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time will tell
@time-will-tell • 4 months ago • comments: 6
Posted a new Comment on Activity and Leasing in Monroe County:
"The producers are not tipping there hats .I wonder if Dez is still around ."
time will tell
@time-will-tell • 4 months ago • comments: 6
Posted a new Comment on Activity and Leasing in Monroe County:
"There a buzz on retention ponds in Franklin Twp ."
time will tell
@time-will-tell • 4 months ago • comments: 3
Posted a new Comment on Trenton or Black River Results:
"They are not going to tip there hats on the results ."
Jonathan Blair
09/15/11 11:42:17PM @jonathan-blair:
Committee members:
Janice Bundy, 484-1381
Tony Gregor, tonygregor@live.com 686-2551
Bob Groves, 782-1626
Clyde Repik, 484-4036
Neil Rubel, 686-2153
Floyd Simpson, 686-2802
Charles Withrow, 686-2379
Brad Otto veo@windstream.net

Larry Cain, Chairman, Smith-Goshen Landowners Group (familycain@sbcglobal.net) 484-1612

Tom McConnell
10/13/11 05:47:58PM @tom-mcconnell:
I just bought a piece of property in Franklin township and was wanting to catch up with others in the area to talk about leasing together. Any help would be appreciated. Tom mcconnell724-355-3747
Vicki T
11/07/11 09:56:18AM @vicki-t:

Will enjoy talking to you 440 829 9791 thanks.

Vicki Tatum

12/23/11 08:38:20PM @dave23:


following the snake ranting on you makes me glad I do not have to deal with that in pa

like your photo if you ever want to trade hunts I will send you some of our trail cam pics good luck this should be fun not a fight god bless and merry christmas

scott peterson2
02/14/12 08:15:09AM @scott-peterson2:

sometimes they get a little careless when they get really old so ya never know. I am in Guernsey and already got paid by Gulfport at $5,000 & 20% thru KWGD group #5.

scott peterson2
02/14/12 09:32:13AM @scott-peterson2:

I thoght it did but just did a quick breeze thru it & dont see any specific arbitration clause.

02/15/12 08:28:48PM @dave23:

did the cobra -not leased get released from this arena?

spring gobbler looks good over here

as will pallidin said have gun will travel

deborah l reinacher
04/11/12 01:55:08PM @deborah-l-reinacher:

Dear Sir,

I am brand new tothe leasing processand not sure if I completed the necessary steps to become a member of your group. there is a wealth of info on this sight . Please email me. reinacherdeb@yahoo.com Thank you.

05/09/12 09:14:23PM @dave23:

following the nastiness going on your thread- not you !!!!!

your knowledge exceeds this forum----- some unwanted advice from meease up on the trigger and set your hook later these idiots are pretty good at baiting.

hope this finds you well

god bless