I was hoping that my section would become a 400+acre section by eliminating the state, but now I guess not. Mine and others in the area was leased about 2 1/2 yrs ago to Meagher O & G. They apparently sold an interest to Southern Star who has drilled and is producing 5 wells just north of me (sect 7, 8 & 17). They are about to drill at Cash Point (sect 30) then move to the northern part of my section. I sure would like to see some mailbox money! Thanks again.
08/06/08 12:40:51AM @jw:
Thomas, I appreciate your input on my land in Peason. I am in no hurry to lease so we should have a pretty good idea about what is going on if and when we do get an offer. I have lived in Deville for the last 10 years and my wife and I are originally from Sabine Parish. I read your discussion on LC and agree with you about the school. My daughter is a sophomore at LSU in Baton Rouge but LC would have definitely been a good choice. I don't think that most people realize how well respected the school is throughout the country. I am looking forward to watching some of their football games on the new field too. Have a good night and thanks again.
08/10/08 04:09:50PM @kfly:
change your name on the website to initials or something else. Don't leave your complete name out there.
08/10/08 06:15:31PM @jr:
hey tom any news on the messenger well in natch. parish?
09/07/08 01:41:33AM @sesport:
TD, please look at Wm. Buckner's discussion re. looking at the picture in the link he provides. It might explain why he was frantically looking for SONRIS info.I hope things continue to improve for you & yours.
Dorcheated   A1
09/16/08 08:15:32PM @dorcheated-a1:
Can you make it up here for the party.
Dorcheated   A1
09/16/08 08:24:45PM @dorcheated-a1:
That means we got 4 pockets now.
Dorcheated   A1
09/16/08 08:31:32PM @dorcheated-a1:
I lived down in Jena for a couple of years. So I got plenty of practice at it.
Dorcheated   A1
09/16/08 08:41:32PM @dorcheated-a1:
I hope, I would like to see them make a little money.Becareful coming up here look forward to meeting you.
Dorcheated   A1
09/16/08 08:49:35PM @dorcheated-a1:
Sounds good. We got some monster Blue Cats behind Lock#5. I set a IGFA state line class record down there.73lbs on 12lb test I guess it still stands today. I think it was back in 1998.
Dorcheated   A1
09/16/08 08:57:53PM @dorcheated-a1:
I'll explain it when you get here..Have a safe trip.
ken hatcher
10/07/08 10:51:24AM @ken-hatcher:
two dog's, would you please look on your tobin map and tell me whose land this was when the lake took over(68?) go south of zwolle on 475, turn right on hwy. 1215 an go till it hit's the lake. i would be appreciative....ken hatcher
10/31/08 11:12:44AM @iris:
You are it cause you are close to the asylum or is it still there?
10/31/08 11:36:25AM @iris:
Interesting..thx for the update. We use to just call it Pineville. You are a fun bad, probably not a crazy bad. Course I've been called crazy.
11/06/08 08:46:24PM @cottontop:
Thank you, she left me a comment last night, but it was gone and so was all her stuff last night. Looks like she signed back up. I take it you are a Landman - me too. Love your profile picture - reminds me of the whiskey my boss used to drink - Canadian Hunter. He called it 2 dogs - finally I asked why - He said it was because there were 2 dogs and a SOB on the label.
ken hatcher
11/07/08 11:22:30AM @ken-hatcher:
Being unitized in tn. 9,if you don't think the lease offer's will be as high after the first of year at what monetary amount would you not accept the lease bonus and be force pooled ??
Snake Stewart
11/26/08 08:45:38PM @snake-stewart:
Happy Thanksgiving 2Dogs !
12/05/08 12:01:30PM @ben4:
Just saw your comment on the shaling peas group comment wall asking about the eggs. If the outside of the eggs are still chalky looking, and the texture is a little rough, they are good to eat. If they have become smooth and shiny they are no good. Also, if you have mixed up boiled and non-boiled eggs, you can spin them. Start them spinning on their side. The boiled ones will stand up when you spin them. The ones that are not boiled will not spin well and will remain on their side.
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
12/27/08 09:19:53PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Hey, Two Dogs. Glad you liked the skirt steak. Best steak for the price, Carrabba's filet or NY Strip. Haven't had a Porterhouse in quite a while. I'd probably buy one at Maxwell's Market or Cush's and cook it at home.
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
12/27/08 09:29:29PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
I can not recall a steak cooked at home or the hunting camp that did not involve alcohol. The chef deserves marinating also.
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
12/27/08 10:07:40PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
The owner is a friend. Sing, the bartender has been there 7 years. Always a good sign. One of my favorite watering holes. I'm glad you liked it.
01/03/09 05:05:28PM @insomniacnla:
Thank you very, very much for checking for the new leases in my section. And yes, that would be me with the 17 acres. LOL I guess I had the date wrong of my lease with Chesapeake as you are correct that it is dated 9-10-08. I don't know why I keep think thinking it was 9-11-0-08, that is the only lease that I have ever granted as I did not lease to Caruthers a few years ago. I also keep forgetting that only the Memorandum of Lease is recorded and not the whole thing. I did not sign the confidentiality agreement so I am free to discuss my lease terms. Even without any drilling and/or production taking place, I am pleased with Chesapeake. The bonus paid to my son was more than the whole little farm and house was worth, AND we get to keep the property!!! LOL LOL I really could not ask for anything more, except to please drill a horizontal, not a vertical.My question to you took up so much space on Jay's Discussion, that I will probably go back and delete it. I also feel bad for mentioning my neighbors' names on a main page.If I can check anything for you in Caddo or if you need to find out anything in Stonewall, I would be happy to do it. I thank you again for your help.Donna
Bobi Carr ("parker")
01/24/09 10:06:56PM @bobi-carr-parker:
Thanks Two Dogs,I wish that I would have heard your "alert" before I had leased. Since then I have preached it too. It is probably much more valuable than what the bonus amount is. I'm so glad that GHS gave me the opportunity to meet you.
Bobi Carr ("parker")
01/27/09 10:21:30PM @bobi-carr-parker:
I sent you the information that you requested.Check your inbox.Let me know if you got it.
01/31/09 05:50:34PM @sarah2:
Two Dogs... do you mind telling me what "alert" Parker is refering to?Thanks.
01/31/09 06:53:52PM @sarah2:
Thanks Two Dogs. That is so important to know about these things!
Bobi Carr ("parker")
02/02/09 04:52:34AM @bobi-carr-parker:
Two Dogs,I should be able to receive it now.Thanks
02/06/09 09:40:10PM @shelley:
Hello, I am from San Augustine Tx and want to mail in a donation for the little girl (Jaylyn) who' daddy was killed on a drilling site. Can you please send me the address to the bank in which we give the donation to. Many Thanks!!!! and God Bless..
02/07/09 08:59:34PM @taylor:
I totally agree with ya. I get so aggravated at the "politics" involved. I totally see why you moved on!
lanadan Ds3
02/11/09 05:06:25AM @lanadan-ds3:
At the risk of sounding like a "know-it-all" (which I AM NOT), you may find the following of interest about the "Murrell Gang". After studying through a Master's Degree Program in History many years ago, I feel that I can speak with some degree of authority. All my info and conclusions are therefore based on the recorded first hand recollections of those who actually lived during this time along with original manuscript research -- NOT on what some folks just thought up! (Be careful here as there are indeed some publications that I would categorize as nothing more than "pulp fiction".)The road through North Louisiana (1800's) ran from Mobile, Alabama and all the way through San Antonio, Texas to what is now called Mexico City. This was known and the "El Camino Real" (the King's Highway to the Spaniards), and also known as the Harrisonburg Road (Harrisonburg being of course in Eastern Louisiana. This was basically the main road that people of that day traveled to get to the newly opened lands in Texas. It ran (roughly) from Harrisonburg through southern Winn Parish, crossed the Red River at St. Maurice, through Natchitoches and across the so-called "no man's land" in what is now Sabine Parish. All along this route were "highway men", being a various lot of robbers and murderers that preyed on these travelers. Indeed, there were probably hundreds of them that were "way-laid", robbed and killed, disposed of (thrown down wells and such) and were never heard of again. In Winn Parish you had John West and the Kimbrell clan, Dr. D. H. Boullt and his co-horts around the St. Maurice area (again, at the Red River crossing) and the Murrell bunch west of Natchitoches. (No, John Murrell WAS NOT Jean Laffitte. There is, however, some recorded info about a possible connection with the Jesse James gang and Cantrell's Raiders.) If you care to dig deeper into this, then I humbly suggest you go to the Louisiana Room at NSU in Natchitoches as this is the repository for a lot of stuff pertaining to "local" history. (P.S. note- my Grandmother, whose parents lived in this area and during the time of the Civil War and thereafter (my Great-Grand-Parents (sic) on my father's side) could sure spin a yarn or two about all this!!)
02/13/09 11:04:30AM @221caribbean:
2 Dog - Thanks for the reply. I was pulling up blank pages because I was entering the year date like 09 instead of 2009. DUH. Not following directions! Anyway, I called Sonris help number and they pointed it out. They also said since I am on a Mac I cannot use their downloads so I cannot see all well info?
lanadan Ds3
02/15/09 07:45:44AM @lanadan-ds3:
I used to do extensive research (graduate level) in Pre/Post Civil War history in and around the Natchitoches, La. area. However, all this was done some 30-35 years ago. Furthermore, and regretably, our house burned to the ground back in the '70's. We "lost everything" as they say, which included a vast amount of original historical work. I therefore have just a few historical items (mostly recollections) left.However, you can go to the following web-site for one of my more detailed thesis chapters: Also, go to for a somewhat chopped-up version of the similar material. Please note that others have taken some credit for my original research (as is often the case). You also might want to check with the Winn Parish Library in Winnfield, Louisiana. A fella by the name of Richard Briley (now many years deceased) wrote a small book about the West/Kimbrell Clan. Also, you might go the Louisiana Room at NSU and peruse COGSGROVE'S WEEKLY (I think that is the name) which was a newspaper published during the late 1800's. I remember seeing a publication on John Murrell ("Rev. Devil") but I can't remember where this was. Oh, and yes, (and this was told to me by Richard Briley's widow concerning his writings) where there seemed to be holes in the narrative in the book on the West/Kimbrell Clan, he just "plugged in" something that seemed to fit. This is why one has to be careful not to take what someone has said or even printed as fact. This business of the "George Washington slept here" mentality can get an historian in trouble right fast. Historians are sometimes not liked by the local folk, as part of their job as a serious researcher is to often times categorize local "fact" as mere hand-me-down myths, folklore if you will. Indeed, many years ago I recall that an investment group came into Natchitoches Parish from Dallas and bought a large plantation down on Care River (serveral thousand acres). There had always been stories that the book UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, written by Harriet Beecher Stowe, actually was written in that area and was based on the lives of the slaves on this plantation. I recall signs that were put up on I 49 in that area sometime during the 1980's that read "LITTLE EVA PLANTATION --Home of Uncle Tom's Cabin!" Well, as it turned out, a graduate student friend of mine completely de-bunked that idea. The plantation DID have a harsh overseer (named McAlpin, I believe) and this was suposedly the basis for the character of Simon Legree in the book. Needless to say that the paper published by this grad student was NOT very well received by those who had plopped down the money on this plantation! I wish I could be of further assistance, but that's about it. Good hunting!By the way (just curious) why are you on the Haynesville site? Just interested or maybe have land up in this area/?
lanadan Ds3
02/16/09 05:14:12AM @lanadan-ds3:
Any thoughts on the following: I have 75+ ac. in an area in DeSoto Parish that is VERY hot! (all CHK) My section (no HBP) is all leased up (to be best of my knowledge), EXCEPT for my land. I have refused to sign a lease that offers me "peanuts" for bonus money along with no surface protections. Construction of drilling pad is currently underway, along with connecting pipeline. If I get "force pooled" as an UMI -- then so be it. I have been categorized by some on GHS as a "greedy" landowner because I have not signed (to me the GREEDY ones have been those who grabbed the first offers and went and bought new cars and other creature comforts), and a "tree-hugger" because I have expressed a profound love and respect for the land that God has placed in my trust. It's just that I simply refuse to allow OG to run "rough-shod" over me and talk me into signing away my mineral rights for what basically is a "handful of beans".
02/18/09 06:11:41PM @sesport:
TD - Just a heads up, Kassi has posted a new, if not very sad, blog, in case you'd like to take a look & lend support. We haven't heard from her in a logn while.Best - sesport
lanadan Ds3
02/20/09 06:00:25AM @lanadan-ds3:
Construction of pad continuing and permit issued to CHK yesterday. I'm still the "hole" in the doughnut, so to speak, as my 75+ is not leased as most (if not all) other lands in this 640 ac unit under some kind of lease. Any thoughts on this situation?
ken hatcher
03/02/09 01:33:06PM @ken-hatcher:
i have a $10,000.00 CD coming due. saw where t. boone was purchasing some you think this is a good time to buy in?? your thought's sir:
Heather K
03/21/09 09:58:08PM @heather-k:
Thanks, Two Dogs, Pirate.I cannot tell a lie...I am here because I need info. I'm no expert!
Heather K
03/21/09 10:39:54PM @heather-k:
Thanks again. I worked briefly as a land tech with a landman friend earlier this year. My mother and aunts have an interest in the HS and Cheaspeake has the lease...still waiting on the 45 day draft.I have invited the family to join the site. We are expecting great things. Why not? It's a hotspot, apparently. God knows we've all worked long enough, and have always meanwhile held onto the mineral rights, as taught by our grandparents!
Heather K
03/22/09 11:27:41AM @heather-k:
I can't see my comment from last nite. Can you? Maybe it didn't post....
kristine matt
03/26/09 03:28:34PM @kristine-matt:
Hi Two Dogs -- wonder if you might be able to help me? Im working on some case studies on process improvement in Well planning, rig repair & maint. -- interested in your insights on Knowledge Mgmt and Process Optimization in the Oil & Gas industry... or a point in the right direction. ...project management, reductions in cycle time, and "making knowledge actionable" through Best Practice Transfer, any thoughts? or people? -- I really appreciate your advice. -- kristine
03/31/09 07:51:50PM @herefordsnshale:
Two Dogs,Do you know the specifics on the deal IP made with Chesapeake last year? My understanding is that it was a purchase of royalty instead of a lease. I just found out the IP land in my section was part of that deal, KCS/Petrohawk let that acreage go instead of renewing it. The remainder of Petrohawk's acreage begin expiring this fall, we're wondering what to expect.
03/31/09 08:09:44PM @herefordsnshale:
I talked to Bob Nafe at IP yesterday. He said Petrohawk did not pay the delay rentals to renew the lease on their acreage in our section, so that freed it up to be included in the package. I was shocked that they would let DeSoto Parish acreage go! That means Chesapeake has 440 acres of our section, Petrohawk has 120 that will begin expiring in the fall at 80 acres is unleased. I've talked to Skip, Jay, and a few others on the site about it. How would you imagine this playing out? Is there any kind of a deadline on the IP land? Or do they have the mineral rights permanently?
03/31/09 08:27:02PM @herefordsnshale:
It should be fun to watch!
04/01/09 06:35:00PM @herefordsnshale:
Two Dogs,In that IP deal do they have any kind of deadline for drilling or did Chesapeake outright purchase the minerals ?
04/01/09 09:38:44PM @herefordsnshale:
You were close, 263 million for 13,000 acres. That's more than $20,000 per acre! So they own it all to drill at their own convienence. That means they've got 8.8 million invested in my section, might put me in a good position.
Bobi Carr ("parker")
04/02/09 10:17:13PM @bobi-carr-parker:
Two Dogs,That accident didn't involve "double" vision, did it?
04/05/09 07:37:01PM @wolverine:
two dogsWAZ UP!!!!! do u know anything about the wells!!!!!!jamey
04/10/09 07:24:31AM @sesport:
Morning - Here's 5 points & a featured shaler vote. Have a good weekend. Best - sesport :0)
Jack Blake
04/10/09 01:04:11PM @jack-blake:
I'm no kin to Bruce Blake. Jack Blake is an alias.
04/12/09 08:28:49PM @herefordsnshale:
Hey Two Dogs,We had the name of that movie wrong, it was THE WINDS OF AUTUMN, WINDS, not BELLS, that's why I couldn't place it!
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
04/15/09 10:48:21PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
TD. I'm feed up. As Jay is. I do not wish to leave the site but if Keith does not exercise some control of Jay Murrell and his unsavory friends, I might. Jay and I think that a short term boycott of the site by some of the regular posters amongst the industry members might have a sobering effect. What do you think?
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
04/16/09 06:53:15PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
TD. Yeah, let's wait and see how this plays out. Basically Keith just has to make his mind to ban the likes of Jay Murrell. There are no rules or policies that can keep the Jay Murrells of the world in line. They just must be sent on their way.
05/04/09 10:07:12PM @sesport:
Congrats for keeping that spot on the top 20 list of the monthly "Featured Shalers." Enjoy the view, pay it forward ... ha, ha.Best - sesport :0)
05/19/09 08:35:11PM @fox:
Hey Two Dogs-------where you been? Had not seen you posting in a while.
05/20/09 08:02:02PM @fox:
Next time you are in the Desoto courthouse, come by assessors office and look me up.
Bobi Carr ("parker")
05/21/09 10:39:59AM @bobi-carr-parker:
Just stopping by to say "hi". I haven't seen you on GHS lately. Good to see you around.
07/13/09 10:54:49PM @na:
That 2 dogs picture is priceless
07/17/09 09:01:13AM @rosebud:
The first year I was at Tech, my roommate was from London. Every so often her parents sent her a "care package" filled with all kinds of goodies, things I suppose they thought would remind her of home. I suspect one particular room in Pierce Hall still reeks of sardines after Kathy opened a can her folks sent her - and dropped it in our radiator.We endured the remainder of that winter in a room that smelled like we used sardines for potpourri!
08/09/09 06:38:52PM @darryl-jenkins:
hello.would someone in this group help me?I own land in the land is leased to is inmurry31#1 .Ihave been told that well is pumping.what is going on in this area?please someoneinform me.I have not heard anythi.
Keith Mauck
09/02/09 02:48:15PM @keith-mauck:
no not yet maybe this time around
Brian Holman
09/16/09 10:13:50PM @brian-holman:
Two DogsParker gave me your name and told me you may have some work. I am an experienced landman that has found myself unemployed. I am experienced in all areas including title, permitting/leasing, to supervision of 3-D seismic surveys and pipeline construction. I am willing to travel so the location of the work is not an issue. Please let me know if you have anything or of any leads that I can pursue. My contact info is: or 337-884-8882. Thank you for your time.Brian Holman
Brian Holman
09/16/09 10:24:49PM @brian-holman:
Parker told me you may have some work. I am an experienced landman that has found my self unemployed. I have experience ranging from title, to permitting/leasing, management of 3-D seismic projects and pipeline construction. Any help or leads of who may be hiring would be greatly appreciated. My contact info in or 337-884-8882. Thanks for your help and time. Brian Holman
Deborah Durst West
09/17/09 12:35:49PM @deborah-durst-west:
Those Caddy fins can be lethal, especially the 59 Eldo Biarritz. Those were the highest fins in automotive history, 4.2 inches I do believe. Love those fins!Good luck with the title, that can be a royal pain, but you can get it done. The 64 1/2 is very desirable, the ones I have sold did not stick around very long.
joe parker
11/29/09 01:46:35PM @joe-parker:
Nope, never worked in La.
12/15/09 11:44:23AM @fox:
Hey two dogs- how you been? Have not heard from you in a long time. come by and see me sometime. sorry I missed you before.
Keith Mauck
04/19/10 02:20:01PM @keith-mauck:
Hey buddy, hope things are going well for you and that your not being on the site is a sign that you are busy!
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
04/22/10 09:02:47PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
TD, How's things in Beauregard Parish? Have they heard of the Shale down that way? Have a good holiday. LOL!
Mary Alison Anders Knighton
07/24/10 09:58:41PM @mary-alison-anders-knighton:
thank you for your friendship..looking forward to talking to ya,Mary Alison Anders
Mary Alison Anders Knighton
07/30/10 01:36:38AM @mary-alison-anders-knighton:
Hey,Again..look forward to to talk to ya brain is scattered at the moment as I am in the process of moving my daughter to LSU..first year...after August 24th..I will be back into the site.Mary Alison
Martha McWhiney
08/22/10 02:26:10PM @martha-mcwhiney:
I have heard all of your names from my dad. Carlton and Ray. Dorathy Salley Wooley can still tell you about them all and the Salley history.
08/28/10 01:00:26PM @razorback:
Two Dogs,Picture not my car, had one just like it in 57. My toy today is a 92 red vette convertable.
Buddy Cotten
04/16/11 10:46:26AM @buddy-cotten:


