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Skip Peel - Independent Landman
@skip-peel-independent-landman • 18 hours ago • comments: 1
Posted a new Comment on BHI Rig Count: U.S. +7 to 908 rigs (5/26/17):
"Thanks, Keith.  I think it is good to remind those of us who are located in shale gas basins that all those oil directed rigs are also producing natural gas...."
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
@skip-peel-independent-landman • 5 days ago • comments: 4
Posted a new Comment on Haynesville reemergence could completely change the game for Louisiana:
"It seems the erroneous statement that the Haynesville Shale covers a portion of SW Arkansas  will not go away even though there is no proof of to support it."
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
@skip-peel-independent-landman • 5 days ago • comments: 4
Posted a new Comment on Haynesville reemergence could completely change the game for Louisiana:
"Jay, do you agree with the statement that the Haynesville Shale extends into southwest Arkansas?"
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
@skip-peel-independent-landman • 5 days ago • comments: 0
Created a new discussion "The richest little county in Texas":
"How this tiny county in Texas became the richest in America Miriam Rozen  May 22,2017 When the residents of sleepy, rural McMullen County,..."
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
@skip-peel-independent-landman • 5 days ago • comments: 6
Posted a new Comment on China Trade deal good for Natural Gas?:
"We are all interested in LNG export supporting the domestic price of natural gas.  Once again the question is of supply and demand.  As more countries move..."
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
@skip-peel-independent-landman • 5 days ago • comments: 6
Posted a new Comment on China Trade deal good for Natural Gas?:
"It does.  The inconvenient fact is that U.S. LNG is not cost competitive in China and the larger Asian market.  There are major LNG exporters that have a..."
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
@skip-peel-independent-landman • one week ago • comments: 6
Posted a new Comment on Russian Money Funds Fractivists:
"The News Week article contains nothing about Clinton, Klien, the Cayman Islands or Podesta.  The Daily Caller piece is more alt-right disinformation...."
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
@skip-peel-independent-landman • one week ago • comments: 6
Posted a new Comment on Russian Money Funds Fractivists:
"I do not consider them facts as I can not confirm your statements.  A search of the key words will bring up articles by credible media sources on more than..."
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
@skip-peel-independent-landman • one week ago • comments: 6
Posted a new Comment on Russian Money Funds Fractivists:
"And I wonder if you have any supporting evidence for this far fetched accusation?"
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
@skip-peel-independent-landman • one week ago • comments: 27
Posted a new Comment on SWN Returns to the Brown Dense:
"Good luck."
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
@skip-peel-independent-landman • one week ago • comments: 27
Posted a new Comment on SWN Returns to the Brown Dense:
"Location in relation to exploration and production activity and the size of your mineral interest are key to an opinion of what terms are acceptable.  Your..."
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
@skip-peel-independent-landman • one week ago • comments: 27
Posted a new Comment on SWN Returns to the Brown Dense:
"Ben, regarding a lease, only production holds the development rights long term.  A dry hole will not do it.  Depending on the language in the lease it is..."
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04/16/09 06:53:33PM @sesport:
Ahhh, you caught one of the tactics. I've wondered about that. When "follow with email" is activated, it tells the story when I can't find the post. Others practice this tactic as well, believe me.Good job! Best - :0)
04/16/09 07:48:31PM @sesport:
I got an email from JM pointing finger at you for close/delete discussions. I saw some posts from others pointing him/her in the direction of moderators & "backbiters." I replied to the email and suggested more civil responses, sticking to topics of his/her profession or experience, finding a political website/blog for those types of discussions. Trying to help here.Best - :0)
Jay Murrell
04/16/09 08:17:52PM @jay-murrell:
Skip:Short of some website forensics you and I are the only two people that know for sure what happened with by deleted post and you know that you are a liar.What you did is not the end of the world and it's not going to change my lifestyle.On the other hand, you have to shave yourself in the morning, knowing that I know what you did and what you said about it in public.First, I forgive you for what you did.Second, I am forewarned about your character and integrity. The oil and gas business is a pretty small community. I forgive but I don't forget.Jay Murrell318.426.4403
04/17/09 05:43:55PM @pat2:
Yes sir, I sure would. Sorry it's taken so long to get back with you. Thank you for your help and I will be lookin for some news I can use.
mickey montana
04/21/09 10:00:19PM @mickey-montana:
We would like for you to do the research. Would you like for me to send you what Coastal furnished to me on the landowners? MM
Les B
05/29/09 05:03:53PM @les-b:
Skip, I will be updating my top well list this weekend.
Rebecca Harden
06/03/09 05:33:36PM @rebecca-harden:
I have some lands that are unleased and I have gotten several offers from companies wanting to buy the minerals. I am not sure what to do, so I'd like some assistance with this. Can you help me?
Rebecca Harden
06/03/09 06:01:58PM @rebecca-harden:
Do you mind my asking how much experience you have doing this? Thanks
Rebecca Harden
06/03/09 06:11:34PM @rebecca-harden:
OK. Thanks. Let me talk with my husband and let's discuss more tomorrow.
06/10/09 11:24:48AM @catfish:
Hey Skip I haven't bugged for a while. Are you aware of any leasing going on in 18/12?
06/10/09 11:48:55AM @catfish:
Thanks, I didn't realize hawk was making offers like that. One year deal sounds like they mean business.
06/11/09 04:16:06PM @taylor:
I need to make a trip up to the courthouse anyways; I will be going tomorrow. Plus, CHK might have some new info. tomorrow-you never know.
06/14/09 04:47:07PM @sesport:
Two Dog's avatar is next to mine on the "Who's Online" scroll, go look at the shout I put up for him. ha, ha, ha :0)
06/14/09 05:41:49PM @sesport:
Well, now that someone else's avatar is next to mine, I want to shout "JK, don't let that bird poo on my chairs!" But I don't dare go there. I am, however, LMAO. :0)
06/17/09 12:18:13PM @sesport:
Skip - My take on "graystuff" ... He puts his information out there, it's an opportunity to (civilly) debate his points. Then, it becomes an exercise for the readers to conduct their own due diligence, exercise their own higher-order thinking skills, to determine for themselves what they want to believe. Except for those with cognitive impairments, these are mostly adults who should take responsibility for their own decisions. IF "graystuff" is wrong, and folks are "sheeple" to him, I guess he's the one that's going to be getting a lawyer because there are plenty of "men with the hats" out there that will take on a suit for the "sheeple." :0)
Bill Fowler
06/17/09 05:43:34PM @bill-fowler:
Skip - What is your last updated list of units? Where can I find it? Thanks Bill
Bill Fowler
06/17/09 06:13:37PM @bill-fowler:
Skip - Thanks. There used to be a Word doc listing of all of the units by section. I don't know if it was yours of maybe Les's. Anyway, is that still around? Where can I find it? Also, how can I find out about unit information for a specific STR on Sonris? Thanks.
Bill Fowler
06/17/09 06:23:56PM @bill-fowler:
Thanks Skip. How do I search for units on Sonris?
06/24/09 07:04:20AM @mskillerbee:
Thank you so much for all your thoughts! I think my neighbor will sign and i will continue to work up what i would like in the lease. I am grateful that Kassie placed her documents on GHS for all of us to use. I intend to save all I can and know the taxes will be the first part I set aside. The company is Petrohawk and I have seen their name on vehicals more in the last month then I have for the last 14 months. I read your excellent information on creating a mineral activity related file and made a list from that to start working on also.
06/24/09 11:41:39PM @sesport:
Just wanted you to know, whoever Jaybird is that's using a :0) like me isn't me. Those numbers attributed to Mainland sounded a little far fetched to me too, but, hey, I'm not in drilling & ops, so I'm relying on you - the real me :0)
06/24/09 11:56:24PM @sesport:
Can I borrow the pink highlighter to give my :0) a pink nose to make the distinction between mine & jaybird's? lol Too many "multiple personalities" running around here. I thought it was funny when Keith mentioned counting poll votes by IP addresses. Bet some folks got caught! ha, ha
06/27/09 02:11:26PM @sesport:
Skip - I don't know how you feel about using your "Close this discussion" power button, but I'd like to see that discussion about "Clarification of HA Reservoir ..." remain intact. I thought you guys did an excellent job, would hate to see it trashed. Maybe the other guys could let you know if they want to add to it, you could then open it temporarily. Just a :0)
06/28/09 08:13:53PM @sesport:
Skip - Didn't I send you a message recently lauding all the effort you guys put into that topic about the HA reservoir? Mr. Krow's comment comes off sounding callous & cruel, especially to a casual reader/observer. If you look at where Les is posting, I think he's had it with JK today, too.I understand & empathize that patience is wearing thin for all involved. I agree that to refute invalid or shaky claims needs to be handled, but not at the expense of anyone losing credibility. Just my - :0)
06/28/09 08:43:56PM @sesport:
Skip - Not fooled here. Didn't you get it the other day on parker's topic? I've seen KB call it s.o.s. , Jim's called it baiting. That said, what do you think is going to stick in people's minds more? That grays. posted today, " Jay, please tell me about this again." or what Mr. Krow just said about OCD & meds? Maybe Mr. Krow doesn't care, I don't know. I just know that in my line of work, that kind of comment can get one ostracized professionally as well as with the decent peeps.UGH! Like I said, keep up the good work. Just like my job, I know it ain't easy, and there will always be that one person who makes one think, "Oh,no, here they come again." :0)
07/02/09 06:07:42PM @sesport:
Skip - I'll allow for the current situations/atmosphere today. I'm so sick myself after reading that article about Dennis I can hardly stand to look at this site and all these petty issues. Keith said it best in that email, this is pathetic.Simply use the rules to get the goal accomplished. If grays. is problematic with repeated postings that annoy, use the Spam rule. Don't resort to passive-agressive abuse, I told you there was the potential for Krow to be ostracized. The case was beginning to weigh heavily against him with what some viewed as an abusive bedside manner.I'm sorry he's gone, I too will miss his level of expertise. I'm sorry he couldn't find another way to accomplish his goal of making sure what he viewed as misinformation stayed in check. All he had to do would be to tell grays. he was spamming. After pointing out to Keith how many times it had been said, Keith could have taken action if it was warranted according to the rules. Instead, we've got Krow MIA. IMMVHO, he did this (getting the masses up in arms) to himself. You don't see anyone going around looking to lynch Les B., do you? Yet, he too is fighting the misinformation.I won't go on, thanks for your thoughts. We don't agree on these things, but I still appreciate your work & efforts. Funny thing is Mr. Krow is the one who once stated that this divisivness has to end.
07/02/09 07:12:05PM @sesport:
Skip - I haven't looked in that group, but I did sense the urgency you guys (BirdDawg, Krow, ShaleGeo, yourself) were feeling about grays.' postings. And I am the last person to say I want to see anyone go from this site, except in the extreme instances of abuse & harassment.Grays.' was able to accomplish that by pushing the buttons of all of you guys, especially Krow's. Use the rules to your advantage in situations like this, don't get pushed into breaking rules, don't get pushed over that edge.Now, I see DrWAVeSport is back, too. It's been a long time since we've seen or heard from him. And now I see Les B. will probably be busy tonight because there are all those postings about imported LNG displacing HS produced gas. More button pushing, IMO.have a good evening, keep a check on frustrations - sesport
07/03/09 12:48:44AM @sesport:
Skip - A reasonable expectation is a good thing, an honorablle thing. You conduct yourself like a gentleman as Les does. And as you saw, with that one post you pasted to me from the GM worker, some of those folks will start realizing that something isn't adding up. That said, after long years of doing what I do, one has to realize that we'll never get 100% of those people on board. Unfortunately, there will be some who go down with the Titanic. I commend your intents and efforts. As with other topics that have popped up from time to time, pushing too hard can also push some away.As I said, though, from my POV it looked like another bait job. If you'll notice, even after parker & taylor showed up on my "Who Are the Moderators ..." topic, none of the others followed except Krow & BirdDawg?I'm going to go catch up, have a good evening - :0)
Harvey White
07/04/09 08:17:06AM @harvey-white:
Hi skip. I live in haughton on oliver rd. I curently have not signed a lease and the only hold out ln my area of section34. I may sign soon but i would like to know the pros and cons of signing or not. (monetary)
07/06/09 02:43:07PM @friggingfrac:
Hay Skip, just recieved a letter from EnCana Oil & Gas for a meetting july 9th in natchitoches at the Holiday inn. Just woundered if you know any thing about this thanks.
07/06/09 03:08:54PM @friggingfrac:
letter states To establish rules and regulations and to create 6 drilling and production units for explotration for and production of gas and condisate in HA RA SUA & HA RA SUF (must log off be back in 5 min thanks)
Harvey White
07/07/09 04:16:36PM @harvey-white:
sorry about the delay skip. i have 3.8 acres in section 34 on oliver road. the energy company is sampson energy. they have already drilled wells in other sections adjacent to ours and reportedly are high yealding wells. interestingly, some of my neaghbors have gotten offers to by a portion of there royalties. they leased 3 years ago. i did not. i have a current lease offer of 11.400 for all 3.8 acres and 25% royalties. i was told sampson would go no higher than that. i wish i knew what kind of gamble it would be to not lease at all. i was told by the land man working for sampson that these wells would most likely play out after three years or so and waiting for royalties without a lease agreement would be a big gamble. of course he wants a signed lease to. so can you help me make an informed decision on signing the lease or not? i,ve already given him the list of requirments from the gohaynes web sight. he said he would include them on the lease proposal. thanks for any help you can offer cause im kinda ignert on these thangs.
Harvey White
07/08/09 08:04:10AM @harvey-white:
hi skip. my land is located in section 34, township 18 north, range 11 west, bossier parish. this is the way it was typed out on a lease offer three years ago. i did not signe it. the land man said sampson is drilling for haynesville gas. he also said the wells they have driilled are not in my section. i have info that they may be.
Harvey White
07/08/09 03:39:36PM @harvey-white:
hi skip. land man came by today with lease proposal. he seemed surprised that there was an exsisting well on sec 34. i showed him the sonris report showing all the info on the well. he wanted to know where we got that info. he said it was a hall formation well ?? . he also said even if it is in our section we may not get mineral royalties from it. i went over to the drilling sight and asked the guy in charge and he said they are haynesville wells. im not sure if this guy is shootin straight with me. whats in it for him to get my name on the lease?
07/17/09 12:21:21PM @olddog573:
skip,I no longer like to publish things to the public that I can't verify so I thought I would ask you.Have you heard of a company that will be coming to the Belmont Marthaville area in the coming month or so?My buddy talked to some rig hands at a local store and they said after they get finished drilling over around Martin they were headed to the Belmont Marthaville area and had 12 holes to drill. They wouldn't say who they worked for. He never told them where he lived which is in that area. I don't think they are with the 2 Encana rigs that will be drilling in the Pleasant Hill area.
Les B
07/17/09 04:14:46PM @les-b:
Skip, I keep hearing that a permit is in the works but I have been hearing that for 9 months. I know they are tight on cash and most of their focus is on offshore and international projects. I also keep hearing rumors they are looking for a JV partner with $$$ and the expertise to develop their Natchitoches Parish acreage.
10/01/09 08:20:41PM @louzanne:
Hey Skipper!Just talking about you to Fang today. Said we need to fix up a big pot of gumbo and get Skip over here. We'll do it soon, I promise.Great shots..... Beautiful, beautiful pics of Houmas House & Oak Alley. I am so pleased Oak Alley is being cared for now. Both places seem to get better and better. The video of Judy singing is great as well as Galitoire's. Makes me want to go back about 20 years and enjoy it all over again!xxxoooL.
10/05/09 04:38:27PM @louzanne:
Me too! We'll do it soon!
10/06/09 11:31:25PM @rosebud:
You always have interesting avatars, Skip. The current one is beautiful.
10/07/09 08:30:00PM @getoverit:
I know. Too cool, huh??? This was me last Halloween. I was the Corpse Bride. =) I even had scar tattoos on my hands and feet. I love Halloween!
10/08/09 07:00:46PM @sesport:
lol, Thanks. I thought the facial expression implied something like, "So, you think you've got something better to wear?" You should have seen some of the other doozies I found when I "borrowed" that one. ha, ha, haIt's actually a pun because a few of us got a "delayed" memo that it's BOW hunting season in E. TX. I'm only leaving it up temporarily, not intended for avatar contest.BTW, good suggestion re. the 90 day participation rule for that contest. It might hurt a few egos, be more of a detriment to keeping more active members posting if a less active member wins. It was noted this past weekend that the majority of activity was in the Politi-calous Group (and thus the speculation about where everyone had gotten off to).:0)
10/08/09 07:23:47PM @sesport:
Ahhh, but IMHO, even that group serves its purpose in slow times. Traffic gets us advertisers. Advertisers keep us up & running. As long as we're up & running, you guys get to post and I get to keep reading. Remember, the log of where one is posting is in no way an indication of where one is reading and soaking up needed info. Like that new SONRIS group. BTW, thanks for your help there, much needed & appreciated. As well as that topic about the "slanted" verticals. :0)
10/14/09 05:28:32PM @jb-berry:
RE: Hamel's Park area wellSkip,I heard there was a city test well drilled around the Hamels Park area in southeast Shreveport.Can you provide any information about it, and results?Thanks as always,JB Berry
10/16/09 05:36:03PM @getoverit:
I have a question for ya. Can you tell much about how a well will do based on test pressure? We have a well in one of our sections (serial #239547) and we are currently in the process of signing a pipeline agreement with Chesapeake. It was perfed on 6/24, fraced on 7/2, and has been waiting on pipeline since 7/9/09. Is there any way to tell how well this well is going to do based on the info in the reports listed on Sonris? Just curious. I HATE the waiting game. lolJessica
10/19/09 09:45:00PM @sesport:
That "Ending America's Coal Addiction" topic is a repeat, but I can't find it. But I've found a link with an earlier publishing date on it, don't think it's the same source, though. I'm not trying to get anything started, but based on a "tip" similar to the one you recently had, I don't have a good feeling about this poster/member. Are you more familiar with him?
10/20/09 10:23:08PM @sesport:
I'm going to go WWAAAYYYY out on a limb, speculating here. One of my neighbors is Chris Aymonds, works for Brammer, has connections to David Hooper with Petrohawk. He's put a bit of a kink in my committee's work right now. I had an email from our Assoc. Pres. several wks. ago saying Chris told them to counter offer Petro's $5K with $7K+. He has now gotten himself appointed our "negotiator" and has them believing they should take $5K again. Chris' brother is Jay Aymonds, I think a principal or vice principal at Ridgewood. :-P
Keith Mauck
10/22/09 12:28:32PM @keith-mauck:
Hello! I hope the site is a place for you to learn, network and contribute. My name is Keith and I started the site in June of 2008 to open up lines of communication between landowners. Since then, we have grown to over 10,000 members.

