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07/24/08 04:07:58PM @melinda:
Snake,I talked to my contact today with Chesapeake and he is understanding that they will start leasing in Webster Parish Township 19 in two weeks.
07/25/08 12:40:08PM @laman-71106:
Hello,My name is Tommy Allen and I have been reading your comments for several weeks now. Thanks for all you do. I am the chairperson of a coalition in south Shreveport called FAMOLC. We met with a group in south Bossier last night and some folks from Doyline were there. I understand that you are starting something over there. I think it may be beneficial to your folks if we could talk. My cell # is 518-0243. Thanks again for your input and interest.
Smackover Crude B2
07/25/08 05:14:38PM @smackover-crude-b2:
Snake of course we're OK, I been watching. CK bought a co. in West Virgina and lost a law suit, that basicly said that a oil and gas co can't lease land to the unadvised without telling them what they suspect is under their land. Judgement was for apros 170 M + 240M punitive. I think that's right.Simular suit is being brought in SW Caddo, Colquit rd area.
Renee S Cd1
07/26/08 01:53:25AM @renee-s-cd1:
snakestewart, can you add anything to our discussion in the Bossier Parish Group, thread titled "Clauses" re: the subordination clause? Thanks
stacya A1
07/26/08 11:07:59AM @stacya-a1:
Hey. It is Stacy. Just talked to Laurie and she is going to call Janet(Printer) to check on prices for yard signs. She asked me quantity and I told her I wasn't sure but to check on 100. I was also thinking that someone really ought to get a phone number dedicated to SWAMO if this is going to play out as long as we believe. It phone line could go directly to a voicemail and they could leave message to be contacted. I will check to see how much this would be on my line but let me know what you think. Also, Laurie mentioned she wouldn't get bumper stickers, that people would be more likely to put something in their window than put a sticker on their car. Just a thought.
Renee S Cd1
07/26/08 04:35:12PM @renee-s-cd1:
Thanks so much, I think I've bugged enough people to get a so/so understanding of it. It doesn't sound good to me though. Under this clause, which is put in all leases, the mtg. co. could - if they want to be an arse about it - get the lease money, even if you weren't in foreclosure.
Renee S Cd1
07/26/08 06:55:36PM @renee-s-cd1:
P.S. Snakes and puppies just don't go together! Precious pups you have.
Renee S Cd1
07/26/08 11:01:58PM @renee-s-cd1:
I understand completely, I have a little "girl" too. Thanks again.
Mom A1
07/26/08 11:55:47PM @mom-a1:
Snake,I'm thinking you have been pretty busy putting some things together. Just want to see if there is anything I can do to help?Mom
07/27/08 01:49:42PM @danny:
Dorcheated   A1
07/27/08 05:07:29PM @dorcheated-a1:
Hey Snake how you are doing. I had to catch up on the yard around the house etc. anything interesting on the site
07/29/08 04:59:24PM @melinda:
Snake,Today I heard amounts that are being offered to the Golden Meadows Subdivision HOA. The confirmed amount was 35k an acre, which they did not accept, they are asking for 40k. Also, I heard that in the vicinity of Platt Elementary School that they have been offered 28k. Please let me know your thoughts on this concerning Webster Parish. Thanks!
Dorcheated   A1
07/30/08 10:04:18AM @dorcheated-a1:
Hey Snake, I don't know if I did much better with the signs. We can't get a 100 at $4.43 per sign or 50 at $6.38 per sign. That is printed front and back and is 24 inches wide and 18 inches tall.
Korie B2
07/30/08 07:12:36PM @korie-b2:
Snake, i am anxious to do SOMETHING lol.... i think the signs would be a big help, i'm willing to buy around $100 worth. What else do we need to do? any ideas
Korie B2
07/30/08 07:30:21PM @korie-b2:
I've also been wondering........when we get our group together as a whole, how to we go about gettng offers.........wait for them to come to us or seek them out?
hdm a1
07/30/08 11:10:58PM @hdm-a1:
New to this site. I need some info or suggestionsI purchased my land in April 2005. The former owner had signed a lease with JW Operating from what I can figure out the lease had expired a few years ago (I have been told by a reliable source that there had been no production recoreded for 9 months) and no monies have been received by me ever nor has anyone contacted me concerning a lease. I have my land description, a copy of my deed stating my husband and I have all or unrestricted rights to this property. Am I obligated to JW Operating? They have never contacted me in anyway and I have never rec''d any monies from anyone for minerals. With all of that said if we can be of any assistance to the group, please contact us
DrWAVeSport Cd1
07/30/08 11:52:34PM @drwavesport-cd1:
Friend,Hello from a "tired" Haynesville Shaler! I know you must be over your head with helping the masses. I feel for you! We got the DOC's attention for a minute per "redefining depths of established O&G fields per the swallowing up of the Haynesville Shale. However, I don't believe the DOC went far enough, and they sure didn't make anything retro-active per same. Some safety issues per this subject have cropped up, and I will be addressing these ASAP. (Gray Sands posted his concerns on my page.)I will be keeping you informed. Take care of you and yours!And, thanks for helping out all the shalers that come calling for you! It must be exhausting at times!Again, thank you's are not enough!
hdm a1
07/31/08 07:05:57AM @hdm-a1:
No, I haven't brought this to group as a whole (I am attempting to learn the website (much advil needed LOL) I contemplating a hammer for the computer.The mineral rights were given to as at time of sale (at least on the deed it states all rights subject to NO restrictions and the former owner also told us he was relinquishing the rights to us).************My husband and I are willing to assist the group in organizing or whatever is needed please let us know.
Dorcheated   A1
07/31/08 07:36:42AM @dorcheated-a1:
You love it don't you. 6:30 am and your on the prowl.
Natch N3
07/31/08 09:50:52PM @natch-n3:
how are you and SWAMO doing?
Mom A1
07/31/08 10:06:17PM @mom-a1:
Snake...many neighbors asking questions. Going to see an attorney...hopefully we'll get some much needed help.
Gone Fishin
07/31/08 10:32:57PM @gone-fishin:
Hello snake, we are organizing a meeting in Timpson Tx. on tuesday and could use all the input we can get. Is there any way you could come.sincerely,Ben
08/01/08 12:20:26AM @insomniacnla:
He would only give me that 1 telephone number. It is like he did not want to "get involved". I think he knew I would post it.