Hope to visit soon.


Buddy Cotten
04/17/11 05:42:31PM @buddy-cotten:

Hi, Tom.

I have been spending a lot of time on

I have built a pretty good brand for landowner representation.

We will need to talk soon about a new business that I will be launching soon. I have Texas covered, but will need some help with Louisiana.


Buddy Cotten

05/22/11 07:17:54PM @jffree1:

I would be interested in hearing what sort of amendments they are seeking. There was talk last month that CHK was going to drill DVN's acreage in San Augustine, Sabine and Shelby. And, Devon drilled a James Lime well last month in that area. Gas and condensate. That would probably be where the oil talk is coming from.

FM 3483 intersects Hwy. 21 east of town but doesn't intersect Hwy. 96, that I can see.

05/22/11 10:31:41PM @jffree1:

That clause is pretty standard language in Texas. They may just be wanting to add that particular language if it was not included in the original lease. I would still be suspect of it... just because. Why do they need that language now if it was not needed originally? Makes me think they are about to amend the size of the unit. And why would the niece need to ratify and not just sign as the old lady's representative/POA?

I looked at unit plats and the only unit Devon has where 3483 joins 21 is the Kardell Unit, which is just a little east of the intersection. At that intersection, Crimson Energy has the Blue #1 which doesn't include any tracts remotely similar in size so I would guess that she is in the Kardell Unit which sounds about right on the royalty payments. It has declined rapidly.

I'm not much help, I'm afraid, but I can send you the unit plat if you want it.


05/23/11 06:08:58PM @jffree1:
TD, I went back through DVN permits and they did drill a Pettit well just lately. Let me back up... they drilled a directional HA well last year, K. Skillern #1, in P. A. Sublett, A-44, to the east of FM 3483 @ 21. It was a fair directional well (1.55 MMcfd) and they went back recently and re-completed it in the Pettit but I haven't seen any paperwork on that yet. Everything else has been either a HA well or a James Lime, which does produce condensate in some areas.
05/23/11 10:22:59PM @jffree1:
Thomas, I don't think I've done much to help but I maintain a data set on what wells are drilling where and by who, over here. I'm happy to help any time. I just love old folks and I always feel it is our loss when when one of them, who has attained such an age, passes on. Talk about priceless... but she is in good hands if you are on the case. If you have any legal questions re:Tejas, friend Ben Elmore and run it by him. He is very helpful and is a board certified O&G atty.
05/24/11 11:12:40PM @jffree1:
Any time, TD.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
05/27/11 12:03:03PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
TD,P. Re: Be aware that neither i nor anyone else in the Stratigraphic thread is bashing Indigo. The genesis of this discussion is an informed member saying that there are two separate and distinct plays (target formations) and he will demand lease terms based on the value of both. I have been taking the opposite opinion, that it is the same play and formation being called by two different names depending on whose press release one is reading. If I am correct then the industry members are doing nothing but making their jobs more difficult by not agreeing with me, or by going off on some unrelated tangent. Regards, Skip
08/03/11 04:52:11PM @hydrocarbonite:

read rumor of ION looking for large companies to get on board for large 3-D shoot across central la. keep me in mind if need large block land leases to get involved,,


08/19/11 09:48:47PM @hydrocarbonite:
Hey Tom any word on how AC wells are doing in southwest corner of Vernon parish.. Been reading/following about high/low resistivity areas ... If those wells do well that could expand play area ...
08/22/11 06:54:52PM @hydrocarbonite:
Hey Tom, any info on Cortez oil company and their drilling history/track record??They hv lease on property I'm looking at purchasing...
Snake Stewart
09/12/11 10:35:57PM @snake-stewart:

Hello my friend.