There are a couple things you should check out. 1) Check out current discussions. 2) Join in on the County and Parish Groups. By joining a County or Parish, you are networking locally with people who share similar concerns.

Be sure to read up on how to navigate the site HERE. This will help you get the most out of the site.

Lastly, be sure to check out our tool bar. It will speed up your participation. Download our free toolbar

As a member, should you ever be on the recieving end of crudeness, rudeness or spam, let me know. The site is a peered monitored site and we need your assistance.


Keith "Haynesville"
Site Publisher

P.S. Have fun SHALING!

Keith Mauck
10/22/09 12:28:42PM @keith-mauck:
Hello! I hope the site is a place for you to learn, network and contribute. My name is Keith and I started the site in June of 2008 to open up lines of communication between landowners. Since then, we have grown to over 10,000 members.

There are a couple things you should check out. 1) Check out current discussions. 2) Join in on the County and Parish Groups. By joining a County or Parish, you are networking locally with people who share similar concerns.

Be sure to read up on how to navigate the site HERE. This will help you get the most out of the site.

Lastly, be sure to check out our tool bar. It will speed up your participation. Download our free toolbar

As a member, should you ever be on the recieving end of crudeness, rudeness or spam, let me know. The site is a peered monitored site and we need your assistance.


Keith "Haynesville"
Site Publisher

P.S. Have fun SHALING!

