About Fracking, Mice and Men

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Keith Mauck
02/12/18 09:59:41AM

From EID

A group of researchers whose previous flawed work claimed exposure to fracking fluid causes low sperm counts and ovarian follicle problems in mice has released yet another study claiming to find a link to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in fracking fluid and potential health problems. This latest study has a new and much more foreboding topline conclusion than the team’s other recent efforts — claiming “exposure to chemicals used during fracking may cause pre-cancerous lesions in mice” — but it is based on the same old flawed methodology and assumptions the researchers have repeatedly employed (read more about the three most prominent examples here, here and here). It bears repeating that one of the lead researchers of this study and the aforementioned reports — University of Missouri obstetrics, gynecology and women’s health associate professor Susan Nagel — has not been shy about concealing her anti-fracking bias. Nagel has previously appealed to anti-fracking activists Josh FoxMark Ruffalo and Yoko Ono to help fund her research. She has also publicly endorsed Gasland at an event entitled “What the Frack?”, calling Josh Fox’s thoroughly debunked films “educational” because they contain “a lot of good information.” Read More.




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