Gone Fishin
08/01/08 08:39:17AM @gone-fishin:
Thanks Snake I know we will need all the help we can get. I am looking for someone who has "been there" that could give a first hand account on what it will probably be like here and what to expect. I feel like if it is someone from dallas or shreveport or similar area that has went through what we are going through right now they will have more first hand info on what will happen. We are on the frontier and lots of folks down here dont even have computers. I'll definately be asking you some questions. Do you know of anyone that might be able to make our meeting.
Mom A1
08/01/08 10:27:51PM @mom-a1:
My neighborhood may be putting together a mini-meeting to discuss what we are going thru. Would you like to come if it fits in with your busy schedule? Maybe you could answer some questions?
Natch N3
08/01/08 10:35:21PM @natch-n3:
rest up buddy
Mom A1
08/02/08 09:57:44AM @mom-a1:
Woohoo! This ride I'm on may be going a little faster than I first thought. Things are happening and it's looking very positive. You may already be involved in this thru Danny (as I hear thru the grapevine). The meeting may come after we are all released from our lease!!!!!! I'll keep you posted on that and I don't want to get ahead of myself here. But things are looking up! Tell me if you know.....if O&G company releases one person's lease, do they have to release everyone?
hdm a1
08/03/08 09:29:06PM @hdm-a1:
I would like to get a couple of the yard signs, please.Unable to send an email to swamo, I think I have messed up my outlook express, my email from aol to swamo keeps getting returned..------------On a different note, what would you think about T-shirts, I may be able to get us a deal on some screen printed T-shirts if you don't think that is too over the top.
hdm a1
08/03/08 10:29:29PM @hdm-a1:
Yes, I did go to the website but when I attempted to use the contact swamo it takes me to outlook express and that option is not completely set up on my pc. I am only able to use my aol address. My nephew is supposed to come by and see what I obviously have messed up and hopefully then will be able to contact them. Until then - this is my only option.
hdm a1
08/03/08 10:36:29PM @hdm-a1:
Just need to know1. how many2. I assume adult xl acceptable3. what do you want on them (if we use a solid color t and a single color design the cost is alot less)My sister owns covenant embroidery and screen printing, I am sure you have seen the place (Calloway Corners between Sibley and Minden) I will need above info and will get a price quote. I can promise you it will be extremely fair.
Margaret Wren
08/04/08 04:27:12PM @margaret-wren:
Snake, my neice, who owns the land across the street from JH, your neighbor, jumped the gun and she only got $4,000.00 an acre for her 65 acres, not sure obout the royalty. just a little FYI there.
hdm a1
08/04/08 07:39:36PM @hdm-a1:
Hello SnakeI need to get the design/wording that you would want on the shirt/s so I can get a price from my sister. She said that she needs a picture (even if drawn by hand) along with any wording (she did suggest putting contact info on the shirt either a person or swamo website). I went to her house this afternoon not knowing how to contact you I spoke to Dannie H then to Linda(?) Linda indicated she would talk to her sister in law and to you and get back to me as of yet I have not heard anything. I hope that I haven't created any confusion by calling anyone. Please let me know something ASAP as it will take a few days to get them printed and would like for at least the leaders to have a shirt at the meeting.ThanksDavid & Margie
hdm a1
08/04/08 08:48:19PM @hdm-a1:
Did you want any sort of picture on italso preference of colorwhite shirt is least expensivemom a1 suggested bright yellow with black lettering
hdm a1
08/04/08 09:49:50PM @hdm-a1:
Natch N3
08/04/08 11:29:52PM @natch-n3:
SS: Do you have your website up and running yet? If so, clue me inNatch
08/05/08 07:02:08PM @easttxhaynesville:
hey snake thanks for all your help on this site. i had asked a question earlier about my lease expiring. like 7 days before my lease expired a company moved on my property (and drilled a hole which lasted almost two and a half weeks)and put some valve on it not a christmas tree valve. the company has since pulled the rig off and has yet to return to frac it or even survey a pipeline right of way or anything. ive consulted 2 different people on what to do. one was adament that the lease is EXPIRED he says they cant just move off without getting the well producing. another told me that since drilling started7 days before expiration that my lease was gonna be extended for 90 more days. in the mean time i have been contacted by other companies offering me outstanding bonsuses. i originally signed for $100 bucks 3 years ago. i dont want to make a mistake and sign another lease if im already commited to this one. Can you PLEASE give me your thoughts? Thanks snake
Natch N3
08/05/08 07:42:16PM @natch-n3:
Mom A1
08/06/08 07:31:12AM @mom-a1:
Out of desperate frustration, I will probably start using the telephone to handle some O&G things from here on out. I believe that Lisa at SWAMO has my contact info if you need anything from me.
Natch N3
08/10/08 08:43:39AM @natch-n3:
got your email, sure wish my land fell in your group!..wishing you guys the best of luck with everything..hang in there and let me know from time to time how things are progressing!!natch n3
Renee S Cd1
08/10/08 06:53:48PM @renee-s-cd1:
Snake, Thanks for the support.
08/11/08 09:16:30AM @kassi:
Thank you VERY MUCH. Thiis is what happens whenb I get in a hurry reading! I do agree with the fact that this is going to open a lot of possibilities for folks willing to work hard at starting a business that meets new needs in the area. I did not even see the last patrt! Thanks for catching it for me although I think he edited the last sentence because now it just says get yourself a crew...
Renee S Cd1
08/11/08 12:02:52PM @renee-s-cd1:
Your response was a thing of beauty. I don't know what you do for a living, but I wish I could write like that. Many thanks.
Mom A1
08/12/08 08:17:08PM @mom-a1:
Snake,I've never known you to say anything that isn't fact. You have always been a straight-shooter. You have always defended yourself and others. I appreciate your comments as I'm certain others do as well! Thank you for all you do!Mom A1
Mom A1
08/12/08 08:37:36PM @mom-a1:
Sure I'll be a contact.....uh .... contact for what? I plan on being there thursday. I'll probably still have my work clothes on.
Renee S Cd1
08/13/08 04:06:31AM @renee-s-cd1:
I know what you do for a living now, but I still like you. Take a gander at his page. Birds of a feather...