Jed Clampett3
10/25/09 12:01:00AM @jed-clampett3:
Skip , This is the first time that I have been on since the 17th. No one replied to my request for information on purchasing a couple of acres from someone in S Caddo parish on the Desota line where a contract has been signed and a lease bonus of 15K/acre paid. I want to purchase the 2 plus acres with mineral rights. What would be a reasonable offer ? The land is semi wooded and there is an asphalt road bordering one side. I figure with no royalties it's worth 2K/acre but with a contract of 25% royalties signed on the property and its location being in the vicinity of the best drilling activity its worth a bit more than 2K/acre but dont know how much more ? Is there any rough figure one can go with to add to the normal acre price when 25% royalties are contracted ? Sorry for bothering you , I know your hands are full but a lawyer couldnt tell me anything but how much I owed him ! Jed
10/25/09 06:29:26PM @sesport:
Hey, mister, what kinda candy you handing out? It had better be the good stuff or me & my frens are gonna TP all the trees & bushes around your house and it won't be the good stuff, either. It'll be the cheap stuff that takes forever to clean up.LOL I changed my screen name temporarily to GhostOfElwood & told king john to go read my writings if he was going to discuss water rights. :0)I know, I know, I'm easily amused.
10/26/09 11:36:37PM @sesport:
Are you able to view topics on the Main page? Mine is blank except for banners, ads & tabs. I'm having to do a "work around." I've registered a "bug complaint" with the management. ha, ha :0)PS - If you're house actually gets TP'ed while you're gone, it's NOT me. lol
Jed Clampett3
10/27/09 01:13:02AM @jed-clampett3:
Skip , Your figure of $5K / acre is about what I have came up with also. The property is in a good location off Baron Rd and theres been some wells drilled around that area but dont know if any have been drilled in its section ? From what I have been told they must drill and market gas from the 640 acre section that ones land resides in for any royalties to be paid ? Thanks for your help. Jed
Jed Clampett3
10/27/09 01:16:13AM @jed-clampett3:
A attorney told me that Chesapeak is paying around $9K / acre for royalties.
11/10/09 09:32:33PM @missy2:
Skip, I have read your advise about tracking activity. I have printed out the grid and drawn little spots on it that indicate wells in which I receive royalty. That's as far as I have gotten. I probably really don't understand how to track all the others. It seems I spend all my time working, (in your neighborhood, I think) and then the rest on here, 'gaining knowledge'. Oh , and organizing all the paper work thats goes along with all of this. I prefer not to mention on the open forum where my property is located, but I was wondering if there is anything you could tell me about what is going on there? I have a surface agreement , a SWD agreement in the works and expect a pipeline ROW next. Sec 5, 15N9W Anything that you know, that I should know, will be greatly appreciated.
Les B
11/13/09 10:55:33AM @les-b:
Skip, I utilize a variety of information sources such as Sonris, press realeases, presentations, analyst meetings, etc.By the way, the HOF list is little stale and will be updated very soon.
Les B
11/13/09 11:04:42AM @les-b:
Skip, or other sources. Some times it can even be a partner's press release or presentation.
11/17/09 08:12:37AM @henry2:
Skip,Give me a couple of days to look this up, and I'll get back to you. Of course, I could have the errors too.
11/17/09 01:34:28PM @henry2:
Skip, My records show nothing for Eagle in 9N, 13W. If I said so somewhere, I made a mistake. (Where did I say this??)Thanks for keeping things honest.
11/17/09 04:15:50PM @louzanne:
Beautiful!! Of course I voted for you! You are the King!xxxooLouzanne
11/18/09 04:54:45PM @iris:
Wonderful pictures Skip, where is the beautiful house pictured on main page today Nov. 18th, 2009
12/01/09 08:45:41PM @sesport:
Just a note to thank you for contributing to the "Value of minerals..." topic. I'm getting quite a bit from it. Yes, there are those that call it "lurking," but I fervently reject that notion ... consider it more like reading articles, blogs & such online. And don't worry, I won't go all "mockingbird" and swoop in with disruption. 80)
Les B
01/10/10 11:37:39AM @les-b:
Skip, check Elm Grove HA RA SUNN & SUV. You will see the two units cover Section 4, Section 5 & the E/2 of Section 6 leaving the remainder of Section 6 not unitized.
Les B
01/16/10 10:46:41AM @les-b:
Skip, thanks for catching my mistake. I must have looked at the wrong permit.
01/21/10 03:44:22PM @the-baron:
Done, I answered the question you pointed out to me, thank you
01/28/10 07:36:38PM @sesport:
Well, it's true ... and, no, I haven't been into the "spirits" although I'm feeling a bit "spirited" this evening, but not the ghostly Elwood Mead kind of spirits. lolYou started it, anyway. 80)
01/28/10 09:03:59PM @sesport:
Exhibit A: Your post previous to this one."Comment by Skip Peel- Independent Landman 1 hour ago sesport. It's a little early to be so inebriated! Isn't it??!! Yea ha! Podnuh"My sincerest sympathies re. Salinger. So, I guess when you posted the above comment you were in the "denial" stage? Here's to true literary genius, unlike the current trend of cranking out "popular Palinism" that is surely meant to only rake in the bucks rather than foster higher level thinking & creativity. On second thought ... nix the point about being creative. 80)
01/28/10 09:16:27PM @aegis:
Many thanks for your help!
01/30/10 11:44:52PM @snoopy4755:
Aeriel Shot of a Pad
Kathy Morgan
01/31/10 06:31:17PM @kathy-morgan:
Skip,Sorry I was so long in getting to this. It's peak season at work and we've been getting hammered. Here is a link to the chart you need to look at.
VSC DeSoto South
02/05/10 09:08:17AM @vsc-desoto-south:
Sushi Rolls
03/21/10 02:31:39PM @msdragonslaya:
Hello Skip,How much does a GOOD landman cost to do some research on propety in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana.Got land, got minerals.ThanksMurray
04/02/10 05:12:59PM @pat2:
yes and yes. I did the lease with Chesapeake and I will be receiving my first royalty check in the mail for April. This is a well we didn't even know about. It's a good ways down the road. Itz doing REAL well. I did get that van. A Chevy custom van with all the buttons and bells. Thanks again for all your help. It was a pleasure dealing with you and that doesn't happen a lot in this business.
Mills and Frances Bain McCawley
04/09/10 02:11:45PM @mills-and-frances-bain-mccawley:
Skip - Looks like we have an interest in two of your groups, Shelby and Cass.We are writing about NW Shelby and find interest in what NFR is doing. We are about to negotiate a lease with them.Later we are going to need some work done is Cass as Frances has a 1992 lease (unproductive) but cannot find any kind of title. Probably came from her grandfather, Hollace H Bain, who died 50 yrs. ago. Mills
05/03/10 12:47:26AM @sesport:
Thanks for the link to the Drilling Ahead discussion. 80)
Kathy Morgan
05/12/10 09:45:59PM @kathy-morgan:
Skip, you're a star. I saw the new report, you did an awesome job!
Jack Blake
05/27/10 04:19:40PM @jack-blake:
Skip,I'm not an industry member other than getting a little over 7/1000 of the productrion from a section eventually, if all goes correct. I enjoy uour expert posts, Yeah- lawsuits suck...............Jack
Dion Warr, CPL
06/08/10 11:42:35PM @dion-warr-cpl:
Yoda? Yoda?! Little green man, you are not.
07/30/10 01:07:49PM @weatherman:
Thank you..... it's finally getting interesting in NW Natchitoches Parish for sure....At 6:11pm on July 11, 2010, Skip Peel- Independent Landman said weatherman, nice pics. Good Luck on your well(s).
Doc L'Herisson
08/06/10 01:34:23PM @doc-lherisson:
Skip, thanks for adding me to your friends list.Would you email me your phone number. I'm at HedgehogLLC@Cox.netThank you.Doc L'Herisson
Kat Bloomfield
08/08/10 12:31:10PM @kat-bloomfield:
Hey. Yeah, i get it re: "ron" And that Bienville thread was so annoying. I didn't mean to bump it or fuel any fire. I just really respect Bob Kavnar. . .
08/16/10 11:30:00AM @cypressknees:
Thank you. We are unitized by the Cranfield well. SWSE of Section 33-16-14, DeSoto Parish.Do you have any information about that well?(We really are sub-newbies-Sorry)
08/16/10 11:52:25AM @cypressknees:
Many thanks-but I think our land is too far from that well to be included.I don't know if this is all right to ask, but could we ask you to show us our property and we would pay you? Do you do that? Forgive hopeless ignorance. And please don't be offended.See, we drove up to the Cranfield well-totally deserted-last saturday. Then we drove to where we think our land is-it was pretty far.
08/16/10 12:13:45PM @cypressknees:
Dear Mr. Peel,I should add that we are trustworthy and NOT ax murderers.Thank you.
08/16/10 12:40:06PM @cypressknees:
Will contact the Baron right after I get this ax tidied up..Many thanks.The Knees
08/16/10 12:41:49PM @cypressknees:
That would be The_Baron vs Gas Baron?
Kat Bloomfield
08/17/10 08:14:20AM @kat-bloomfield:
Hey. Yep, got our Sharp 12H-1 in 12-15-10
W M Guice, Jr.
08/23/10 01:39:44PM @w-m-guice-jr:
They may be out there but as yet, I haven't run across any of you "flexible" landowners. To demonstrate how absurd it's gotten, here's a true story: I was working with a company out of Dallas and trying to put together a 640 acre unit to drill a 9,500 ft. Cotton Valley well over on the east side of Lisbon - 100+ mile east of the Haynesville shale insanity. Had been working on it for a year at least. Had it all done except for one 40 acre tract in the NW, NW, of the NW This mineral owner was the last "holdout" and his acreage was not "prospective" but was unit acreage. After weeks of negotiation, he finally agreed to $250/acre + 3/16's royalty - sent him the paperwork and prepared to move the rig in. Several weeks past - no sign lease. Tried multiple times to contact him - not response. Finally, got our unsigned lease back with a note saying that in light of what was going on elsewhere in North LA, he now wanted $3,000 per acre and a 1/4 royalty. Needless to say, we walked away and decided to drill the well anyway and if it worked, force pool him because those terms didn't support the value of his lease with respect to the costs of the project and the anticipated value of the Cotton Valley reserves we were looking for at $8 per MCF. It was a dry hole and we walked away and he losts a bunch of money. So, who is reasonable?
W M Guice, Jr.
08/23/10 02:22:00PM @w-m-guice-jr:
it has been my experience that the larger mineral owners have always been knowledgeable about this industry. Unfortunately, unless your dealing with a lumber company, etc.; the uninformed and inexperienced are the standard and they don't seem to understand the risks involved or that the oil and gas production is worth a heck of a lot more over the long haul than that one time lease bonus and, once you succumb to one landowner's outrageous $$ demands, then the word is out and the "price of poker" skyrockets. Sooner or later, you reach a point where the costs of putting the prospect together affect your rate of return so negatively, that it's not worth doing. Just ask some of these Haynesville players if they wish that could be doing something else that made more economic sense. I have and believe me, they do!
W M Guice, Jr.
08/23/10 04:30:33PM @w-m-guice-jr:
Unfortunately, most exploratory concepts aren't "hundreds" of acres in size - I've never had a prospect that didn't cover at least a minimum of two sections - and that's kinda' small.
W M Guice, Jr.
08/23/10 05:23:49PM @w-m-guice-jr:
Unfortunately, the Haynesville has screwed-up what I'll proffer as an area "standard". You used to be able to go into an area and be pretty certain that you could lease say in the $100-$150 per acre and 1/6 - 1/16 ROI. Not so today. People ask me what is a reasonable lease bonus for North LA & East TX and I don't have a clue. Sure, you may be able to lease some at a lesser lease bonus or you may limit your leasing interest to a certain depth, but the Haynesville has unleashed the "greed monger" in North LA & East TX and to some extent, south Arkansas and, for the foreseeable future, I don't see anything changing. Chesapeake, Petrohawk, etal have made too many instant millionaires in northwest Louisiana and everybody wants their piece of the pie. And if you think I'm wrong, I'd like to know where you think someone could put together 2 or 3 sections on a wildcat play and do it at a "reasonable" price (whatever that is these days). I've seen this ludicrous phenomena in play all the way over to Monroe and it has nothing to do with the Haynesville shale.
Luke C
08/25/10 12:48:36PM @luke-c:
We have received several correspondence letters alluding to royalty interest in Webster Parish, but we have no record of owning any (although we have an idea of how it might be possible). Any chance i could grab a minute on the phone with you or you could point me in the direction of someone that could handle this?Thanks. Luke
Luke C
08/25/10 03:00:23PM @luke-c:
The letter references Sections 21, 22, 27, 28, 33 & 34 township 18 North, Range 8 West.The letter was addressed to Gene R. Robinson Estate - Myra B Robinson, Trustee. Myra B is my Grandmother and we are trying to get a handle on all of her minerals.Let me know when you have time to chat, although I will be on the road for the next few days. Obviously, we will compensate for your time if it requires much work!Thanks Again.
Bear Dog
09/16/10 04:38:52PM @bear-dog:
Goodrich Petroleum Co, ha Ra suuu; J. Shepherd 25h, 001, Sec. 25, T17N, R16W, Greenwood Waskom, 15850 MA 11027 TVD, Haynesville Res A.
Bear Dog
09/16/10 04:52:11PM @bear-dog:
Goodrich Petroleum Co, ha Ra suuu; J. Shepherd 25h, 001, Sec. 25, T17N, R16W, Greenwood Waskom, 15850 MA 11027 TVD, Haynesville Res A.Skip, forgive me if Im wrong but I think You posted this your self under completions. I just copied and pasted it. Im with you, I dont even see a well in sonris but I do know that Goodrich has that section unitized.
Bear Dog
09/16/10 05:08:02PM @bear-dog:
Ok, thanks Skip, I was just curious to because that sections is right next to our section. Would you say that by looking at those numbers, that it is an ok well?
Bear Dog
09/16/10 05:31:06PM @bear-dog:
Thanks Skip and one last thing, can You tell Me if there is a discussion on this sight about well pad prices?
Mary Alison Anders Knighton
09/21/10 03:55:23PM @mary-alison-anders-knighton:
I am learning about the GHS don't know how to go about sending anything but a free gift. Letting ya know you are appreciated.Alison
09/27/10 04:41:21PM @sam5:
Can you tell me how exactly I will know if I'm getting the right price from Chesp. my lease says it's supposed to be the NG price at the well...however, they have been taking out some kind of transp. or other charges to which they are SUPPOSED to be correcting- AFTER I contacted them with questions! How in the world would I ever be able to know the correct price? The guy I'm dealing with at Chesp. has been very nice and coorporative. My email is Thanks. Sam
10/06/10 07:59:38PM @nate:
My land is leased 3 in Desoto one on Nacitoches heres the info:S12 -T10n-R11w DesotoS2-T10n-R11w DesotoS6-110n-r11w DesotoS6 T10n R10w NachitochesXTo has been a headache to say the least, we had to pursuit litigation in order to recieve bonus's (three years later), but they finally came through and said that they would be starting activity soon.Thank you again,Where abouts are you located?
Jim Cobb
11/16/10 11:23:50AM @jim-cobb:
SkipIt is roughly 1000 to 1200 acres. I will get an exact number for you. My email is 200 acres in 29 is already leased.Thanks
Jim Cobb
11/16/10 11:52:40AM @jim-cobb:
SkipNot expecting a freebee. Headed to Minden then Shv, back in office tomorrow. 318 894 9490 cell 713 208 0113Jim C
12/30/10 10:59:39AM @zydeco:
thank you
Ben Elmore
01/04/11 05:38:11PM @ben-elmore:

Thanks Skip. I think that is what they need. Someone contacted them and asked to buy their mineral rights in Texas. The clients didn't know they had any, and asked where they were located. The third party would not tell them unless they agreed to sell. Sort of a typical deal with some of these outfits. The clients of course want to find out if they have minerals. They are heirs of William Tippett of Tippett Oil Company. Naturally they expected the mienerals to be in the William Tippett survey in anola County, Texas, but the third party said this was not Haynesville acreage. In any event, a referral would be apreciated. Thanks.

Linda Whatley
01/21/11 10:52:16AM @linda-whatley:
Just trying to keep peace......... I wish I had known you before I signed my lease(s), maybe I could have gotten a better deal. But I'm not complaining... I'm happy!!!..... the money is good, and it's free! So I don't worry about what others got, are getting, or not getting........ I think the Haynesville Shale is a true blessing from God,and we all should be very THANKFUL!
Linda Whatley
01/21/11 11:16:51AM @linda-whatley:

The prospect of receiving great wealth makes some folks do "stupid" things, doesn't it!!!! ... Aaaah well, on another note, are you planning on attending the Mineral Owners 101 seminar at LSUS on Feb 5th??....If so, I'll be looking forward to meeting you.

Linda Whatley
01/21/11 11:32:30AM @linda-whatley:
So find out all I can about Mr. Elder......right?
Linda Whatley
01/21/11 10:52:15PM @linda-whatley:
Advertisement in paper says Phillips Energy Partners, LLC, Cook Yancey, King & Galloway, Argent Property Serivces, LLC, and Wood Mackenzie Research and Consulting will be the speakers at the NARO meeting.
Linda Whatley
01/21/11 10:56:43PM @linda-whatley:

I'm familiar with Argen Property Services, but not any of the others. Is there anything we need to be aware of????

Linda Whatley
01/22/11 11:01:23AM @linda-whatley:

Yes,understand they'll be solicitating business, one way or the other!We've already been approached by a rep from Argent, and from what I understand, they have quite a few clients in this area. .... Anyway, my hubby and I are going out of curiosity, as well as education.

Did you see Mack's post about the Camterra wells? Looks like the shut in might have something to do with a leak in the pipeline.

01/23/11 07:53:42PM @jffree1:
Did you notice new member "grey shalie sands" and all of the photos they have posted? Makes me think of what's his name who used to drive everybody crazy. (delete at will)
Linda Whatley
01/24/11 06:31:35PM @linda-whatley:

Sorry..... just trying to make everyone feel better! Maybe she'd had too much wine!... come to think of it, it's "cocktail" time for me!!!!!

02/03/11 09:58:41AM @the-baron:
The J-W hearing was on the 25th. Still a little soon to see the order show up.
02/03/11 10:31:19AM @the-baron:

Its my understanding that they were there to see what data J-W presented. They flew in on their private corporate jet.

I have no idea how long it will take to see an order posted.

02/11/11 11:59:01AM @mattie:


I should've contacted you earlier, but at the time thought it best to stay a bit more in cognito due to my business and personal interests inside and outside of the HS Play, and the desire to stay a bit more "neutral". You have done a great job of doing both, and hopefully you have been rewarded with some good business contacts and new friendships. Someday, when I get back closer to Shreveport (currently in OKC), I'll hopefully get more involved. Our family certainly has some personal "skin in the game" with the HS, and it's been a fun ride over the last 3 years watching it all unfold. You, Les, and a few others have made the GHS site a worthy (and meaningful) platform for dissemination of honest dialogue amongst all parties. Thanks for that!!

I'll email you at your personal email shortly, and we can catch up more. I'll send my full contact info to you, and hope to visit via phone.


Gail's Son-in-LawN1/N2
02/21/11 05:37:34PM @gails-son-in-lawn1-n2:
General Alfred Mouton - KIA Battle of Mansfield
Larry Roy Ward Jr.
03/02/11 05:56:18PM @larry-roy-ward-jr:
Just wondering if they will be doing more leasing in Red River parish. We have 40 acres on hankins Highway just before the Grand Bayou Bridge. I know there are wells a few miles across the lake. My mother is older and a couple of people has contacted her who seem to be just tryjing to get her to sign away any future royalities. We also had 30 acres in Bienville leased by Chesepeke for $2000 per acre and 22.5%, but they did not get the ten acres across the road which is in another section I believe. Any advice on trying to get these parcels leased?
Larry Roy Ward Jr.
03/04/11 01:38:11PM @larry-roy-ward-jr:
Yes it is two different 40 Acres. Only 30 is leased. Do you have a link to a map showing the sections and townships? You can email me at
04/12/11 02:00:13AM @msdragonslaya:

Hello Skip

I have mineral interest in Desoto Parish. There is a Murray well drilled by EOG in Nacogdoches, Texas. How do I find out about this well, if I have a mineral interest in this well?

Joe Aldridge
05/03/11 03:24:24PM @joe-aldridge:

Hi Skip,

Yes, I am aware of the properties in the sale. It looks like a lot of it is Mississippi River bottoms.

