Surface Water Line Right of Way

Started January 3, 2018 at 09:57 am by @John E Saymansky in General Shale

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John E Saymansky
01/03/18 09:57:49AM
Does any one know what the going rate is for a temporary surface right of way for a water line is?
01/03/18 05:08:23PM @k22:

It is very little, usually just a flat rate and not too dependent on length.  It is above ground and temporary so it does little or no long term damage.  Unlike gas pipelines, there is almost no chance for an environmental issue.  I assume it would service a unit in which you share in so it is in your best interest anyway.  If you don't have an interest in the well it will service, then ask for a lot more.

01/03/18 05:20:05PM @k22:

How long did they request for the right of way?  Our gas company asked for 6 months with a option for renewal for another 6 months.  We countered with a 1 year for double their offer. They accepted that but again, we are talking small change.  I think we ended up with about $2K.  The gas pipeline ROWs were much, much more.




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