East Ohio Oil and Gas, llc

Started May 19, 2017 at 10:01 am by @seabass in Marcellus Shale

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05/19/17 10:01:32AM

Anybody leased through this company? Appears to be a division of Western Land Services out of Michigan.


05/20/17 02:53:27AM @joseph-ohio:

Thank you for posting your inquiry Gary.

Watching for replies / more info. from other members with experience with them.

Best Regards,


Barry D
05/20/17 08:29:43AM @barry-d:

Where are they working (taking leases)?

05/20/17 10:04:29AM @joseph-ohio:
Went to their linked web page / solicitation of interested potential lessors and found no geography specific to their Leasing solicitation other than 'East Ohio'.
James Vanderink
05/22/17 06:16:15AM @james-vanderink:
Yea it's Western. Memos signed by John K Wilson. Only about 50 leases signed last fall and held for 6months and now recorded.
IMG_7201.PNG.png  •  159KB

05/22/17 03:15:53PM @joseph-ohio:

I read your attached '.png' file of the recordings to cite lease recordings in a few Townships in Knox County, Ohio. That, as far as I know, is in the so-called 'Utica Oil Window'.

James Vanderink
05/22/17 05:02:09PM @james-vanderink:
JO I'm not sure anyone is looking that far west for Utica acreage right now. Previous Operator (Devon) drilled and quickly left claiming no pressure to move the oil to the surface. I'm thinking more on the lines of Trempeleau. There are some real nice ones up there. I don't live there but have a farm in the southern part of the county. I'm hbp by two decent Clinton wells. Landowners there enjoy a pretty good relationship with the local drillers. That's what's interesting to me because it must be an out of state company that has hired Western/East Ohio, because the local drillers don't use Land Companies to acquire acreage. Classic landman "move" to get the lease signed and hold it for 6 months before recording it.
05/22/17 05:39:39PM @joseph-ohio:
Reading ' Berlin Pike and Morris Township' for entry number 99 and 514.79 Acres on your attached '.png' file. Those Townships are in Knox County Ohio.

So, I think your saying you think it's the Clinton that they're trying to tie up and most interested in right now - right ?

All (I think) I know is that Knox County Ohio is pretty far west as far as the current Utica Development is concerned and would be in the Utica's 'Oil Window'. Need to see the Lease to see if it's Strata Specific / if it covers all Horizons - and of course that's not available to the general public.

Do you have more info. as I for one am curious enough to ask ?

James Vanderink
05/22/17 08:40:19PM @james-vanderink:
My guess is Trempeleau.
Just my tarnished 2ct's

05/23/17 07:33:07AM @joseph-ohio:
Okeedokee - Knox Trempeleau.

I dunno - would like to see the lease / @ least the permit.

Thx JV !

05/23/17 10:43:24AM @gh:

Interesting, Knox would be very far west for the Utica so you guys are probably onto something.  Tried to get a copy of a lease but they either don't have images available or you have to have an account to get them.

James Vanderink
05/30/17 03:56:10PM @james-vanderink:
IMG_7243.PNG.png  •  184KB

05/31/17 05:54:05AM @joseph-ohio:

Memorandum. Appears to record the right of the Lessee to explore for oil / gas and other hydrocarbons. Implies to me no strata specificity. No $ / acre up front 'sign on bonus' / 'delay rental' specified that I could find. Are those terms specified elsewhere in another document, I wonder ?

05/31/17 10:03:12AM @gh:

A memorandum is usually filed to keep those terms a secret

05/31/17 01:15:25PM @joseph-ohio:

Didn't know that.

We hit the wall then I guess.

08/17/17 10:15:47AM @butchc:
Hi all, first post here. I found the site when searching for information about East Ohio Oil and Gas LLC. Kinda late but I have some information that might be of use. Their landman, Tyson Parker is working heavily north and east of Mt Vernon attempting to put together 40 acre squares. I have property in both Liberty and Wayne townships and have been offered leases on both.  The standard offering I am hearing and was offered for my farms  is $100 per acre for 3 years, then option to add 5 at $200 per acre. $10,000 property damage  if they drill and 1/8th of the well minus the usual deducts and free gas or $1200 per year of you decline the gas.  Lease is for all minerals and all depths. No storage rights. They make it appear as if you will have say in surface operation locations but later on it reads you will not interfere with location of surface operations.  So you have a say, as long as you agree with what they wish to do,,typical landman double talk.  I showed enough interest to get a pair of lease documents and am now at the wait and see what else they will offer stage.
08/18/17 07:14:16AM @joseph-ohio:
Thanks for the read @butchc.
08/22/17 08:36:10AM @butchc:

A quick peak at the auditors web site shows that EOO&G  now has 138 leases recorded in Knox County. I still have yet to sign, waiting on the landman's next move.

James Vanderink
08/22/17 09:04:41AM @james-vanderink:
Thanks for the info Butch. If you could please post this to gomarcellusshale. You will probably get more hits over there. There's an interesting post on recent seismic lines being ran in Holmes county.

08/22/17 09:28:41AM @joseph-ohio:
Thanks again @butch. Only IMHO (which doesn't matter to anyone but me and mine) is that the lease terms as described in your post are totally lacking and unacceptable. We wouldn't sign it. Most negative are the open door for the E & P to do whatever it deems necessary to develop the resources, the non-strata specificity, the dollar per acre sign-on bonus / delay rental money, the low-ball property damage, the all minerals stipulation, the apparent open door to usual deductions (which basically is every spec. you listed). Hope the outfit didn't stipulate that if you don't accept it and sign on that your farms acreage would be force pooled. Good luck to you my neighbor to the south. Please keep us all advised. Your Friend in the northern tier, J-O
James Vanderink
10/31/17 07:26:15AM @james-vanderink:
Butch please contact me
11/09/17 12:21:26PM @butchc:

James, I sent you a PM with contact information.


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