Hope things are going well.Just stopped in to check on things as it has been some time. Wouldnt feel right if I didnt check in on the Head Pirate. ;)

09/17/11 05:47:18PM @hydrocarbonite:
Hey Tom , things looking good in st Landry and avoyelles parish...Maybe things creeping in our direction,,, noticed leasing below southern dip line across central Louisiana
12/31/11 08:28:41PM @jffree1:

Happy New Year, TD!

Henry Goodrich Jr
03/05/12 12:24:54PM @henry-goodrich-jr:
I have a client that has asked for some help negotiating a lease in Rapides. He owns 750 acre tract in T3N R1E. Cenla initially offered a fifth and $300 per acre. He said no thanks. They have come back with a quarter, $400 per acre for 3 years, with two year option to extend at $350.I noticed a comment on the Rapides page where $500 per acre was mentioned. Is Cenla working for Indigo? And what are your thoughts on the offer.Thanks for your input?
Henry Goodrich Jr
03/15/12 03:12:44AM @henry-goodrich-jr:
Thanks for yoqur response. My party accepted Pride's offer on his 750 AC In SW of T3N R1E. It was a paid up 3+ 2, 25%, $400 bonus, $350 extension. He knew he could probably get $500, but, hey what's $75,000 in the big picture. Seriously, I think he was sympathetic to the risk of stepping out so far, and decided to use his bargaining capital negotiating surface issues.All in all it should be good news for some of the smaller neighbors.
03/16/12 08:45:19PM @centuryman:


I understand that you do not work for Indigo; therefore i'd like your input on the following. Thanks in advance for any info that you can provide. I do understand if you can't comment on some of this.

  1. What do you make of the recent offers in the Ruby/Kolin area? I have followed the leasing in other parts of Rap Parish and I expected that it would eventually happen here, but was a little surprised it happened now; and this is the 1st I've heard of anything anywhere near this area.
  2. Do you think that they plan to blanket the parish; and this just happens to be where theyare workingnow; or is this area of special interest.
  3. In another comment; you said "I bet the option will not be triggered". Could you explain what you mean here?
  4. How about these initial offers? Why better than initial offers in other areas; or do you think that this isjust where their rates are at now, or is there some other reason?
  5. From the little that I have heard; they have contacted the larger parcels; with smaller neighboring owners not being contacted. Do you think thisis to discourage compitition from coming in; perhaps from the folks working the area across the river?
  6. Finally; what do think about their ability to developed all of their holdings during the lease terms?

I know this is a lot to ask; but any input you have would be appreciated.


03/17/12 11:09:06PM @centuryman:

First -- congrats on the grandson. Hope all goes well for mother and child.

Thanks for your reply. FYI - the offer that I am aware of is probably 2 miles from any Martin land.

It will be very interesting to see who/if Crest Natural Resources goes with. I believe that they are the largest landowner (by far) in this area.

05/10/12 10:07:02PM @carol5:

Trying to find out anything i can about how much any leases my be going for in vernon parish .Thank you for the reply and for any help you can give me.

05/15/12 10:06:56PM @sam9:

Know any of a landman in Vernon parish offering the higher $500/acre and 1/4 royalty? Have 70 acres in Simpson.

Rebecca Lane
06/11/12 12:54:02PM @rebecca-lane:

Thank you for friending me.Are you aware of activity in S. Miller County and what would be the target for this area? I have two landmen trying to lease acreage that is part of the Kelly Bayou Field S5 T20SR27W. Thanks for your help.

06/29/12 08:44:59AM @hydrocarbonite:

hey Tom,,,,shawn in evangelinge around millers lake,,, hearing alot bout AC. any positive news about leasing in our area... central evangeline.. midstate petroleum matt david in houston told me they were looking at all options around pine prairie and the ville platte, tate cove field.....mostly wilcox but austin chalk becoming a bigger reality....

11/30/12 09:15:48AM @jffree1:


ZaZa put out an interesting presentation on the Eaglebine

DUG2012-San Antonio

and this one is brand new11-29-12 presentationfor the Jeffries Conf. and is heavy on Eaglebine but more Eagle Ford also.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
08/29/13 11:37:58AM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

I went to your personal page to send you a message and got the "This Page is set to Private, you must be a friend to access it" message. I thought that's strange so I sent you a friend request. I also reported this to Keith because I just knew it had to be a site glitch. He didn't seem to concerned. Jay's response to your comment about Justiss in Sabine basically covered what I was going to message you for.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
09/09/13 09:25:43PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:


I'm missing some long time industry members also. I've heard from Jay and Dion lately. They are kind of burnt out with the constant anti-industry rhetoric. We're all sick of Gosh Darn. He's egging on a small group of paranoid conspiracy theorist making personal attacks on me in the Brown Dense threads now. Keith has really ceased to keep up with what's going on. Those I mention above and others are sending him emails currently to see if he won't step in a put Gosh Darn back in his box. And read the riot act to the rest of the PCT'ers. Please consider sending Keith a message.


