Indigo Minerals/Desoto Parish

Started April 13, 2017 at 11:58 am by @harley in Haynesville Shale

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04/13/17 11:58:52AM
Any word (or rumor) out there if Indigo plans on new wells in Desoto Parish they bought from CHK?
04/13/17 03:19:35PM @jay6:

I think that is their favorite Parish.


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04/14/17 09:56:35AM @david14:

Counted 44 wells in De Soto Parish on the latest (4/12) Shreveport Scout Detail

04/14/17 12:05:10PM @kittycatmama2:

Has anyone see a map showing exactly what specific areas Indigo and Covey Park bought from Chesapeake

04/14/17 02:32:07PM @olddog2016:

Kitty, Im in 11n 11w and indigo bought my CHK wells

04/14/17 02:42:15PM @jay6:

Chesapeake's website has maps showing their retained acreage and their divested acreage--they are located under the investor tab and are labeled presentations.  Indigo's website also lists their acreage so you can cross check to see what Indigo got from Chesapeake.  Covey Park's website does not show their acreage.


04/17/17 10:56:28AM @kittycatmama2:

Thanks Jay

06/01/17 01:52:33PM @kittycatmama2:

I need some help. I was on Sonris and saw that Indigo has permitted the following serial numbers:  250275 & 250276. These look like CULs to me for sections 1 & 36 of T13 R15. Am I correct?

06/02/17 06:29:18PM @jay6:

Yes you are correct.  Due to the lateral distance section 36 will have a bit more of the production than 1.  


06/02/17 07:08:50PM @kittycatmama2:

Thanks Jay. Sec. 1 of 13/15 Desoto was drilled as serial no. 242761 from Section 36 t14/ r15/north of it. It is an Exco drill. These 2 new Indigo wells  also show Haynesville wells but they are being drilled from Sec. 25 of 13/15 into sections 1 & 36 of T13 R15. That is what I can't figure out. If they are drilling from Sec. 25 of T14 R15 that would make sense that they would go south into 36 and then into 1. I can't find the original application with DNR to see how the laterals are going

06/03/17 10:57:44AM @jay6:

They are going from north to south with the end of the lateral in 1.


06/03/17 12:15:43PM @kittycatmama2:

Did Indigo buy that from Exco? Exco drilled the first Haynesville well in that section that we still get a little check on. It looks like Indigo is now drilling a Haynesville




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