Audit of royalty statements

Started May 31, 2017 at 09:59 am by @kit in Dealmakers Marketplace

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05/31/17 09:59:59AM
Can some suggest a person (lawyer) or accountant that audits royalty statements. We share acreage with siblings and we just want to make every is correct. Monroe county (0hio)
Steven Kacerski
05/31/17 12:06:55PM @steven-kacerski:

Packer Thomas is a CPA firm that offers these services.  We have someone on staff who use to work for XTO Energy and is well versed in this area.  Even though our offices are a bit of a distance from your location, we have worked with attorneys and landowners in West Virginia on multiple engagements.  

06/03/17 08:32:06AM @kit:

Can you please give me phone number to the company. Thank you

Steven Kacerski
06/05/17 10:36:55AM @steven-kacerski:

The phone number for Packer Thomas is 330-533-9777.  You can ask for me, Steve Kacerski

Sterling Williams
05/31/17 01:26:53PM @sterling-williams:

Argent Mineral Management is another firm that provides audit services.  We currently serve clients in 27 states, with over 100,000 acres located in eastern Ohio.  We have recovered over $20 million for our clients since opening in 2007.

06/03/17 08:32:36AM @kit:

Can you provide me with Phone number, thanks

Sterling Williams
06/03/17 09:31:43AM @sterling-williams:
318-251-5721 is my direct number.
Todd Attalla
06/09/17 01:04:48PM @todd-attalla:

Hi Kit, My name is Todd Attalla and I'm Vice President of Martindale Consultants, Inc., an oil & gas consulting firm.  I have spoken at the PA NARO convention earlier this year and am also presenting at the ND NARO convention at the end of this month.  A large segment of our business is helping royalty owners with conducting audits and dealing with energy companies.

Not all situations turn out to be viable candidates to conduct audits but other options may be available.  Feel free to give me a call at (405) 412-9866 if you would like to discuss.  Please leave a message if I don't answer.

Also, you can take a look at our website at




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