Skip Peel - Independent Landman
09/17/13 09:07:02PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:


I emailed Keith cut-and-pastes of Gosh Darn's posts aimed at me and asked him to intervene to stop the personal attacks. If Keith has chosen to bar GD from the site it is because of GD's actions, not mine. Keith has warned him and temporarily barred him previously to make the point that personal attacks are not tolerated. GD has no standing to complain, he knew the rules and chose to violate them.


Skip Peel - Independent Landman
09/17/13 10:02:41PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

Yes, you have missed a lot. I can send you a few examples if you would care to see what GD has posted about me. I don't bring my brokerage business on the site and I do not make posts with an intent to further any business interests. That's following Keith's site rules. And I resent the fact that you seem to think that I screw people by optioning their minerals. I conduct my business with the highest degree of ethics and I have never had one complaint from anyone I helped to sell their minerals. I certainly have no reason to look over my shoulder. I conduct myself in a professional manner and I sleep just fine every night. The crux of this problem is not me trying to influence who can and can't post to the site. It is about one thing and one thing only, personal attacks.

09/18/13 09:32:31AM @jffree1:

TD, he sent me a message, too, suggesting that I contact Keith about GD. I ignored it, as I am not that easily manipulated. I hate it that GD feels the need to attack Skip by insinuation but Skip and GD need to work it out so they can both live and let live. I am not getting into it like I did with Teddy Souter but GD has written to me as well and I took up for Skip because I just don't see him inflicting harm on anyone or giving advice that is not correct. GD just has it in his head that Skip is here to prey on mineral owners and I wish Skip would go drink a beer with him and iron it out.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
09/18/13 09:35:38PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

Sorry, hit the wrong key. One of the draw backs of the way comments are set up. If any of what I sent is not clear let me know. Skip

Ginger Pierce
01/13/14 07:43:54PM @ginger-pierce:

crown drilling completed drilling in sec. 29-6s-8w beauregard parish well serial # 246675, then baker-hughs came in and ran casing, we were thinking they were doing the completion but they told us marlin energy wanted someone else to do the completion. this was a few weeks ago and no sign of anyone else has been on the site, so we called marlin and asked about it but got to play phone tag with everyone there and no one could or would give an answer. How can I get answers? my folks have 10 acres with 25% intrest in this pool of 40 acres. Is there any way I can pull info on this?

Ginger Pierce
01/16/14 06:02:50PM @ginger-pierce:

thank you sir! very helpful.

01/16/14 08:38:51PM @jffree1:


I have production reports on the HK Wilcox well in Newton. They haven't turned in an IP report on but the well has been on since April. Production is still "pending" (waiting on completion paperwork). They have two more permits but I don't see a spud date posted so I don't think they are drilled yet.


01/16/14 10:32:52PM @jffree1:

I hadn't looked at it in several months. I wish they would post a report so we could see the gravity on the condensate. They are still making 1800-2000 bbl a month and a little gas. Can't tell whether that is good or bad without seeing the reports. It could be a thousand ft. interval or a ten foot one.

Just give me a shout. I'm never too far away.

01/21/14 05:52:42PM @hydrocarbonite:

hey Tom, its shawn in evangeline parish,any good news in 2014 for us?

01/22/14 11:58:04PM @jffree1:

TD, do you know anything about BBX Operating? They have named a Woodbine field out west of Jasper and have drilled a half-dozen wells. The four I looked at last night are wet gas but making 800-900 barrels of condensate a day on IP. They look like they are holding up over the first 4-6 months. All vertical so far & 13,700' deep. That's pretty deep for wet gas isn't it?

01/24/14 04:31:06PM @jffree1:

I had no idea it was THAT slow over there. I seldom look at SONRIS, though. I still get most of my LA. info from GHS or Skip.

Maybe we need to brainstorm. I've been on a Raman noodle & pinto beans diet for several weeks now. Skip isn't doing anything either.

That's why I've been looking at the wildcat stuff on my side. Halcon is producing one well in Newton County but they haven't turned in any reports yet. They have two more permits on file in Newton Co. but no signs of life in that area. Could it be an infrastructure problem? I haven't looked to see what pipelines are in place. Some of that country is pretty rough & lots of Fed land.

03/20/14 01:32:52PM @jffree1:


I was snooping through the completion reports in Jasper County this morning and discovered that HK Energy Operating is now the operator on a well that I know used to belong to Anadarko. It was part of the package they acquired from UPRC back in the '90s. A deeper dig reveals that HK Operating is reporting production from 63 wells in the Brookeland Field (Jasper & Newton) which were either drilled or acquired by APC. Thought you'd like to know.

03/21/14 11:36:33PM @jffree1:

Yes, about 1/3 are oil.

04/03/14 06:18:53AM @hydrocarbonite:

hey Tom,, any good news for evangeline parish with the changes at Midstates..... shawn

04/03/14 03:24:11PM @jffree1:


I looked at the "home" version of ARC GIS, which I am still interested in learning, but decided that my present Vaio laptop might not handle it. What do you think are necessary minimum requirements to run that program?

I have two or three older towers around and have often pondered on building an "updateable" computer that I don't have to totally replace every two years. I'm not afraid of technical stuff but don't have a whole lot of knowledge/experience other than adding ram or replacing a fan... simple stuff.


04/04/14 05:26:43PM @jffree1:

WOW! You gave me lots to think about. I knew ARC GIS was a whole new animal from what I'm used to working with. I would never expect to handle anything near as large as you describe. I want to be able to download base map files from the TX. GLO database so I can layer in tract files and have them correctly located. I'm almost always just trying to situate a single tract for a presentation or something of that nature. No massively large acreage for sure. Plus... it would surely be a resume enhancer to be able to list at least a familiarity with ARC GIS since that is what everyone is using now. It is light years ahead of my "Net Deed Plotter" which was a great little learning tool. But I'm ready to move up to a bigger challenge and NDP has its limitations. So, I think I should try that $100 home license and see how it works on my computer (that may be all that is necessary for my present needs). Then I will think about that computer build if I run into issues. I will need to do something before much longer because this notebook is nearly 3 years old now and is worn out. Time for another write off, too.