Mom A1
08/13/08 07:21:29AM @mom-a1:
Always willing to help you, Snake...whatever you need. Just don't ask me to change a flat tire or something.
Keith Mauck
08/13/08 03:58:37PM @keith-mauck:
Your opinions are fine. Please no personal attacks. Let's keep this civilized.
Natch N3
08/14/08 07:27:02AM @natch-n3:
SS-good luck tonightnatch n3
Mom A1
08/14/08 07:30:50AM @mom-a1:
That Tim guy from Bossier is a huge problem. I've had to change my page settings because of him! I'll see you tonite!
08/14/08 01:47:15PM @tim2:
They are doing their jobs. All anyone had to do was say no or here is my counter offer.
Har C2
08/14/08 04:11:45PM @har-c2:
Snake I like knowing where you are A1, I think it would be beneficial if more people used the designation at the end of their name. Maybe that can be mentioned at the gathering. I am in South Carolina and it makes it easier for me to find my neighbors. I have received and exchanged very good informations with several C2's and B2's.This thing works if people would use it. When someone says well on larson road, first thing I think is where in the world is larson road. What Parish, what part of what parish.If they used the designation I could find it on a map easier.
08/14/08 07:00:19PM @tim2:
Were they misleading or just not forthcoming. Two different things. That is were research on the landowner comes in to the picture. Please don't get me wrong I wish everyone got the same great deal and the same great contract and money and all the well hit at over 20 mmcf. I just do not like when the people who did get a lower deal come back to say "I got screwed and I deserve better and I need to break my contract because someone else is getting a better deal now". That is just too bad for them. If they come around here and say "Man I got hosed, I should have researched and held out longer, well at least I still get some royalties". That is cool with me.Complain but don't blame!
Natch N3
08/15/08 09:56:14PM @natch-n3:
Glad to get the update and how could i ever pass up that extra large offer!!! I mean one would have to be crazy to pass up such an opportunity. I'll be eagerly awaiting my mail.Keep pounding it home SS, you are not only helping the present shalers but the future ones as well...natch
Mom A1
08/15/08 11:18:02PM @mom-a1:
Got mine...Thanks! They look great! I saw one coming home and got REAL excited. I plan on putting them out tomorrow morning. I've made more comments for you. I talked to Ms. Mc and she told me what you said about situation. Look for my message.
Renee S Cd1
08/16/08 08:57:33PM @renee-s-cd1:
Snake, I have a group from Sabine Parish, Toledo Bend Lake Assoc. who need help, want someone to come talk to them, do you know anyone who would be good? Can you holler at me -
Jack B2
08/17/08 09:59:21AM @jack-b2:
Snake, for your people, I talked to a good frind last night and they said that are in negotiations with CHK. I cannot comment any more than this, other than they are 100% reliable and trustworthy. This puts the O/G's in R8W, T20N in Webster Parish.
Dena A1
08/17/08 02:36:43PM @dena-a1:
Maybe next time! I had to leave early.
Mom A1
08/17/08 10:14:34PM @mom-a1:
Snake,Don Howard trying to lease you.....he tried me
hdm a1
08/17/08 11:13:13PM @hdm-a1:
Interesting discussion!! What is the name of the governmental dept you mentioned that would be interested in this information, I seem to have a sudden urge to use the telephone
Mom A1
08/18/08 09:35:58PM @mom-a1:
Deborah Boyer is my sister...stop in and say hi
08/19/08 03:31:28AM @jwindom:
Hi Scott,What are your thoughts on the private versus state lease prices and how they compare? I see from SONRIS that there are a total of 157 acres in Webster that are listed on the 09/10/08 sale date. Mostly small tracts, that might be clean up/fill in for production units.TR 40080 - 17 acresTR 40081 - 14 acresTR 40087- 53 acresTR 40088 - 11 acresTR 40094 - 62 acrestotals >>>>> 157 acresI am thinking that armed with state lease prices, one should be able to match that price with a private lease. 23 days util the next sale date.I am a member of SWAMO.thanks,jim
08/19/08 11:38:26AM @amy4:
Good Morning Snake!Can you give me a call at 377-5115 (work) when you get the chance? I need to run something by you.Thanks,(Your old classmate)Amy
Korie B2
08/19/08 06:11:47PM @korie-b2:
Just heard from a friend of mine in Rob Blacks T19 & 20 grp. No offers. Told her it was a blessing.
S White
08/19/08 06:41:08PM @s-white:
Scott,What happened to the east of bistineau discussion?Sherrie
Natch N3
08/20/08 12:44:27PM @natch-n3:
SS- I can't tell you how delighted I was this morning to be called from my office to sign for a very important DHL Express Package!!! =) is in my war room proudly displayed next to the amazing map that Jay made for me.natchoh, and the fact that you put natch on the enevelope made my employees laugh....nice one snake!
Mom A1
08/24/08 01:50:20PM @mom-a1:
Bring 'em on!
Mom A1
08/24/08 01:51:05PM @mom-a1:
You better put your big boy britches on! Here we go!
Natch N3
08/24/08 06:11:15PM @natch-n3:
enjoyed listening to the SWAMO videos , very interesting.natch
Dena A1
08/28/08 07:57:25PM @dena-a1:
Have you noticed not a week has gone by that someone has not come up with still another way to get folks lease money that have not even got a lease yet? I was just wondering if you have came to that conclusion too.
T16N R14W S09
08/28/08 09:08:25PM @t16n-r14w-s09:
I'm back at work so I'll be checking in throughout the night.
Natch N3
09/01/08 10:02:52PM @natch-n3:
SS: hope all is okay with you and the family.
Dorcheated   A1
09/02/08 06:59:46PM @dorcheated-a1:
Hello Mr. Snake,You must of had the day off!
T16N R14W S09
09/02/08 09:07:05PM @t16n-r14w-s09:
Damn Snake, you got a bull's eye on your back or what? You've been taking some heat the past few days. Parker/goofy and now Taylor!!!!!
09/02/08 11:04:14PM @reg:
I got an email that your left me a comment on my carriage oaks request. please advise .
09/03/08 09:23:12AM @reg:
I know we have been picked over. thanks for your input.
