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04/10/17 10:08:17AM

Mineral owners own 100% of the minerals oil and gas companies want to produce for a PROFIT.
What would be a fair and equitable balance for them to profit from producing our minerals.
while our state argues that 12.5% is just they sign leases that entitle them to twice that.
oil and gas thinks that 12.5% is to high and we need to pay the costs of getting our gas to market
so that they can profit more. So what is the fair amount of our minerals to give up just so
some one else can market them--75-25 , 80-20, or is it the 87.5-12.5. I think I heard the first lease in
WV was a 50/50 lease my how times have changed at the current rate we will end up owing the oil/gas
companies to produce our minerals.

04/10/17 11:26:29AM @tusc-county-man:

one that pays according to the contract!

04/10/17 02:12:50PM @pete:
The financial creative way they add invisible ink into the contracts so they can decrease your share of the production is just amazing. They act like it's a privilege to have them produce our minerals, soon they'll be charging us a privilege tax.
04/11/17 03:31:51PM @alexandra:

At the beginning of the year, on the 15th of the month I went into the EPA website to see if there would be a check that month.  Sure enough there was sizable production.  Enough where I should have gotten a decent check.  When no check came, I called Chesapeake up to see why I did not get any check.  They told me actually for that month I owed them money, but I shouldn't worry because they weren't going to bill me for what I owed them. 

Needless to say I told them I worked very hard to pay for my property, and that without me they would be making zero dollars.  How dare they steal like this?  And the worst is our government officials are allowing it.  Could it be that many government officials are getting checks when we are not?

04/12/17 01:00:08AM @jett2:

If you don't mind revealing it, did your lease permit any deductions?

04/11/17 06:33:00PM @joseph-ohio:

To me, it would be a variable dependant upon history and a series of variables.

To coin another's favorite answer to many questions we were asked : 'How long is a piece of string ?'

04/12/17 07:10:31PM @joseph-ohio:

Also - to me :

'Fair' would be 'as per the negotiated and agreed to lease terms'.

'Just' would be 'paid as per the negotiated and agreed to lease terms'.

Barry D
04/13/17 08:40:11PM @barry-d:

The issue is not the amount of the royalty. The issue is getting paid.




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