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Spring Branch,mineral owner
@spring-branchmineral-owner • 8 months ago
Spring Branch,mineral owner
07/27/08 12:25:40AM @spring-branchmineral-owner:
Am most familiar with Chesapeake territory in T15N,R15W. Own land in 15,15 section 32 (not yet drilled). Own minerals or royalty in 15/15 sections 10 and 32. In 14/15 sections 2 and 3. In 15/14 sections 9 and 10. In 15/11 sections 32 &33. In 12/11 section 15. I am actively looking to acquire minerals at a fair price.
08/19/08 09:19:40AM @jkw3:
Mike - Very few could have identified me from that little info! I think we are ready to close as soon as I get the tax id data and wire instructions from Allen.Jack
08/19/08 05:50:22PM @jkw3:
Due south - it's probably our rig - rigging up. I've only spoken to Roland and he's been very easy to deal with. I think he understands the binding nature of contracts and will live with what the contracts state.
09/09/08 12:37:01AM @jason10:
Hi,Thanks for your email. I've responded and will wait to hear from you.Thanks
Keith Mauck
09/09/08 10:33:53PM @keith-mauck:
Spring Banch,Please review the non-solicitation agreement you agreed to and let me know if you still agree to it. Thanks.Haynesville
12/27/08 05:05:17PM @hbp:
Spring Branch,Do you mind if I ask a.) if you are still unleased on the Kelly tract in T15-11? and b.) if so, what kind of negotiations have you been approached with in that specific area, in just the last couple of months?Hate to be direct, but just thought it would be quicker to ask the source. Trying to get a feel for what recent activity has been in certain areas.
Les B
01/12/09 12:42:16AM @les-b:
SB, thanks for catching my error. I must have been asleep at the wheel. Glad to know someone is actually reading the lists.
01/12/09 09:37:14AM @insomniacnla:
Thank you for keeping up all of the rig information, I enjoy reading it.This morning, this rig is down and being moved: Patterson #454 Rig, Camterra, Slattery 25 #1 Well, Serial #238889, S25-T16N-R14W
01/12/09 09:40:51AM @insomniacnla:
SB, sorry I'm an idiot. I meant to leave my comment on LesB's page and now I can't delete it. Thank you, too, though!
01/12/09 11:17:58AM @insomniacnla:
Thank you for trying to forward it. I used cut and paste and hopefully got it on the correct page this time.
Les B
01/16/09 03:05:29PM @les-b:
SB, there is a question for you on the De Soto Parish Drilling Rig Group.
Snake Stewart
01/19/09 10:45:29AM @snake-stewart:
Sorry to have bunched your panties up as well.Not real sure how I did it this time, but oh well.Jays not on my hands, try as you like.
Snake Stewart
01/19/09 12:19:08PM @snake-stewart:
That is certainly your right to feel that way Spring Branch.Not being a "Pro" I didnt know that my job on here was to bring the depth of knowledge that you guys do.I am just a mineral owner that trusts the O&G's even less every time I have any kind of dealings with you. All you have to do is show me where I am wrong to feel the way that I do Mr. Branch. Its kinda like the Cowboys and Indians. Depending on which side you are on you can justify ones own actions.Its a simple premise. Jay is on this site right now. May even be you for all I know. I do know that he travels with several alias characters. I have done some flame throwing in the past. And to be honest I regret many of thoe encounters.Those encounters for the most part were because I was defending Jay so get over it. If you dont want me questioning the actions of the O&G's, tell them to clean their act up cause I aint going anywhere. I truely dont want to be makeing people mad all the time but as long as I just perturb O&G types, well at least I know my cannon is pointed in the right direction. Flamethrower beats the heck out of pilferer and deceiver. Have a good one.
Snake Stewart
01/19/09 06:39:35PM @snake-stewart:
Again I state, you have the right to your opinion Spring Branch.I am certainly not about trying to keep you from that. Again I ask, what exactly am I supposed to bring to the table ? I am no expert, just a mineral owner.I guess thats where the comparisons will have to end.You arent just like me in any regard.You may count that as a blessing as is your right. You talk of going back through my posts and showing me my lack of content or knowledge. How embarrassing is it to a person of your stature, not to be able to prove, a high school educated, part time plumber, on your home field, wrong.The best you can muster are personal insults that you so readily accuse me of.How quaint.Obviously you are on a higher plane then I. Congratulations on your plight.The circles that you must travel in are probably the envy of many.Unfortunately for you that doesnt include me.My circle may not include the clout that yours does but it is far more important, then yours is to me. For my circle includes friends and family that will be here for me day in and day out. In the end thats what matters. Not the opinions of people I may or may never meet on an internet board. The people that I have met on this site that I would call friend arent fans, as you state. They are people that I hope know that there is one thing that they can count on for sure out of me. And thats "Me". Good or bad , I am who I am. If I call you friend, you are just that. A friend. I am not someone thats pumping you for info or is trying to make you believe I am something that I am not. If that bothers you that much then I suggest you take that up with Mom Stewart cause she helped mold me into the person that I am. The rough part anyway. If you think I am a pain, HA! Better bring your A game.