Dorcheated   A1
09/03/08 03:17:20PM @dorcheated-a1:
You Sir,Have a very nice collection friends. Sorry I haven't got back sooner,I have been busy at work. I know I know what a shame.
Smackover Crude B2
09/03/08 04:49:41PM @smackover-crude-b2:
Snake, it sounds like your pressure may be getting up again.Look, from what I can see you and your group have the whole groups best interest in view at all times. There are always people taking shots just to see us jump. When you belive you have done and will continue to do your best no matter what type of windmills you may be fighting then you have achieved what you started out to do. It is always human nature to lash out. Most good politians and very in control people will just state again their aims and continue repeating the same until the bugs go away. I have seen what you are doing and think you have done a great job doing it. There will never be a time in our history that we can try to help our neighbors and friends when we can do so with the public saying something bad or incorrect about our goal. TM
09/03/08 05:44:07PM @perryb2:
So you figured it out. No I don't offend easily and hope all is well with you and your family! I guess you figured out it wasn't your wife. I hope we all see great things from the Haynesville Shale for our families. Terry
Dena A1
09/06/08 01:09:50PM @dena-a1:
Snake: I wanted to get a hold of you to tell you about a land man that called me on the 4th, and tell you what he said. I hope this will be posted the last one did not for some reason. Dena
Dorcheated   A1
09/10/08 06:45:18PM @dorcheated-a1:
Hey Snake, glad to see you sign up so fast.
Dorcheated   A1
09/11/08 07:11:53AM @dorcheated-a1:
Good Morning,I gotcha this morning up since 4:00 a.m. 1 pot of coffee down working on number 2.
Dorcheated   A1
09/12/08 08:38:03PM @dorcheated-a1:
Dude, I did it again. I'm talking to myself.
Dorcheated   A1
09/12/08 09:07:30PM @dorcheated-a1:
You got love me. A computer is like a loaded gun in my hands.
Dorcheated   A1
09/12/08 10:22:52PM @dorcheated-a1:
Buddy I know I'm gonna lose my power tonight I just feel it.
Har C2
09/13/08 10:36:09AM @har-c2:
Are you pissed off. This latest photo is fierce, but, I like it.This is definitely you o/g negotiation photo.
Dorcheated   A1
09/13/08 12:06:58PM @dorcheated-a1:
I'll buy you a steak if my power doesn't go out.
Dorcheated   A1
09/13/08 01:19:53PM @dorcheated-a1:
It sounds like I'm the Wizard of Webster Parish. You have no power here be gone.
Snake Stewart
09/13/08 01:29:54PM @snake-stewart:
Maybe we could find you a special potion to bring back those wonderful powers. hahahahhahahah
Dorcheated   A1
09/13/08 01:38:08PM @dorcheated-a1:
It feels good doesn't. Hey that guy is as smart as me.
09/15/08 09:02:35AM @getoverit:
Dude. I don't care what those other A**es say about you. I think you rock and you are more than entitled to your own opinion. =)
Dorcheated   A1
09/15/08 11:00:25PM @dorcheated-a1:
Hey man, you watching this game.
Natch N3
09/17/08 08:55:53PM @natch-n3:
snake, things are just "peachy" over here in georgia buddy. The family is good, work is busy however, the political climate has caused a bit of stress in my life....;-)Someone asked me yesterday about my prized SWAMO tshirt that is in my office, i proudly entertained them with your plight..they were amused and impressed...keep up the good work pal
Snake Stewart
09/19/08 07:01:23PM @snake-stewart:
I copied this from CPL Jim's page in case he erased it .snakestewart At 6:00 p.m. September 19th, 2008Dadgum Jim, Your reading comprehension skills suck worse then your people skills, if thats possible. I extend the olive branch to you for the betterment of the site and because I am the bigger man and this is the best you can do. I said I didn't hate you. If you can read into that some kind of desire for me to be your friend, then you are partially touched in that pointed noggin of yours.You will continue to piss people off and send the old hens to peck and squable for you but thats fine because I finally came to the conclusion of why you are so angry all the time.You have spent your life being who you are in this business. In a matter of weeks on this site, I learned enough and I came to the realization that I do not need you or your knowledge and you find that utterly offensive.Because you are not in control and are only getting what little brain you have left picked of any useful info, you are just lashing out because you cant do anything about it. Even the people that take up for you wouldn't sit across from you at the bargaining table . Most are already leased anyway and dont have anything to lose but the dignity they once may or may not have had.You are more then welcome to delete this post as well as you did the olive branch post. I save everything I say to the few weirdos on this site anyway. I am sorry that I offended all 12 of the people that think you are great but while you'll are talking about me you'll are giving someone else a rest.The other conclusion is that they dont matter either. None of you have anything to do with our groups deal. And until that is done , none of this other stuff matters.
Dorcheated   A1
09/20/08 09:38:14AM @dorcheated-a1:
I'll make a bet on him. I bet he loses his a**.
Dorcheated   A1
09/20/08 09:52:52AM @dorcheated-a1:
Well if that saying is true. My head is the North Pole, ain't gonna dye it to make myself feel young. I'm gonna look farther time in the face get down on my knee's and beg him to stop.
Snake Stewart
09/20/08 03:40:51PM @snake-stewart:
At 3:13pm on September 20th, 2008, snakestewart A1 saidYou used to be a landman back in the day Jim , do your own legwork. Its on here somewhere , just keep digging.Three more complete replies without cussing and I may let you go out for recess. The tiddy bowl man is taking you to school so to speak isn't he ? Have a good day Mr. Jim Delete Comment
Snake Stewart
09/20/08 06:30:57PM @snake-stewart:
At 6:25pm on September 20th, 2008, snakestewart A1 saidThat is all I was looking for Mr. Jim. I am sorry for how this thing rolled down hill so fast. I take blame for not being able to push away from the computer.Good luck in any of your endevers as long as they dont include SWAMO. (chuckle chuckle) Delete Comment
Dorcheated   A1
09/21/08 06:08:50PM @dorcheated-a1:
She is. She got me back for that bike joke I pulled on her.
Dorcheated   A1
09/29/08 05:53:04PM @dorcheated-a1:
Talk to Coonman about a shalers Bass tournament and BBQ.Real informal type thing.