We don't have anything listed for East Feliciana Parish though. There are a couple of large properties - Dixon CorrectionalInstitute, the JacksonForensic unit and the State Home for RetiredVeterans that should be listed soon. That will be several thousand acres right in the heart of the play on the East side of the river. That will be the sale that will really be telling.

Also, saw a Stallion truck loaded with pre-built board road material headed in this direction. I think Stallion works primarily or maybe is owned by CHK. It will be interesting to see where they are going.

Thanks for emailing me about the lease sale. I'll keep an eye on it and post the results.

05/08/11 10:42:32PM @shannon:
My sister and I inherited my father's property, we spoke to the landman for Petrohawk after he spoke to my father's attorney and my uncle and agreed on a lease. My sister and I live in another state and haven't heard anything else about it. The location of the unit is Towship 12 Section 3 Range 13 (just got this information a couple of days ago). Can you tell me anything about this unit and do you have any information as far as any wells, if there has been any activity at all? I really don't know what to look for or where to find any information for updates, etc. I appreciate any information you may have.
05/09/11 12:30:42PM @shannon:
Thank you very much. I don't know if you are from DeSoto Parish, but my father was Dalton Green (Game Warden there for about 33 years). We appreciate your help and if you're ever in Amarillo, Texas, we owe you a big juicy steak from the BIG TEXAN (Home of the 72oz. steak).Shannon Green Smith
05/09/11 12:32:27PM @shannon:
T-Bone Steak
Gale Bagley
05/13/11 09:26:16AM @gale-bagley:

lookin on Sonris in Caddo, drilling seems to ahead of completions, 10 or 12 drilled waiting on completions. Is that normal?

Gale Bagley

05/17/11 03:00:39PM @getoverit:
Thanks for all your help, Skip!
Aubrey C. Sanders, Jr.
05/20/11 12:41:38PM @aubrey-c-sanders-jr:
Thank you, Skip. I am glad to be back. Despite the fact that I lost my personal contacts (friends) and all personal contact data I had accumulated. I no longer have your phone number, as well as many others I had in computer. And having to start all over as a newby is also galling. I do appreciate having you as a friend. I hope to rebuild contact with all my friends on this site. Keep in touch and I hope to meet you next time I am down in La.
Aubrey C. Sanders, Jr.
05/20/11 01:30:17PM @aubrey-c-sanders-jr:
Thank you, Skip. Appreciate info.
P.Hill Mike
05/23/11 12:49:33PM @phill-mike:

I have been trying to keep up with the activity in my unit but seem to come up dry. Last summer they did the seismic testing in our area but since then it has been quiet. I was on the SONRIS site today and seems like there is a black hole around Pleasant Hill, no units or wells come up. I am in Section 9 Township 9 Range 11W and currently leased with SWEPI. What is going on in our area? Thanks for any help in getting me up to speed.

P.Hill Mike
05/23/11 01:53:32PM @phill-mike:
Thank you, that is great news. Hopefully I will get better at navigating the sites to find out that info in the future.
Caroline Warren Babbitt
05/31/11 01:44:49PM @caroline-warren-babbitt:
Hi Skip, Haven't chatted in awhile. Have you heard any news that would be hopeful for the DeSoto Parrish Group? Terminals, new wells, etc?
Carolyn Ezernack
06/12/11 01:45:13AM @carolyn-ezernack:

The well serial number is 242075. We are in Sabine parish. Section 4, Township 9,

Range 12. Well went on line 5-17-11. We just want to know what it came in at and if it was a good well. Can't find out anything from Chesapeake. How can we find out this information? Will we just have to wait till they put it on Sonris Lite? Thanks so much for your time.

06/13/11 05:24:32PM @twomule:
Thank You Note
Katie McCullin
06/15/11 06:00:46PM @katie-mccullin:
I'm so glad to hear you had a good time! We'll make sure to have plenty of food next year. Those fishermen can eat! It was great to finally meet you, and I hope all is well!
07/11/11 09:04:03PM @kassi:
OK, I have been good and have not stirred any trouble lately so why should my ears be burning! lol. Spill Skip..:-)
Marion Drennen
07/16/11 08:21:23PM @marion-drennen:


i Skip. I've been following the online discussions since day one of this well...there have been big swings from "Yahoo Here We Go" to" No Way, Man, Ain't Gonna Happen" but since I'm not invested in MNLU stock, it doesn't really pertain to me...or affect me in any way. However, I've learned a lot about the business & a good bit about how things are done in the industry. I have all the logs from this well & the previous one & have shown them to a geologist friend who wisely advised me a good while back that despite how good it all looks, I shouldn't go out and buy a boat until the checks are rolling in because anything can happen. We were so excited about the Phillips-Burkley #1 and so disappointed when they blew it up...this time we're trying to contain our enthusiasm a bit. There are lots of connections between the different players --- Mainland, Petrosearch, Cheseapeak, etc, from the previous well that leads me to believe that Mainland has resources/connections who have guided them or partnered behind the scenes.

Marion Drennen
07/16/11 08:47:42PM @marion-drennen:

Well, Skip, I much typing it took two of these pages...then some computer glitch & everything disappeared, so I don't know if they were sent to you or not...don't know how to track it. Let me know if you did not receive my replies & I'll start over.



Marion Drennen
07/16/11 09:05:23PM @marion-drennen:

Ok...well, I thought I'd sent one comment, then was working on the rest of it when the computer glitched. So, I'll start over.

Thanks for letting me in...I've very much enjoyed reading the VERY long thread re: Burkley-Phillips #1. I've learned a lot about the business so that I better understand what's actually going on. Being a lessor, many of the comments did not pertain to me...I own no stock in MNLU (although my brother has bought quite a bit). There is a lot of information that we have, but were asked not to discuss (as they put it, they wanted to run it as a tight ship)...but, I'm not sure where that begins & ends. Their stock can't get much cheaper (I suspect they're stalling on the merger until their stock value goes up which we HOPE will be this quarter---because it will mean they've successfully completed the well).

Marion Drennen
07/16/11 09:06:27PM @marion-drennen:
So, if type more than 2,000 characters & hit "Add Comment" and the screen disappears, is there any way to retrieve what I had written???
Marion Drennen
07/16/11 09:07:20PM @marion-drennen:
Where are my comments going????
Kat Bloomfield
07/24/11 03:46:49PM @kat-bloomfield:
Thanks Skip. Good to be back! When Bobi told me of your post re: what happened to some of us, I came on site and rolled in infectious laughter! Thanks, I really really needed hat. My interest is re-kindled. I just burned out on everything legal for awhile! I am fascinated by hedging and have pondered the question of whether hedged prices are a "benefit" to a lessor. My gut answer was "it depends." And, after digging through stuff, it remains "it depends." But, you know, the wrath of the entire industry would whack the lessor back to the stone age were such an issue ever litigated. Still, I'm going to publish my article just because I think it's fascinating.
08/24/11 10:11:59AM @the-baron:
Skip, I have no clue as to the frequency or type of tests.
09/08/11 02:15:34PM @lynn:

Thanks Skip,

I was just wondering if you had any information on the two alternate wells that are supposed to be drilled in Bienville ParishWest Bryceland Field, Bienville Parish, LA , Pettet Formation Reservoir A....alternate well sites are for PET RA SUD and PET RA SUE. These are in 17N 7W S 11 and 12 and were set up for hearings several months ago. I keep looking at Sonris Lite and have also asked Conoco owner relations and cannot get an answer. I just wondered if these are on hold because of the well prices now. Most of these units are older wells producing from 9000-11000 feet. Any info would be great and if you need more specifics I could try to get that too. I do believe one of the wells is an alternate for the Youngblood.



09/08/11 02:54:44PM @lynn:

Skip, you are so kind to answer questions. Is there a place to monitor well permits? Would that be on Sonris or somewhere else? A lot of these established wells have been plugged for possible reuse as I can only guess the amount of natural gas is so far down.

But, I thank you for your help and knowledge.


09/08/11 04:27:32PM @lynn:

Thank you again for your time and expertise.