Thanks for the very thoughtful reply. I'll shout if I decide to jump into that build. I aint skeered, LOL!

04/04/14 09:06:23PM @jffree1:

Only a few words of the song would play "Honey Don't Stop".

Oh, my sides, LOL!! you are a riot!. I am still laughing. Too funny.

I am right behind you on the "old dog" scale since I will be 60 this fall. I have a serious affliction, though, in that I can't just sit and watch TV at night and I'm so compulsive that, unless I have a mental challenge of some sort, I'm so bored with life that I become unbearable to all around me.

I have always been fascinated with mapping and this just seems like a natural progression to me. I just have to figure out how to fit ARC GIS into my (presently) meager budget. Work has been slow for half a year now.

I hope that if I live to be 100 that I never stop learning. Inquisitive minds want to know...

Yes, the Vaio is on its way out, one way or another and not a purchase I will ever make again, just FYI. I will be putting together a plan on that new computer since you have given me your parts list.

Have a good weekend!


04/06/14 10:48:49PM @jffree1:

Your praise & generosity leaves me stumbling for words, TD. I would be very much interested in the ROW work and I know your recommendation is bound to carry some weight but, I confess, I don't even have a resume. Have never written one, ever. I've just always had work of some sort or made my own and now I'm dealing with people who want to see a resume and I don't know how to comply. It's embarrassing to say that, at my age, but it's the truth. I stopped approaching anyone cold because the first thing they always said was "where's your resume?" and I started feeling really stupid about the whole situation. So, I just quit looking and stuck with what little bit of work I could drum up on my own. It's been pretty tough, the last five years.

I'm sorry. I really hate whiners and now I sound like one. I'll get back to you when I gather my wits once again.

04/08/14 01:09:22PM @jffree1:

That's a relief. I have a panic attack at the thought and then my brain locks up. I've never done any sort of ROW but it's surface so I wouldn't expect any major problems catching on quickly. And... I would make keeping you out of the courthouse my mission. Do you know the area yet?

Someone else recommended Asus so I'll keep it in mind when I decided to do something. This notebook works, for now. I added an AVG maint. pkg. which stopped Firefox from hogging memory and disables all that startup crap. Sony had it just covered up in their 'craplets' when I first got it... Microsoft too. It's just physically worn out from being dragged over hells half acre for three years and running constantly. Keys worn off, power plug wobbly, runs a little hot and 'vibrates' sometimes, which is irritating. I figure a fan is trying to go out.

I have to go to Freestone County for a little while. May be out of pocket the rest of the week but I'll look in when I get a chance. Do you still have my personal e-mail?

04/16/14 08:03:10PM @jffree1:

HK finally turned in an IP report on two of the wells in Newton Co.

Lindsey #1 had a TD of 11500' and tested @ 20.0 bod + 12 mcf and appears to be shut-in... no production reports.

Smartt #1 drilled to 11500' and plugged back to 10500' for completion. IP was 70.0 bod & 1.010 MMcfd after two days of flow back. It actually produced ~130.0 bod & 0.300 Mcfd for the first three months (1st full month was May 2013) or so and has declined gently since then. It has produced 25,211 bbl since the last week of June 2013. The funny thing is that they reported it in the Wilcox field until Nov. but in Dec. they reported in Aguila Vado (Eagleford) field first, then corrected it to Wilcox, then corrected again back to Eagleford. Jan. & Feb. were reported in Wilcox and the IP reported says Wilcox 10500 field. It could be that it accidentally got lumped in with all their wells in Brazos Co. which really are in Aguila Vado (Eagleford). Hard to say... for now it is a Wilcox well. It will be interesting to see what they do with it going forward.

04/21/14 08:46:34PM @jffree1:


Did you get the message I sent last week about the Newton Co. Halcon wells? The site was acting weird and I lost the entire message one time (timed out? I thought it didn't do that anymore) and so I sent another one the next day. Was never sure you got either one.


04/22/14 09:27:24PM @jffree1:

Long as you're not ignoring me... (kidding: ). I hope GD is well. I still hate that he was run off like he was. Just wasn't right.

I kind of suspected that HK might back off on that Wilcox gambit. I just wonder what they are going to do with those Anadarko Austin Chalk wells in the north end of Jasper & Newton Co.s There has to be a reason they were interested enough to acquire them. I suspect (there's that word again) that it has everything to do with TMS/EF. Time will tell.

05/13/14 07:45:29PM @jffree1:

What do you know good, anything? Things are still pretty quite in my neighborhood.

05/15/14 09:45:43PM @jffree1:

Well... I tried to reply last night and my post just suddenly disappeared like the page refreshed and it was gone. I was too tired to try again so I just went to bed.

Anyhow, that sounds good to me! I'm trying not to get too excited but I am ready to go.

I cruise through and check on the site two or three times a day, usually. I just don't say anything unless someone needs a little help over here. The TMS is too far away for me to get excited about so I just read and digest what everyone is saying. Lurk mode.

05/31/14 11:10:01AM @jffree1:

TD, I am happy to hear that things might be picking up and, yes, I'm still interested.

I've been working, off and on since spring of 2012, for a family group (and their atty) on their attempt to identify their missing family land that was stolen a hundred years ago so they could then go sue a (some, any) bad old oil company for millions of royalty $$ and kick some owners off their land.

That project is about to end because I have exhausted all avenues (and rabbit trails) and there is no place left to look. Suffice it to say that nobody had their land stolen, grandpa never owned the 2000 acres they thought he did and there is no huge pot of royalty money just waiting to be confiscated.

I have to go meet with them one last time on June 29th so I can, maybe, convince them to end this... quest. The lawyer is tired (nearly five years for her), I'm tired and they are wasting their money.

I really need to move on to something new so I can end my association with this group. Their money is running low because there are fewer and fewer of them participating every month and I'm just piddling now, trying to write final reports and such, before this last meeting.

I will survive through June but things will get much tighter after that so any time you hear your folks are moving into Texas... I am ready to go. I can finish this other stuff up on my own time.