10/06/08 08:31:58PM @lisa3:
Pella has toxic zinc poisoning :( NOT GOOD NEWS
10/06/08 09:18:36PM @lisa3:
That's what we have to find out, she chews on everything, We use to let her play with tools that may be where she got it. I just hope we can get rid of it before it kills her.
Dorcheated   A1
10/14/08 07:41:41PM @dorcheated-a1:
Well thanks buddy I kind of made myself laugh.Just when I think I've lost it I reach down and find a zinger.
Erica W
10/16/08 02:14:50PM @erica-w:
can i have one of those yorkies?
Erica W
10/16/08 09:58:41PM @erica-w:
i have a female yorkie. she just turned a year old and her name is dixie. i would love to get a tiny one but they run about $1200.00. maybe if i can get someone to lease my land in harrison i can get one.
Dorcheated   A1
10/16/08 11:09:49PM @dorcheated-a1:
Sir,I think my work here tonight is just about done. I've got 22 minutes before I clock out.
Dorcheated   A1
10/17/08 12:14:57AM @dorcheated-a1:
You too! Buddy
Dorcheated   A1
10/26/08 06:40:27PM @dorcheated-a1:
Hello Snakester,Man they where dreadful please don't make me watch them anymore.I will give you a call Monday and I will let you know.
10/29/08 07:53:37PM @doubleagle:
Snake The question I have asked was in reference to the locationof a well that was drilled back in July. The Goodrich petroleum co.said there was no well and no one lived in my section.. Someone here (Jffree I think) made reference to a list of drilledwells and I had asked for a copy dating for the mos. of June, July and aug. so I could show someonethat the well was drilled and it was in my section. Here is another person that told me there was no well..------------------------------------------MyOilProI don't find any wells in that section. So, your lease will expire some day unless they drill in that section. I don't know how long your lease is for.-----------------------------------------I'm trying to find something in writing showing the well is there..I guess I will try and find the infosomewhere else. Thanks for your time. Goodrich said no one lived in my section. there are around 500 living here and I'm about 3/16mile from the well
10/29/08 10:05:04PM @doubleagle:
Snack I think it has been on linebecause with everything hooked upand the meter says its workingand the sound in the line hissingit sure looks like it on line.My section is 3range is R15Wtownship is T14NWhat is that site you refer to??Your photos are great :o}
10/30/08 10:13:03PM @doubleagle:
No go connection timed out, timed out, timed outDid your buds find anything??
10/30/08 10:15:36PM @doubleagle:
Snake I'm sorry for not spelling your name correctlyIn my reply I spelled it Snack :o}
Les B
11/01/08 12:33:15AM @les-b:
SS, I thought you may appreciate this. Sorry about not posting sooner.
11/01/08 12:44:14AM @doubleagle:
Snake and Grace I say thank you for your time and will tell all that I'm in dept to you. Bless you bothand may God be with you.
11/01/08 12:01:39PM @doubleagle:
Snake tell Grice I said thanks so muchAnd his name I misspelled where I had spelled Grace :o}
11/01/08 03:29:23PM @renee2:
Yes, Brad from Cotton's is my little brother.
11/03/08 09:15:10AM @renee2:
Hey Snake,I talk to Brad this past weekend and I mentioned you being on Haynesville Shale. He also had good things to say about you. He just signed up on here under Brad. Cottons & his two teenage sons keep him soooo busy. He doesn't have a lot of time to spend on the internet. Send him a friend request.
Dorcheated   A1
11/03/08 07:16:26PM @dorcheated-a1:
14,000 points man your the King.
Bobi Carr ("parker")
11/04/08 12:33:01AM @bobi-carr-parker:
Hey Snake,Can I come over to the fringe area. Cabot sure seems to think it is hot.
Bobi Carr ("parker")
11/04/08 01:21:33AM @bobi-carr-parker:
Sorry Les corrected me. I was referring to the Minden field in E. Texas.
Dorcheated   A1
11/04/08 06:47:27AM @dorcheated-a1:
Snakester,I was wondering how you did it, my hat is off to you. I will get my girl on it right away I hate losing at anything. lol
Darin Mealey
11/04/08 09:40:37AM @darin-mealey:
Yes hello snake i will tell her hi for you. Norman has told me you and he are trying to make this happen in Webster in a big way. I feel like it will, we will have to see who gets in to office after today and that will make a big deffence.Thanks for the welcom
Dorcheated   A1
11/04/08 04:58:30PM @dorcheated-a1:
I'm coming for you big guy i'll see if she can't do it tonight. Man that's gonna cost me a fortune to catch you.
Korie B2
11/05/08 01:19:13AM @korie-b2:
off this wed and thurs, mon, tues and off weekend of 15th
Dorcheated   A1
11/05/08 06:05:00PM @dorcheated-a1:
Thank God, the night shift is here it's almost time for me to clock out, lot's of good reading you better get started.
Dorcheated   A1
11/05/08 06:34:05PM @dorcheated-a1:
It was fun and made the day go by fast.I just can't do it all night.
11/08/08 10:58:09AM @antsu-in-japan:
Snake....your dogs are TOO cute! Have a great day...
Robert and Carlene McElwee
11/09/08 09:17:03AM @robert-and-carlene-mcelwee:
Thank you. This is Chester. He just turned 16 yr old on 10/30. I looked at your pics. Beautiful Yorkies ! We would love to have a houseful of yorkies but have only one. Yorkies are so photogenic. They love to pose for the camera. My sister owned both Chester's parents, and they were the same way.
11/09/08 02:20:30PM @antsu-in-japan:
That response was hilarious!! Speaking of animals...check this out:
11/09/08 04:35:32PM @rozzy:
Thank you snake... I hate calling you snake, I think you are a decent person and snakes are so... Well cold-blooded. Anyway, I have decided not to communicate with MC at all! I will not even visit the post because I will become tempted to go back and forward with this creature. She really disgusts me with her style of communicating or debating. I am done with Carrot Top, I mean MC LOL!!!Rozzy
Dorcheated   A1
11/09/08 08:56:12PM @dorcheated-a1:
Don't you love it. This only cost me $5
11/09/08 09:11:31PM @cathaus:
It was really nice to meet you and your sweetie today. I enjoyed the converstion and the company. I hope that we can all get together again.
