Painter well production

Started April 10, 2017 at 06:37 pm by @WilliamAllenLadd in Tioga County, PA

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04/10/17 06:37:19PM

The Painter well in Westfield township is now on line as I understand. And is producing quite well.  Does any one have information just how well it is producing?

Thank you

Bill L.

04/11/17 12:22:59PM @josie:

I do not think there are any reported production numbers yet Bill.

04/11/17 09:11:02PM @william-allen-ladd:

I have been checking in different places myself Josie. Drillers are supposed to report their progress monthly if I am not mistaken.  I understand that there is another well drilled that runs to the south easterly from the first well. This well is only about 15 or so feet from the first one. There are few tanker trucks hauling water away from the site. We were told these tankers are delivering fracking or excess water to another site.

Thank you for your reply. If I find out anything new I will post it here. Bill L.

04/11/17 09:17:20PM @josie:

The most recent reporting period available: January 31st, 2017(most recent data update April 3rd, 2017)

Hang tight Bill

Are you in the Unit?

Did Travis have to change the Unit size?

04/12/17 08:26:28AM @william-allen-ladd:

Good Morning Josie. Yes, I have about 15 acres that are included in the first drilling. this first drilling was to the north west more or less. They fracted  that one and flared it. then they moved about 15 feet to the south and drilled another one. This lateral was driller to the south east. I do not know if these two laterals are considered as part of the entire drilling unit or not.  No one has come out and said, as far as I know.

Before any drilling began, the unit was increased in size to about 1280 A. Or so I was told. This drilling business seems to change as often as the daily weather and the land owners are seldom notified. Bill L.  

04/13/17 08:27:41AM @upperdevonian:

Bill, just a heads up, it does not appear that the second well on Painter has been drilled yet.  The PADEP indicates that this well permit is still under review with a target approval date of 5/8/2017.  Please see the link below.

04/13/17 11:33:07AM @josie:

I guess I am confused...again. Someone please clear this up for me..thanks in advance...

I think Bill is asking about Painter Westfield 117-21813

The latest well report has it being Fracked in December and it very well could be in production by now...

Stimulation notification Sent: Nov 28th, 2016
Event Date/Time: Date: 12/05/2016 Time: 08:00 AM
Comments: "Completion is to start on Monday, Dec. 5. Expect two stages daily - weekdays only - daylight operations only. Thirty-six stages. Expect to finish frac job in late Dec. Drill out of plugs and well hookup will occur in January. Further details being
Company: Travis Peak Resources Llc

04/13/17 01:28:54PM @upperdevonian:
Josie, there are currently two wells on the painter pad. One has been drilled, completed, and is in production....the other is currently being permitted but has not been drilled yet according to the PADEP.
04/13/17 01:54:11PM @josie:

Do you have a production report?

04/13/17 02:03:36PM @upperdevonian:

I believe this well was turned in line in February.  Looks like DEP just recently released production reports statewide for January so it will likely be next month when we first get an idea of the numbers for the first Painter well.  The only info we have right now is the completion report which stated a 24 hour open flow rate of 10,049 MCF/d and a 24 hour shut-in pressure of 5800 psi.

04/13/17 02:05:47PM @josie:

That is good info...where do you get that report please

04/13/17 02:25:02PM @josie:

Thanks a lot! 

04/13/17 05:21:31PM @william-allen-ladd:

Thank you all for replying. This is more then I was able to

 discover. Bill L.

04/13/17 05:24:52PM @josie:

Hey upper,

how does these numbers compare with other wells in the area?

10,049 MCF/d and a 24 hour shut-in pressure of 5800 psi.

04/18/17 10:19:06AM @upperdevonian:

February production numbers are up on the DEP site.  Painter 1H produced 258,331 Mcf in 21 days of production.  This averages out to 12,301 Mcf/day.  Congrats to Travis Peak and all the landowners on a very respectable well!

For comparison purposes, this well had the highest average daily rate in Tioga Co. for the month of February.  The next closest in daily rate in February was Seneca's DCNR 007 73H in Delmar Twp. which produced at a slightly lower rate of 11,948 Mcf/day.  

Keep in mind a few things, this Seneca well has been producing for a much longer time and we are unable to know how operators have been choking the wells in the area during production. 

04/18/17 11:49:55AM @josie:

Thanks upper for the info and post. 

04/22/17 06:34:24PM @josie:



1.) If you are in a unit  that goes into production have you seen an increase in your property taxes due to mineral right production.

2.) Are mineral rights a separate area on your Tax statement.

I do own sub surface only .

04/24/17 04:55:13PM @william-allen-ladd:

Hey Josie, We just paid our property tax a few days ago. And no, there did not seem to be any increase in the tax.  However the last couple of weeks we have noticed that the road surface is really deteriorating. Truck traffic has reduced almost to the normal local residential flow. 

Bill L.




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