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@tim17 • 2 months ago • comments: 2
Posted a new Comment on Susquehanna Utica...we know it's there, but is it productive?:
"great info here Jesse.  To add just a bit.  Seneca has popped a few wells in McKean county, also.  These wells have had solid well results, too. Currently,..."
@tim17 • 4 months ago • comments: 180
Posted a new Comment on What is going on in your area 2017.:
"i had heard the storage field with buffer was approx 15,000 acres.  That map looks substantially smaller than that. any thoughts?"
Dorothy Adamik
05/13/13 11:04:50AM @dorothy-adamik:
Hello, Tim new friend. Looking forward to shareing all info on pipeline and O&G& with u. Word of mouth between friend is most valuable. Your friend. Dorothy Adamik.
Gary L. Mills
03/17/14 11:46:42AM @gary-l-mills:

good morning tim

are you familiar with anadarko in mchenry twp lycoming county pa

we are looking to lease our mineral rights or maybe sell our ground and mineral rights we own 68 acres but have the rights to 78 acres


John & Paula Bostrom
12/18/14 07:13:39PM @john-paula-bostrom:

Hi Tim :) you asked if we had resolved our HBP we haven't.

Robert Shelinski
01/06/15 06:55:58AM @robert-shelinski:

Thanks for your last post. I have land in the Doan unit which is between Shells Utica wells. I was hoping for some info so to determine future hopes. The Doan well is drilled + fract. A pipeline was planned but dropped with 200mi. a few yrs. back. PS did not know the RUT was still in{ Jack + your exchanges}

01/21/15 11:30:25AM @josie:

Our N. Gas interest is in Tioga County PA near Wellsboro. We ar in the Kennedy Production Unit. Kennedy was one of the first wells East Resources drilled years ago and is idle. East sold out to Shell and Shell dominates Tioga County. The country is divided by wet gas and dry gas. Shell continues to drill wet and is standing down on the dry. Hope all is will with you.

Dorothy Adamik
03/22/15 02:51:18PM @dorothy-adamik:
Tim this is Dorothy. I don't get on here very much so that is why there r no remarks from me lately. I do have a ? Have u heard any tidbis about Walhounding, Ohio and drilling there? Some activity has been going on in that area. We r least by Eclips.
Art Thompson
03/26/15 02:42:36PM @art-thompson:

Tim, we have some Wetzel O/G rights that we would consider selling. I couldn't see the date, so I don't know how long ago you sent it.

Are you still buying?

We were more interested in leasing, however, if the price is right . . . . :D

~ art

Chris Stevenson
07/24/15 05:19:26PM @chris-stevenson:

Glad to friend somebody who knows the topic so well.



ronald edward disher
12/19/15 08:29:28PM @ronald-edward-disher:

Sorry Tim, but I lost your phone number when I accepted you as a friend,and by the way, thanks for befriending wanted me to call you as soon as possible,so could I please have that number again..this time I will write it down before I lose it thanks...your friend Ronald Disher

Craig Cooper
04/26/16 12:29:21PM @craig-cooper:

Tim, the Utica (shale) & TBR were deposited ~450 - ~470 million years ago so are fairly old, but certainly not unusually or uncommonly old for reservoir rocks.

Utica / TBR are generally comparable between SE Ohio & North Central - NW Pennsylvania. However, because of their age and structural histories, the two areas (i.e. Ohio & Pa) have been subjected to different tectonic forces so will possess differences in the O&G potential.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments.

jean pierre
04/28/16 07:55:38AM @jean-pierre:
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