11/10/08 12:39:15AM @rozzy:
How do you like this article? You are more than welcome to post it in the political forum if you wish... LOL!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHANGING OF THE GUARDEven now, plans under way for Obama national holiday'I thought it was required that a person be dead before they are memorialized'--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted: November 09, 20085:11 pm EasternBy Drew Zahn 2008 WorldNetDailySonny ScrogginsA civil rights organization in Kansas has launched a campaign to designate Nov. 4 as a national holiday, commemorating the election of Barack Obama as president."The reason why I want to have this holiday is because it marks the day America grew up," said Sonny Scroggins, founder and president of Bias Busters of Kansas, the organization pushing for the holiday.Scroggins told WND that America has for too long focused on what our ancestors did during legalized slavery, but the election of Obama shows that we no longer allow race and gender to be the deciding factors in guiding our nation, but integrity and honor.Referring to the overwhelming majority of young voters that cast ballots for Obama, Scroggins said, "The children, thirty-something and below, they put America on the right path, a path of liberty, justice, freedom, and equality for all."We're not going to deny the heritage of America it's black, it's white, red, yellow," Scroggins told WND. "Obama is white and black. He represents the best of both worlds."Scroggins' organization has now formed a "Yes, We Can" committee that will be meeting twice every Tuesday at a historic, downtown Topeka McDonald's restaurant from now until Inauguration Day to work toward the goal of establishing Nov. 4 as a national holiday.(Story continues below)
11/10/08 12:40:13AM @rozzy:
Ooops forgot the link... Silly me. LOL!
Big Daddy, bcnr
11/10/08 08:59:38PM @big-daddy-bcnr:
Hey Snake, I agree, "things is da way da is", even up here in the North. Actually, I think there are hardcore gunlovers all over this great country of ours. That's why it pains me to see dealers and vendors stackin' green on a "fear factor" premise. As we get older, we get smarter(usually). I remember a younger gun afficionado getting all whigged out over Clinton and the Brady Bill. This guy bought all kinds of military stuff and hi-cap toys. This guy got most of his stuff before the bill was passed so the price was right. Boy, did the prices go up. For example, a $100 SKS was now $350-$400 overnight! Fortunately, this guy is a bit smarter and won't buy into the fear this time. Besides, I got all those toys the last time.It's bow deer season here. Gun season is weekend after next. No rifles, only shotgun, muzzleloader, or pistol. I call it "meat season" due to it's briefness. We have 3 more gun seasons and then it's all over. Bow season goes into Jan. Until next time, keep the powder dry and shoot straight.
Big Daddy, bcnr
11/10/08 09:02:33PM @big-daddy-bcnr:
Yes Snake, the Next 4 post of Jim Krows. BTW, who let the dogs out?!? Nice pictures!
11/10/08 09:38:43PM @rancher:
oooohhhhhh! I think I see a familiar face. They are all gorgeous..of course I like one in particular. Thank you so much for posting the pics.
11/11/08 02:53:42AM @rozzy:
It is my pleasure...
BirdDawg, plain ole' idiot
11/12/08 08:35:53PM @birddawg-plain-ole-idiot:
Thanks Snake,Unfortunately some things just punch my buttons. I really try to stay out of the political bull ( Ididn't use to). If I got in them, I would make a fool out of myself. Still may be subject to. But I don't really like myself when I do it. I am the first to say that everyone is entitled to their opinion. But when their opinion appears to me to be to be directly opposite of what their platform is, I tend to lose it. Just a psychological hang up of mine.
BirdDawg, plain ole' idiot
11/12/08 10:13:47PM @birddawg-plain-ole-idiot:
Snake,Thanks. I have been on this site for a very long time, and I have noticed how you have been able to temper your responses. And I admire you for that. I am trying also. I keep telling myself that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And that is true. I just need to learn how to present my opinion in the proper manner. Guess I have always been short on manners.At least thats what my Mom says. HA
Korie B2
11/14/08 02:41:26AM @korie-b2:
Didn't know it was your birthday. Hope you had a good one!!!
11/16/08 11:13:28PM @lisa3:
Happy late B-Day (elder) check your e-mail from SWAMO please I am bothered and need help here.
Dorcheated   A1
11/17/08 05:13:35PM @dorcheated-a1:
Hey Snakester,That was suppose to be my dumb red neck look, I'm so dumb the magazine is upside down. It didn't work very good I'm gonna have to try something else.
11/18/08 11:04:02PM @lisa3:
Sat is not good for me going to see Tye's new house, he bought his first home and I have to see it and him too it's been about 8 months sence mommy got a hug. Oh and I wont be at church for the next 2 Sundays, just telling you now so you don't preach at me. :)
Korie B2
11/19/08 12:25:27AM @korie-b2:
Snake sent you an email re meeting......i don't trust work internet so if you don't get it buzz me.
11/20/08 01:45:46AM @rick2:
Thanks alot Snake, I appreciate the thought. I am hopeful that I might get an invite to eat with my daughter and her husband, I hope they are hungry cause I'm still gonna cook the things mama did, I do it to honor her memory. Often times I've got tears in my eyes long before I start cutting on the green onions, but the onions gives me something to blame the tears on.I have really enjoyed all of your post Snake and have thought you are one of the funniest country guys I have seen on here, I really appreciate your humor and your serious side, I hope you and yours have a great holiday, thanks again HS shale friend!
11/21/08 01:37:52PM @rick2:
Hey Snake, I hope you're having a great day on this beautiful Friday, man the Lord knows how to paint a landscape don't He, I can't help but wonder about folks that question the existence of the Creator, when the beauty of nature proclaims His works. How could anyone look at the treeline on a cool autumn evening or go into Arkansas or Missouri or Colorado and think all that beauty came out of a big bang??Snake I appreciate your hospitality, it's not common this day and time for folks to invite a stranger to their family gathering and it reaffirms what I already suspected, that there really are still good folks scattered around our country side. That's how we used to do it down in Sabine parish and it's a once common occurance in the rural areas, yeah, they can call us country folks, cause that's a good banner to carry!I talked to my daughter yesterday and her and her husband of 6 months will be making time to come visit and eat a little and although I live for the Lord on a spiritual basis, she is what I live and breath for in the earth realm and I will take any visit I can get, token or extended. I looked through some of your photos and noticed some little ones, kids or grandkids?, I also noticed what looked like some pickled tomatoes, a Magnalite pot of food and a pawn of cornbread, obviously from a black iron skillet, and a house full of precious little man's-best-friends; brother, those are tell-tale signs of good folks and I am honored and say thanks for your friendly kindness and hospitality. I hope you and your's have a wonderful holiday season.