06/01/14 03:24:00PM @nell:

We have family land less than 1/2 mile from pond store on pinkneyville road.. I was wondering how close the wells are and how far they have drilled. I am a novice in the world of oil and gas therefore have not many resources. Thanks for any help.

jim smith
06/03/14 02:03:47PM @jim-smith:

Hi Two Dogs. I am interested in a cell tower lease on my property. I have land in Desoto Parish and Bolinger/Plain Dealing area. Who is the protocol?

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
08/04/14 03:24:28PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

I scan with Malwarebites occasionally myself but haven't noticed a problem with GHS.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
08/04/14 04:16:04PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

I don't think the problem is with the site. I only scan with Malwarebytes (the free version), I don't run it as my main security software.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
08/04/14 05:31:01PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

I'm sending Keith a cut and paste of your comments to alert him to the problem.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
08/04/14 07:26:16PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

I've passed your information along to Keith on his private email. He'll get it regardless of where he is.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
08/04/14 08:18:04PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

From Keith.

Keith's Gmail

7:04 PM (12 minutes ago)
to me
At the circus right now, please let him know I'm going to see if I can match those ips to users.
Sent via iPhone

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
08/04/14 11:18:53PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

Just got an email from Keith. He has banned those two IP addresses. If that doesn't solve the problem, let me know.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
08/05/14 09:49:57AM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

Good to hear. Thanks for the heads up.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
12/15/14 09:05:17AM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

Here is Jay's reply this morning.

With oil prices below $60 I think I need to find twice as much oil. The layoff carnage has begun. The massive layoffs start in January. I am glad I work for a company that has zero debt.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
12/15/14 07:22:48PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

Good luck on the jack up rig and $50 bonus leases.

02/24/15 11:46:13AM @jffree1:

Hey there, Mr. Pirate. Hope you are well.


02/25/15 12:45:41PM @jffree1:

I'm of the same mind, TD. We need something to break loose in the Ark-La-Tex but it doesn't look like we can expect that any time soon. I was watching the oil activity over in Houston Co. area because it looked like the Eagle Ford/Woodbine play was extending eastward... until the oil price cratered. Two dozen rigs disappeared from the region in the span of three weeks.

Not much else going on except that Exco is back in San Augustine with three rigs.

Ms. Jessye Roux Conner
05/24/15 04:37:37PM @ms-jessye-roux-conner:
Hey Two Dogs , Its Jessye Roux Conner From , Dry Creek, La.. Is anything going to happen Dry Creek ? Are they moving any closer ? Please email me & tell me what's going on !Thank You , God Bless Us All !Jessye Roux Conner( )Even when you hear something Later Please Keep E-MailJessye THANKS
William Howard Pritchartt
07/11/15 05:31:10AM @william-howard-pritchartt:

Good to hear from you old buddy. Seems deletions of text is a common problem on the site. I appreciate advising the person asking what minerals were valued back in 2005. I answered and posted my opinion and I hoped it helped the person who asked.

I never charge to help people and only ask for friendship in return. I find myself in a position to help many members but site policy has my hands tied and I have only benevolent intentions in an effort to help right a wrong. Personal financial gain for me by soliciting those I may help will NOT be expected or asked for $ by me PERIOD!!!

I can fill you in on more details if you like but you need to track me down to get contact info and I am not D.B. Cooper just Google me.

William Howard Pritchartt
07/11/15 05:33:56AM @william-howard-pritchartt:

Get in touch with me. We need to talk.

06/07/16 12:27:34PM @jffree1:

Hiya, Mr. Pirate ;))

Hope you are doing well. We haven't talked in a long time.


06/09/16 01:42:50PM @jffree1:

Lordy, that sounds frighteningly familiar. Skip and I sold some minerals for a lady last fall and made a nice check in Nov. but it has been slim pickings since then. I was doing a little research on RRC for a guy in LA but he's a young O&G lawyer and he moved in with Davidson's firm so now I'm not getting that work. I have a $197 pension from Temple and still have a client who sends $300 every month but that's it. I don't think I'm old enough for SS... I'll be 62 in Oct. I was able to pay off my last note with that last good check so now all I HAVE to pay are lights, phone & car ins. Barely keeping my chin out of water but, so far, I'm making it.

I've been farming with my sister-in- law since Feb. My brother has 49 acres and I have 18 about 1/2 mile apart and we are growing a bunch of stuff for the pantry and freezer and to see if we can grow enough to take to the farmer's market to supplement our incomes. Brother still works for CB&I in Beaumont but he turns 65 in a week and we all figure he will get eased out. He's not gotten any overtime in over a year now.

But, you know what, TD? You and I come from a tougher generation than what's coming up today. We'll get through this. It's only a few months til the end of Obama and then we can get busy fixing what he messed up and get back to work at something.

Let me know if you want anything from my garden. I'll meet you at the river somewhere. I have beaucoup tomatoes that are starting to get ripe and I'll have green beans, speckled butter beans, two kinds of okra, squash, pickling cucumbers, cream peas and purple hull peas that will be making in a couple of weeks. Sweetcorn will be ready in the fall. I have a tiny bit of crook neck squash now but I'm getting ready to plant more along with three types of scalloped squash, slicing cucumbers and cantaloupe.

Hang in there.


Al Cramblett
09/29/10 09:18:23AM @al-cramblett:
Welcome to the group! What region are you currently working? We all look forward to any input that you are willing to provide to educate the landowners of Harrison County.
Al Cramblett
09/30/10 10:13:12AM @al-cramblett:
Thanks for the reply. It appears as though oil is going to break through the $80 a barrel threshold, but the price of natural gas is still languishing. I know that all the natural gas plays will eventually pan out but perhaps not in my lifetime. That is a good thing -- we need to leave something for the future generations.
Al Cramblett
10/01/10 10:21:01AM @al-cramblett:
Two Dogs,Amen! Your message and theme needs to be heard by all. I took the liberty of cutting and pasting your comment to an existing thread on the Harrison County group website. I hope you don't mind. Keep the comments coming and have a nice day.Al