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Started April 20, 2017 at 12:15 pm by @Kathy M. Stephens in Harrison County, TX

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Kathy M. Stephens
04/20/17 12:15:11PM

I noticed Brooks has permitted a horizontal "oil" well in the Pettit formation in the Harleton area.  Of course, it may later be changed to a "gas" well, but this is the first horizontal Pettit well I can recall in Harrison County.  Back in the 1970's there were a few good vertical Pettit oil wells north of Marshall.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
04/20/17 01:38:23PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

The Pettit is usually not highly gas charged in our part of the world as far as I know.  Most Pettit completions are oil wells.  If memory serves four or five years ago there were a couple of horizontal Pettit wells drilled in northern Caddo and/or Bossier parishes.  They were not economic.  During that same time and in the same general area there were other horizontal wells drilled in conventional formations besides the Pettit - Annona Chalk and Gray Sands come to mind.  If there are areas of low permeability, it is possible that conventional reservoirs can be economic with horizontal development - the Terryville Complex in Lincoln Parish being a good example.

Kathy M. Stephens
04/20/17 02:04:37PM @kathy-m-stephens:

Thanks Skip.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
04/20/17 02:18:18PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

You're welcome, Kathy.

Kathy M. Stephens
04/20/17 02:52:00PM @kathy-m-stephens:

Thanks again Skip.  We don't own any minerals up in that area but I hope they have good luck. Isn't this about the time of the year you try to get a little fishing in:)

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
04/20/17 02:54:12PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

LOL!  Yes, Kathy...just not so far this year.  I'm really missing the lake but business has picked up and I'm making up for last year.  Hopefully there will be a few bass left in Toledo Bend by the time I get there.




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