Horizontal Clinton wells Astabula County, Ohio

Started March 29, 2017 at 08:28 pm by @Robert Bond in GoMarcellusShale

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Robert Bond
03/29/17 08:28:22PM

It is now on the ODNR site under county engineers section for 2 horizontal Clinton wells in Colebrook Twp.  They will be the GAAG 1- H and the GAAG 2-H drilled by US Energy out of Rural Valley, Pa..  This is interesting.

03/29/17 08:45:32PM @joseph-ohio:

Yes it is interesting.

Wondering about the lease particulars myself.

Are these wells to be drilled on property HBP via ancient 'Tailgate' style Leases I wonder ?

Hoping not.

Anybody know ?

03/30/17 12:31:34PM @joseph-ohio:
There are also two (2) other new Horizontal Wells shown on the Engineer's Report named the Dumitras Wells (which were discussed a little on these pages earlier).


How about some new Leasing activity for Ashtabula County !

Robert Bond
03/31/17 09:03:24AM @robert-bond:

Does anyone have any information on horizontal Clinton wells such as lateral length and fracking information?  Also is there any production data from this type of well?  Where are these wells located if any exist?

Gerard Mc
03/31/17 06:46:50PM @gerard-mc:
Mr. Bond
Googling can provide more data, but about a year and a half back, Enervest drilled 7 Clinton Sandstone horizontals as a 'science' effort.
Lateral were about 2,000' long at depths 3 to 4 1/2 thousand feet deep.
Initial cumulative production was about 1,100 barrels oil per day.

Company expressed satisfaction that CS is 'doable', technically, but prices would need to be higher for economic viability.

Somewhat interestingly, perhaps, was talk of collaboration amongst smaller operators as the development cost of Clinton Sandstone laterals is way less than Utica.

Robert Bond
03/31/17 06:53:05PM @robert-bond:


Thank you very much for the information.  I wull check it out.

04/01/17 02:04:28PM @joseph-ohio:
A thought or two comes to mind.

What if a 'Smaller Operator' wanted to develop a Clinton Horizontal or so, and leased a few unleased Landowners for the single Strata specific development ?

Perhaps the Clinton Horizon of adjacent lands leased by another and larger E & P entity could also be purchased / leased from the larger - or even 'Force Pooled' into the development ?

This would seem to me to present the most lucrative scenario for the lessors / Landowners.

Perhaps even the most economic scenario for the E & P lessee entity.

Wondering how realistic the scenario actually is ?

Robert Bond
04/05/17 08:11:08PM @robert-bond:

The GAAH 1H and GAAH 2H are now permitted on the ODNA website.

Robert Bond
04/05/17 08:11:51PM @robert-bond:

ODNR website seems like I can not type tonight.




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