Snake Stewart
11/25/08 05:04:50PM @snake-stewart:
At 5:10pm on November 25, 2008, Otis said I just wanted to see how many of those people that are claiming Chesapeake screwed them would screw Chesapeake if the shoe was on the other foot. They are lying cause they said they would honor the original deal--right when pigs fly. Have a good turkey day. Dad said that he was bringing Jo Ann, Kern, and his family to see you on Friday.
Two Dogs, Pirate
11/26/08 09:26:46PM @two-dogs-pirate:
Happy Thanksgiving Snake, you help in keeping America beautiful.
12/03/08 10:15:53PM @coonman:
oh yeah let me take your pups for 3 mths.. I'll have them treeing coon in no time
Bobi Carr ("parker")
12/03/08 10:49:29PM @bobi-carr-parker:
Hey with 4 hours of experience, I must be an expert. Right?
12/05/08 10:57:58PM @rozzy:
Thank you for the wonderful birthday wish... Is it okay if I start lying about my age? LOL! I enjoyed my birthday yesterday. ...While I am typing; I am looking at your photo slide show the dogs are too cute.
Natch N3
12/30/08 10:54:57AM @natch-n3:
i've been MIA on GHS of late with all the holiday festivities and distractions but I wanted to wish you and the family a very Happy New Year!!Natch
james anderson A1
01/16/09 09:34:59PM @james-anderson-a1:
sorry, but i have been out of communication for a few months, but i do have a question. do you know what is going on at the Montgomery road? there is some activity there, and i haven't heard anything. if you do, pass it on to me, for i still am seeking answers for myself, that i haven't found yet. lol
Dorcheated   A1
01/18/09 09:14:13AM @dorcheated-a1:
Hey Buddy,I wanted everybody to see that perfect spare.
Spring Branch,mineral owner
01/19/09 11:58:56PM @spring-branchmineral-owner:
Snake, some kind words actually crossed those lips of yours! I am impressed and actually pleased. I commit to the same attitude and behavior with you going forward. Yes I was taking up for my friend. There is a lot of history there. My grandfather and his siblings hired Jay's grandfather back in the 1930's as a petroleum landman. He was a very trusted employee for many years. Jay's father was the president of our family's company back in the 1980's for a few years and has been a family friend for 50+ years. Though I never knew Jay that well growing up (he was younger than me), and he moved to Houston after graduating college, I have been reacquainted with Jay the past few years on a number of different levels. I personally know him to be an honest, successful, well qualified Petroleum Geologist who, I believe, was attempting to share his considerable knowlege with others on this site. Snake, I am not trying to convince you of anything. I just want you to know that I know him better than you do, I am a pretty good judge of horseflesh, and I am convinced that he's a good guy. I trust him completely.
01/20/09 01:43:15AM @muddigger:
Keeping me very busy. I was on a location everyday last year with the exception of 40 days and they were nowhere close together. This is my 18th night in a row. I make alot more noise under the cover of darkness :) Been working nights on horizontals since about Dec. 20th.
Dorcheated   A1
01/21/09 06:33:33PM @dorcheated-a1:
Ya'll up for bowling this weekend.
Dorcheated   A1
01/21/09 07:41:12PM @dorcheated-a1:
Sounds good buddy, we might have a decent crowd
Bobi Carr ("parker")
01/22/09 10:44:09PM @bobi-carr-parker:
I guess I better never say never. I would have thought that I would never have outed someone. I felt like I went all "snake" on him. I hope that y'all are all doing well in Doyline.
Dorcheated   A1
02/03/09 01:30:45PM @dorcheated-a1:
Buddy,You got it bad when you come home, and put up GHS before you eat lunch. A salad I pressume.
Big Daddy, bcnr
02/23/09 09:17:53PM @big-daddy-bcnr:
Snake, truer words have never been spoken. This is indeed a pivotal time for the country. I did vote for him, however I stood proudly behind GW when we went into Afghanistan and Iraq. We've since found out that was slightly under false pretenses. I may not have voted for a particular president but I will support their policies when I feel it is in the best interest of the country. I guess I just have a problem w/ those wish to berate, not support and just flat out whine about a president that is trying to turn the country around.
Eric S. Clarke
02/26/09 10:57:00PM @eric-s-clarke:
Thank you Snake for the encouragements. I am spending most of my free time working for our Coalition. We are doing great and keeping strong thus far. The tactics are forever changing as we expected, but we are staying on top of them and informing the people everytime they come up. The people are strong willed here and are really educating their selves which makes my job working for them and the community much easier. There are alot of them really getting involved now. Thanks again for the support!!!
Dorcheated   A1
02/27/09 11:43:52AM @dorcheated-a1:
Hey buddy, I ran into a few problems, but i think I got them all handled. Yhe bowling sounds great give me a call.
Bobi Carr ("parker")
03/08/09 06:28:46PM @bobi-carr-parker:
Hi Snake,I assume I was the other "chick" you were talking about.I appreciate chivalry and will never take offense at it. Most of us can take care of ourselves but it doesn't hurt my feelings when a friend steps in to defend me.
The ShaleRider
03/16/09 01:37:01PM @the-shalerider:
Hey Snake...glad to see again again at the eating meeting. It was a nice gathering of folks. Tell your better half ... I finally figured out that she looks like someone in my church and I was initially confused with who she was at the meeting... of course some might say I'm confused MOST of the time..:-) Take care!
Dorcheated   A1
03/30/09 09:00:08PM @dorcheated-a1:
Hey buddy,T minus three and counting down with my meeting,wish me luck.
