Typical Life of a Well?

Started April 29, 2017 at 10:04 pm by @Susie Kief in Eagle Ford Shale

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Susie Kief
04/29/17 10:04:30PM

I have producing wells in the Eagle Ford which are around two years old. What would be the expected life of a typical well?  The operator is Carizzo. 

04/30/17 01:27:37AM @rockman:

Barring mechanical problems and a non crash of O&G prices to single digits, a typical Eagle Ford horizontal well should be actively producing for over 25-30 years.

Remember, however, that these wells will decline rapidly in production over the first 2-3 years and then only be making less than 10% of the initial production (and probably more like 4-5%) in most of the years on line

04/26/18 07:51:56PM @linda11:

So are you saying sell at this point?

Susie Kief
04/30/17 08:12:43AM @susie-kief:

So I should expect more decline this coming year?

04/30/17 08:58:25PM @rockman:

I believe that your well is about two years old - my experience with the Eagle Ford is that decline will continue for the first 4-5 years until that consistent low rate is established.

Remember mechanical problems and/or poor operational practices can also negatively impact production rates.

See that attached graph of gas and condensate /oil decline. It is a good generic representation of how an Eagle Ford will decline in production over time.

The X axis at bottom in the month of production / the Y axis on the left is the percentage of production decrease. 

O% in Month #1 is initial production. 91% to 92% in months over 50 indicates that the well is making only 8% to 9% of its initial production rate.

Note the percentage decline rate "increase" over time.

EF decline.pdf  •  109KB

Susie Kief
05/02/18 01:28:31PM @susie-kief:

I can’t get into this graph. It says I don’t have permission to access this area. 

05/02/18 01:53:13PM @rockman:
Strange. Just opened it. Here it is again
EF decline.pdf  •  109KB

Susie Kief
05/02/18 02:03:56PM @susie-kief:

I’m on an iPad so that might have something to do with it. I still can’t get in. 

05/02/18 02:27:50PM @rockman:
If there is a way to send " friend" request,maybe I can send it to you that way
Susie Kief
05/02/18 03:59:26PM @susie-kief:

You can just email it to me at Susiekief@gmail.com. Thank you!

05/02/18 05:00:21PM @rockman:

Sending now

Susie Kief
05/02/18 01:30:42PM @susie-kief:

Our wells are 3 years old and are producing about 10% of the original production. Based on that number at 3 years, where do you think it will level off?

05/02/18 01:49:46PM @rockman:
Figure we'll will level off at around 5 per cent of initial month max flow rate
07/17/17 01:54:53AM @kristina:
O% in Month #1 is beginning creation. 91% to 92% in months more than 50 shows that the well is making just 8% to 9% of its underlying creation rate.
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04/27/18 01:07:15AM @rockman:

In response to Linda 11 - absolutely not!

I believe that there is only one well in your unit. If so, there is room for several other laterals. Each of which can create as much or more value as the first well has done.

Key issue is timing of drilling the new wells - there is no pressure for the operator to do this since acreage is HBP.

Groups buying royalties are hoping to pick up minerals for low cost (e.g. 36 to 60 months of value based on latest low monthly numbers) and then wait for new wells to be drilled to get the big early production cash flow.

05/01/18 04:37:16PM @rattler:

New owner/operator of the Hunt acreage in Wilson county Recoil Resources has permitted a new well in the Yosko B unit. Great news for Wilson County. 

Jess Willingham
05/06/18 01:32:29PM @jess-willingham:

Has anybody know or seen any drilling in the SW corner of Wilson County.

05/06/18 10:31:19PM @rockman:

In SW Wilson County, Recoil Resources Yosko 2H is an April 2018 Eagle Ford permit SEI Operating has a new Austin Chalk horizontal permitted as of Jan 2018. Bayshore Operating has completed a marginal Buda well. 

All this info can be found on the Tx RRC site.




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