Snake Stewart
01/19/09 07:01:38PM @snake-stewart:
P.S. Just for clarification purposes ,I insinuated that you were a "Pro" not because of any knowledge that you may or may not have shared with us here but because of what you did off the main board ....July 26, 2008 you stated " I am actively looking to aquire minerals at a fair price". Then..........Sept. 8, 2008 you were asked by Admin "to review the non-solicitation agreement and make sure you still agree".
Snake Stewart
01/19/09 09:05:29PM @snake-stewart:
I am certainly ready to move past this S.B. As much as you may not believe me, I do not enjoy altercations. The main reason that you were fired up seems to be because of your friend.If anything, that in itself gives me reason to try and give you the benefit of the doubt.You seem to have gotten one side of the story and certainly dont know all that has gone on before. That isnt your fault. Just one of those things that happens.In regards to Jay, I publically stated that I hold no ill will. Even tho I really never said anything out of the way.Perception is a mighty force tho and I should have known better .The next time it happens(him leaving) it wont be because of me, I assure you. I am not the type of person that can act like nothing ever happened but I can certainly grow beyond that with time and effort. I will try to speak to you with kindness & courtesy if and when our paths cross again. Maybe one day we can indead act as if this didnt happen. Good luck to you and yours.Snake
Bobi Carr ("parker")
01/23/09 01:19:41PM @bobi-carr-parker:
Do you think there is anything that we can do to get Jay to come back. Remind him the site is like what they say about making sausage, it isn't always pretty but you end up liking the result.Take care. Delete Comment
Joe Dyer
03/25/09 06:43:54AM @joe-dyer:
S.B. I got your message.I hope they will try to do a test on the well today. I have a doctors appt. at 3:00 today.After that I will rrun out there and take a look at meter.P.S. I need you as a freind if you don't mind, Thanks,Joe
Les B
04/03/09 03:11:31PM @les-b:
SB, sorry about the delay in responding as I was out of town. I was showing some of the units in the Johnson Branch Field as Fossil/Chesapeake because Chesapeake seems to be drilling the wells
Les B
04/04/09 09:22:19PM @les-b:
SB, Chesapeake has drilled wells in S2-T15N-R15W & S12-T15N-R16W. Now I have also noticed Chesapeake is drilling wells in T12N-R12W on units originally operated by Long Petroleum and Pinnacle.
04/10/09 08:37:18AM @sesport:
Hey SB - Just stopping by to say have a good weekend, give you 5 points & a vote for "Featured Shaler." Gotta love this. LOLBest - sesport :0)
Les B
04/19/09 01:48:49AM @les-b:
SB, I did get your comment. Thanks!!!
Les B
06/21/09 08:47:13PM @les-b:
SB, I will include the well when Sonris has the actual test information or the operator makes a press release.
Les B
06/29/09 01:25:22AM @les-b:
SB, thanks for the information. I added this well:Trinidad #124 Rig, EnCana, Jackson Davis 24 #H1 Well, Serial #239786, S26(24)-T15N-R14W
Keith Mauck
08/14/09 12:36:21PM @keith-mauck:
Take a moment to fill the GHS Survey. Your feedback & assistance will help me guage what we need to do on the site to improve your shaling experience.Thank you in advance for your help.Keith "Haynesville"Site Publisher
08/27/09 01:00:27AM @gcrump:
SB, if you here of any rigs being moved in the arklatex (who,where, when) could you let me know.. thanks
Jim Smith3
10/22/09 11:48:23AM @jim-smith3:
Goodrich currently drilling shale well in the Daniel Martin Survey, A-526, Rusk County, A-439 Panola. You can find plat @ Railroad Commission site. Also you can "Google: "Goodrich Bossier shale" and get some potential figures for earlier wells.
Les B
10/23/09 11:01:05AM @les-b:
SB, I will probably put out an update after the 3rd Qtr analyst calls. My last official list had 35 wells and was dated 9/19 but my running tally stands at 43 wells.
12/29/09 06:37:34PM @taylor:
SB, Hey, which Co. (not Southern Star) had the slide that showed the thickness of the shale in the outline of the current prospective Haynesville Area? That is one I didn't save to my computer, but I can't remember which O & G showed it. It showed the Haynesville pretty thick to the East of the Play. Thanks.
06/26/10 09:19:14PM @sesport:
Spring - If you really have such strong objections to my posts/opinions, I really have NO strong objection to you removing me from your "Friends" list. That should at least make you feel better, like you've at least taken a stand and done something about it.80)
02/18/11 11:17:15AM @henry2:

Spring Branch,

Hi. I sent you a friend request, so I could ask you a question.... Would you please accept? Thanks.

Cayman Bum
08/04/11 07:27:48PM @cayman-bum:
Hi Spring Branch. Did you ever get your severence tax reimbursemen?. I have been trying to get mine out of Petrohawk and can't even get a return phone call now. I have heard Petrohawk hasn't paid back the severence money to multiple people in our section.
08/30/11 10:29:45PM @adubu:
SB--we can us the site email to discuss pipeline ROW-- will be happy to share 3 ROW infoin last 3-4 years