04/10/09 07:34:56AM @sesport:
Here's 5 points & a vote for featured shaler. :0)
04/10/09 09:24:21AM @sesport:
Just pay it forward to a friend ... Have a good weekend. :0)
Horseshoe Girl - a1
04/10/09 11:26:00AM @horseshoe-girl-a1:
Everything okay out there? Storm hit ya hard? Just want to make sure yall are okay!
04/10/09 12:43:09PM @cathaus:
I just happen to love the artist!
Bobi Carr ("parker")
04/10/09 01:06:34PM @bobi-carr-parker:
Is next weekend when bowling is planned?I'll be there unless it is during Austin's 4H shooting competition.
04/10/09 09:32:12PM @sesport:
HA! I found Plan B ... If you haven't already seen it, do a web search for republican road to recovery. Energy issues are outlined on pp. 11-13.Best always & have a good one - sesport :0)
Horseshoe Girl - a1
04/14/09 12:25:30PM @horseshoe-girl-a1:
So yall grabbed Toto, Toto and Toto and ran for the cellar, right? LOL!! I'm glad yall are okay down in "Bid D"!! My relatives up in Maine can't understand why in the heck we don't all have cellars down here in Tornado Alley! To tell ya the truth, I can't figure it out either!
Bobi Carr ("parker")
04/19/09 02:42:33AM @bobi-carr-parker:
Snake,I don't ever recall having been stood up before. I'm sure that tonight wouldn't have been near as entertaining if y'all had been where you said you would be. If word gets out that you are dis' ing us ladies and picking up young guys, you'll be run out of Doyline. (Don't tell everyone about Cathaus' red satin depends.) I'm glad that you escaped without any permanent hover round tracks.As usualy, I had a good time.Don't beat yourself up too much, that is what Cathaus and I are for.
Kathy Morgan
04/30/09 11:01:23PM @kathy-morgan:
Thanks Snake! We will be leavinh out of town first thing in the morning for out semi-annual post-tax- season road trip. We will be gone about 2 weeks. Going to South NJ to see the hubbys family and the KY to see my twin sister. SWINE FLU BE DAMNED!!!
05/04/09 09:59:05PM @sesport:
Congrats for maintaining your spot in the top 20 on the "Featured Shalers" list. Enjoy the view & pay it forward. lolBest - sesport :0)
Bobi Carr ("parker")
05/05/09 10:57:58PM @bobi-carr-parker:
Left a question for you on the main board.
king john
05/15/09 06:10:49AM @king-john:
whats up snake !kj
Dorcheated   A1
05/18/09 01:55:02PM @dorcheated-a1:
Hey Buddy,This is from May 5th you know I'm behind. Man I have had a lot of the big shots down here for a month, good stuff not bad, so I just haven't had the time like I usually do, I'll catch you on the phone this week .Pat
05/19/09 10:31:55PM @sanoakey:
Thanks Snake... she is a yr old now and quite a mess
06/01/09 11:42:06PM @perryb2:
Thanks so much! I don't feel 45 years old. I think the date on my birth certificate must be wrong. I'm sure I'm only 25 !!
06/07/09 10:07:40PM @perryb2:
Those people at the movie theater really should do a better job at keeping out the minors!!
Dorcheated   A1
06/10/09 09:54:46PM @dorcheated-a1:
Welcome back Snakester nice post, Big thunderstorm heading our way, you heard it here first, probably in about three hours, keep one opened.
Big Daddy, bcnr
07/03/09 12:25:32PM @big-daddy-bcnr:
Snake all is well up here. Figuring out what to do for the 4th. Whatever we do, I'm sure it will be loud in a typical American celebretory fashion. Food, friends, fireworks. Perhaps some tater salad and beer too! Enjoy the holiday and God Bless America! Still the greatest country in the world!
Keith Mauck
07/24/09 12:52:47PM @keith-mauck:
Hey Snakester!
king john
07/29/09 12:18:59AM @king-john:
whats up snake? how have you been doing? that sure is a nasty looking snake for your profile pic !!! lolking john
Bobi Carr ("parker")
08/09/09 07:31:55PM @bobi-carr-parker:
Hey. Where've you been?Hope things are going well for y'all.
Dorcheated   A1
08/11/09 07:11:34PM @dorcheated-a1:
Hey Snakester,I've been dropping in for a tag every now and then. Don't have anything planned for the weekend. Give me a call.
08/24/09 11:52:13PM @perryb2:
Scott,I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.Terry
Keith Mauck
10/28/09 09:18:11AM @keith-mauck:
Cheers Snake
Bobi Carr ("parker")
11/13/09 07:39:55AM @bobi-carr-parker:
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Snake happy birthday to you.I hope you have a wonderful Friday the 13th birthday.
11/13/09 10:05:35AM @coonman:
Happy Birthday Scott Disco InfernoAKA CoonmanChris
11/13/09 10:54:43AM @rosebud:
Happy Birthday, Snake! If you can figure out how to get this "gangsta goblet" moved to Facebook, you'll have something none of your other Mafia friends owns!!
Keith Mauck
11/13/09 12:08:01PM @keith-mauck:
This was the smallest puppy they had. Happy Birthday!
Big Daddy, bcnr
11/13/09 08:56:44PM @big-daddy-bcnr:
Happy Birthday Snake! You know, only VERY COOL people are born on the 13th. You, Parker (I think) and of course me! (Sept.) Enjoy the day, I know you will.
DrWAVeSport Cd1
11/13/09 11:30:43PM @drwavesport-cd1:
Snake...Have a Great Bday! Just stopped by for a few minutes on my way out the door and had to say hello. You and Yours have a great celebration. DrWAVESportCd1 11/13/09
Bobi Carr ("parker")
01/28/10 12:45:52AM @bobi-carr-parker:
Hey Snake,Good to hear from you and Karen (even if it was on accident). Hope all is well out your way. I haven't seen the movie yet, so if they have another local screening we'll have to get a GHS group together to go.
02/15/10 12:43:57PM @sesport:
Yes it is!!! Santa is an international role model, he sets an example and a standard. (A little late for thoughts about Santa, isn't it?)lol 80)
Big Daddy, bcnr
09/12/11 11:21:28PM @big-daddy-bcnr:
Hi Snake! All is well here. I'm in San Diego for a couple of days celebrating my sister's birthday! San Diego's nice but they ain't got no SHALE! Give Karen and the kids a smooch for me.