Todd Anthony
09/12/11 02:13:41PM @todd-anthony:
Skip I am north of Ringgold and pooled in the HA RA SULL Rogers. If there is a private way to do it, I can give you a contact name for a landowner with at least 250 acres between Castor and Ringgold. TA
09/19/11 02:26:34PM @suzan:
Thanks Skip!
Keith Mauck
10/19/11 04:33:05PM @keith-mauck:
Why won't it let me feature your profile, you must have it on strict privacy settings or something?
penelope kothmann
10/28/11 09:51:57PM @penelope-kothmann:
Skip thank you.
James R Lathrop
10/31/11 10:27:09AM @james-r-lathrop:
I appreciate your helpfulness and your quick posts.James
w.r. frank
11/20/11 09:32:45AM @wr-frank:


I saw your post to Les about becoming involved with litigation regarding royalty deductions. I am ready, willing and able to join. W have four wells completed and producing, one waiting on completion and one about 1500' from TD. We are financially responsible and capable and willing to bear our share of costs. I have met with several lawyers, but not ready to pick and committ.

How do I contact you offline to discuss.

Bill Meaney
12/12/11 03:39:55PM @bill-meaney:

Just saw your comment. Hughes is located in Beeville, TX. Yes, they're an operator but I don't think they've done anything in Arkansas.

Jim York
12/14/11 11:02:34AM @jim-york:


DNR does not scan work permits or emergencyclearancesto move oil during well test into SONRIS.

The only way to find the info is to visit the Office and pull the well file.

You may want to get a friend in the Monroe area to pull Weiser-Brown/Exxon Mobil#2 (12-T22N-R1E, Union Parish, LA) well file in Officer of Conservation.

This vertical well was tested in August of 2009 andemergencyclearancesof oil were requested. I think those test were one of the leasing triggers. Due to employersensitivities, I choose not to publish in this forum, but if some else does ... then after all - it is public information.


12/20/11 10:22:00AM @the-baron:

Skip, I have my computer set to only install updates manually. I have had to deny IE several times to prevent it from updating.

john hamilton
01/05/12 09:10:40PM @john-hamilton:

hey skip its john hamilton with a question. We leased land with

Exco 3 years ago in section 034-16n-13w. They placed a pugh

clause stating we would not receive royalties for anything below

12,000 ft. I recently got a small check from exco for 4 months of production

from this well (Rex Bryant). Does a pugh clause normally have an expiration date, or might you know of any other reason for the royalties being

payed now for the first time?

Anna Mauck-Member Services
01/10/12 10:08:06AM @anna-faith-mauck:

Hi Skip! It's good to hear from you! Sending my hello's to you and Converse. Many blessings to you for a happy and prosperous 2012! Glad you enjoyed the card. Next year I'll be sure Keith has pictures of the kids included. :)

Neilson Jacobs
01/19/12 02:11:05PM @neilson-jacobs:

Thanks again, Skip, for your info and input. My interest is in the wells which you consider as producing in paying quantities, Nos. 234891 and 237118. You suggested that I might want to consult with an O & G attorney about the producing in paying quantities. Well, for many years I was such an attorney but that was quite some time ago and although I have a vague recollection of what is considered in deciding the question, I don't recall that I ever had to do an extensive study of it. You asked about Keba. As you probably know, the wells were drilled by Southern Star Operating, Inc., a small start-up in Houston. The leases, or SS's interest in them, were mortgaged to Macquarie Bank. From the liens filed by the drillers and suppliers it did not look as though SS paid much of the costs. The bank foreclosed and ( I believe) arranged for Shelby Energy Holdings, also from Houston, to operate the wellls. Keba is either a sub of Shelby or is operating via contract with it. Neil

Bear Dog
01/24/12 01:05:04PM @bear-dog:

17N-15w-s30was completed in October & is producing per Sonris. Does chesapeake pulling back on NG mean that they are not going to produce in that section for awhile?

Bear Dog
01/24/12 05:17:46PM @bear-dog:

Skip, I meant to ask you if Ck would be plugging awell that is already producing natural gas.

Bear Dog
01/24/12 05:29:33PM @bear-dog:

Thanks Skip for the correction on shut-in and I do hope that you are right about Ck not drilling new wells!Dont see how they can lower production by just not drilling any new wells thou.

Dry Hole
02/05/12 05:24:30PM @dry-hole:

Hard to sit by and watch hard work destroyed for ego/power ---- hope Keith can fix the problem---- The best approach for the rest of us will be to try and ignore his posts in other threads ------ he should have just started a new "country club" group instead of taking everyone's posts and attachments without notice--- if that had happened in one of my/our threads I would probably be doing something serious about it. Will be interesting to see how many of his exiled flock stay with him and continue to follow his fine example of leadership.

Jim York
02/06/12 09:24:44AM @jim-york:


work: 318 665-4506 ext 225

John Parker
02/08/12 10:09:46AM @john-parker:

Hey Skip, see that you friended me and just saying hello. Gotta go as I have a ton of stuff to do and am behind as usual. Keep up the good work and will talk with you later. Thanks John

Little Red
02/09/12 10:26:53PM @little-red:

Can you suggest a good oil and gas attorney to help with a lease offer?

I have 240 acres in Claiborne Parish, and a lease offer on the table.

Thank you.

D Morgan
02/12/12 11:43:57AM @d-morgan:

Skip, sorry I've been away a few days and have not replied to your post. The Dick James Unit application is Order Reference Number 244-2011-09 on the AOGC website; Hearings/Applications Archive.

D Morgan
02/12/12 01:56:19PM @d-morgan:

Dick James Unit Application; Order Reference no. 244-2011-09. AOGC website; Hearings/Applications Archive; September, 2011.

Joe Deerhunter
02/16/12 12:30:54PM @joe-deerhunter:

Skip -

I'm reluctant to give too many specifics on pipeline negotiations for the moment; don't want to jinx the deal. My forester met with the landman yesterday, I haven't heard anything from either party, yet. However, posting general info about which way its going and how much a lease should pay may be useful to a number of forum members.

Something just occurred to me, in previous exploration leases there is language allowing pipelines. Are those just limited to the pipeline from a well drilled on that property, or can the company sub-lease its pipeline rights to a carrier company?

05/11/12 07:30:47PM @michael4:

mr. Peel i wlike to talk with you over the phone i can call or you can can calle me which evers best thanks M.R. Ruston La.

07/31/12 06:54:46PM @adubu:

I had tried to me nice to him before but you know had that went--- addition answer by email message to you--- thanks for support

Westward Wing
12/02/12 05:50:29PM @westward-wing:

HI skip question for you,do you know or perhaps point me in the direction of how i can find any information on land in the sabine parrish sec 24 tnship 10 north range 12 west.Id appreciate any light you can shed on this for me,for im truly in the dark and dont know which direction to go.

Westward Wing
12/02/12 05:58:25PM @westward-wing:

hi skip can you tell me how i can find any info on sec 24 tnship10 northrange 12

01/29/13 10:15:53PM @dbob:

skip - I checked the production on that Samson Amelia in Jefferson County, Texas - its a single unit, probably named afterBeaumontschools which has several acres in the unit. Its a barn burner - 250,000 bbls of condensate in 10 months an 5 bcf of gas.

Toby Murphey
05/15/13 10:05:31PM @toby-murphey:
Skip have your heard any talk of the Hollis 1-21-22 in Bernice La. Just wondering. That well site is in front of my house.
Michael T  Nash
05/16/13 11:38:09PM @michael-t-nash:

Skip, How can I contact you regarding mineral rights in Lafayette and Miller Counties. We have one lease with Wieser Brown.

Thanks Mike

Dion Warr, CPL
07/16/13 05:36:25PM @dion-warr-cpl:

Skip: I'm fine, still plugging away... Although I think Jay and Jim are starting to rub off on me - it's becoming slightly irritating to be addressing the same things over and over again, and dealing with the same rants and raves and conspiracy theories. I think your latest post on tips and the basics is right on point and on time, especially on doing searches on GHS prior to just blindly posting questions that (may, MAY) have been answered before at some point in the last five years. Hope all is well with you.

Two Dogs, Pirate
09/17/13 08:33:44PM @two-dogs-pirate:

Can't bad mouth Gosh Darn, I am slow in responding because I wanted to hear GD side of the story. I know this person and bought him lunch one day, way back when. Skip, I cannot remember when GD was a negative person here on GHS, he has always stood up for the mineral owner, from his side of the road. He has always been known for his folksie side of the down home mineral owners side of the equation. Why do you want him banned or censored from GHS? I stand for free speech but you seem to stand for limited speech? I do not put Gosh Darn into the box that you seem to be painting him into. I would say back off of him and tell Kieth to let him back on because he is one of the very few that is keeping GHS alive. For those that don't know Gosh Darn has been banned from posting on GHS. Gosh Darn has been a member after me and after Skip. Who runs this show?

