West Virginia House of Delegates Considers Gas Royalty Legislation 4/4/2017

Started April 4, 2017 at 08:52 am by @Perrylkeaton in GoMarcellusShale

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04/04/17 08:52:16AM

West Virginia’s House is considering Senate-passed legislation to authorize natural gas producers to drill when three-fourths of those with royalty rights agree.

At a House hearing Monday, witnesses were divided over whether the bill would unconstitutionally involve the state in private contracts and represents an economic boom for more than out-of-state energy companies.

State Commerce Secretary Woody Thrasher says it creates a platform that’s “fair and reasonable to property owners” and is good for the industry and people who work in it.

Julie Archer of the West Virginia Surface Owners’ Rights Organization says it lacks landowner protections.

Sean O’Leary of the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy says a Senate amendment would create tax tiers on gas production that would cut the rate currently from 5 to 4 percent.

04/05/17 10:08:15AM @sally:

I heard that this bill is dead!  Anyone else hear this?  I certainly hope so!

04/05/17 10:35:04AM @pete:

Bill Title:
Providing exception to waste for certain oil and gas development
Passed Senate with amended title

e (Roll No. 282)


3/29/17 Read 3


time, 3/29/17 Clements Floor

amendment rejected (voice vote), 3/29/17 Ferns Floor

amendment #2 adopted (Voice Vote), 3/29/17 Romano

Floor amendments #1 rejected (Roll No. 281), 3/29/17

Romano Floor amendment #4 rejected (

Roll No. 280)


3/29/17 Romano Floor

amendments #3 rejected, 3/29/17

Romano Floor amendments #2 adopted (Voice vote),


Ferns Floor amendment adopted (Voice vote),

3/28/17 Laid over on 3


reading 3/28/17 with right to


3/28/17 Deferred until

foot of 2




3/27/17 Laid over on 3


reading 3/27/17 with right to


3/27/17 On 3


reading with right to amend,

3/25/17 Read 2



3/25/17 On 2


reading, 3/24/17

Read 1


time, 3/24/17 Immediate consideration, 3/24/17

Committee substit

ute reported,

3/10/17 To Judiciary,

3/10/17 Introduced in Senate, 3/10/2017 To Judiciary

then Finance, 3/10/17

Filed for introduction.

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