Two Dogs, Pirate
09/17/13 09:52:03PM @two-dogs-pirate:

Maybe I have missed something but the only time I can think back is when GD got down on you and Spring Branch about buying royalty interest, I spoke out against the mineral owners selling their interest and Spring Branch came down on me, well fuck him and the horse he rode in on. I will try to be civil but I will not shut up and I have bought mineral back yonder when times were bad in the oil patch. This is nothing that I am proud of and I explained that I for one would never sell my mineral interest to the folks I tried to buy them from. There are many different ways to make a living in O&G but I feel that I don't want to look over my shoulder for the rest of my life thinking that someone may shoot me in the back from screwing them way back yonder. The only deal I made buying royalties in my time in the biz, the grantor bought a new Kabota tractor with the money and the royalty buyer suddenly died and the well went down before he ever made the first dollar. I don't have to look over my shoulder any more. Skip I think that you trying to control who posts and what they post as long as it in not against the rules is wrong. You have your own agenda and I have no problem with you taking the ball and running with it to make a dollar from GHS but I do have a problem with you trying to get folks kicked off and more important getting folks kicked off that made GHS what it is. This message is between you and me, I will never make approval for it to be posted along with other posts related to this subject. I am a friend of yours and know you personally but I am my on man and think like a cowboy for most of my thoughts.

Two Dogs, Pirate
09/18/13 09:03:47PM @two-dogs-pirate:

OK, Skip I don't remember all that I said in my last post and had just gotten off the phone with Gosh Darn, so I was a little on his side from what he told me. He is of a different sort and kind of long winded just like his posts. He sings your praises for the help you give here on GHS and not totally against what you do. He is just on the other side of the fence from you in certain areas. I do say this that I was off of GHS for a while and don't know of comments that were made by him during that period of time. Sometimes my posts may get a little off base the later it gets into the night but I still hold you and GD as friends and know both of you personally. I am out of this one and sorry if I may have said something that you didn't like. As slow as it is right now I may be in competition with you in buying royalty.

Kathy M. Stephens
10/01/13 11:17:05AM @kathy-m-stephens:

Hi "SKIP" :). I am sorry about that. I seem to be making more and more mistakes like that. It is a little scary at my age. I hope you had a good trip to Arkansas. Kathy

jim weyland
01/23/14 06:56:26PM @jim-weyland:

i'm honored.

p.s. sometime we can discuss my qualifications as an expert witness with respect to natural gas commercial matters in the state of michigan. it's a funny/good story.

Jerry Boisvert
03/10/14 01:38:49PM @jerry-boisvert:

Hi Skip,

Your assistance would be helpful. My email is


03/27/14 07:01:35PM @dominator:
Please stay in touch and comment, I would really appreciate it, I need advice and expertise
04/03/14 09:56:04AM @adubu:
Skip--- yes you are correct I can not spell some times-- "old man syndrome" dealing with auto text on ipadThank you
04/03/14 10:02:05AM @adubu:
Skip--also I guess Keith corrected issue and changed wording since I used RJ in heading which is a No No
Jim Lavin
04/24/14 02:08:22PM @jim-lavin:

Skip: you were asking "Jimbo" where was he referring to there being "drilling all around us". Do you know of any permitting in/around Sec.23 &25 of T22N, R12W in Eastern Bossier?

fortunate son
04/27/14 08:09:32PM @fortunate-son:
I have been on for quite a while.reading and learning.i have always said my grandfathers hard work would be good for us minerals are scattered all through what is thought to be the heart of tms. Thanks for responding and as things progress I'll let you know. Mississippi is a lot different from la,I had no bargaining power
Two Dogs, Pirate
08/04/14 02:14:30PM @two-dogs-pirate:

Skip Malwarebites keeps blocking something on gohaynesvilleshale. Do you think something has invaded the site?

Two Dogs, Pirate
08/04/14 04:10:07PM @two-dogs-pirate:

Malwarebytes is so good that I bought it and it runs all the time on my computer. The funny thing is that it is identifying the problem as Every time I try to back out of a post malwarebytes blocks. Ihave been logged off for a while so I don't know if it is still doing the same thing.

Two Dogs, Pirate
08/04/14 04:30:49PM @two-dogs-pirate:

It is on the website and it is still doing it. I run McAfee antivirus an have been running Malwarebytes constantly for about two years. I use to just run Malwarebytes every now and then. I have never seen this happen before.

Two Dogs, Pirate
08/04/14 07:02:42PM @two-dogs-pirate:

The warning is coming from 2 IP addresses Leaseweb BV in the Netherllands and Codero in Kansas. The IP in the Netherlands has servers that are linked to pilshing operations linked to China.

Two Dogs, Pirate
08/05/14 09:48:22AM @two-dogs-pirate:

Looks like it fixed the problem.

Two Dogs, Pirate
08/05/14 09:58:07AM @two-dogs-pirate:

No it didn't fix the problem. When I went into the "Haynesville Unit Wells" discussion it did it again. I checked all discussions that had new posts since last night then posted the fixed message to you then went to the older post and it popped up.

09/22/14 02:41:12PM @ln:

As a UMO, do I have to pay a share of construction costs concerning additional vertical wells that are drilled on the section of our property?

Two Dogs, Pirate
12/15/14 07:18:33PM @two-dogs-pirate:

I feel things are going to go back to wildcatting with a jack up rig and bring up stuff that was left in the ground years ago. Looks like my next project may be buying $25 to $50 an acre OGMLs. Good thing my tap dancing shoes have a fresh shine from the mineral buying project from a month ago.

Two Dogs, Pirate
12/15/14 07:26:18PM @two-dogs-pirate:

Thanks I will need all the luck I can get.

Elziabeth Wethern
01/26/15 07:37:47PM @elziabeth-wethern:

Hey Skip, I have recently inherited land from my parents in Clayborne parish, section 14 and like Eric Polansky, I have been offered 310.00 for 4 with a 3 year option and a 1/5 production. I am concerned with the 4 year prime and am wondering if you too think it is too long. I live in Mandeville and am so disconnected from all of this. I have read any and everything I can find about leases and found your answers and conversations here to be very helpful. I would appreciate any advise you care to offer. ~Very sincerely, Liz

keith coburn
02/16/15 04:37:27PM @keith-coburn:
Skip, do you know a landman in the Central Texas area that you would recommend mentor someone just beginning in the landman profession. I do not personally know you, but I have followed your posts for several years and consider you the most knowledgeable landman on the Haynesville website. So I thought you would be a great resource to ask who might be able help me learn the landman business the right way.
Ms. Jessye Roux Conner
03/25/15 09:50:13PM @ms-jessye-roux-conner:
Skip , is anything going to go on in Dry Creek, La.. Beauguard Parish ? Thanks God BlessThanks , Jessye R.Conner
jim smith
04/07/15 12:08:05PM @jim-smith:

How Skip. I have interest in land in Sec 11, T 14 N, R 13 W. The family receive royalty from Exco. I believe other companies are drilling in this same area but the family has never received any division notices from other companies. How do I find out if the family should be be receiving royalty from other companies?

Thank You.

G. Rankin Schurman, II
08/13/15 01:40:56PM @g-rankin-schurman-ii:


My apologies for the late reply here - I've been commuting back and forth between Dallas and OKC the past 1+ year, coupled with the fact that I don't do Facebook or some of the other social medias - so, I totally missed your request from last year. My personal email address is - let's stay connected! I hope all is well with you and your family! Take care, Rankin

03/11/16 06:06:05PM @donna11:
Hi Skip. I haven't contacted you in A couple years, but ever since I leased my property well 244138 - I have not received a dime in royalties. They claim there is an issue of 3/20 of ownership but I was just wondering if you could tell me or show me where to find out if the well has produced anything and approximately how much in dollars? I was told a little while back somewhere around 20 g, but I have no idea where they got that information from. I hope this finds you well and y'all are staying above ground. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank youDonna