Fracking ban in Maryland likely

Started March 28, 2017 at 11:26 am by @Paul Heckbert in Marcellus Shale

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Paul Heckbert
03/28/17 11:26:36AM

Maryland General Assembly approves fracking ban

"The Maryland General Assembly on Monday gave final passage to a ban on fracking in the state, sending the measure to Gov. Larry Hogan for his promised signature. Environmental advocates and climate change activists have pressed for years to ban the controversial form of drilling for natural gas also known as hydraulic fracturing, which had been proposed in Western Maryland. Hogan surprised the advocates this month when he threw his support behind the ban legislation. A big cheer went up in the Senate balcony Monday night as senators voted, 35-10, to approve a bill banning fracking. ..."

Barry D
03/28/17 08:40:32PM @barry-d:

So what?

A bunch of extremist liberals from the eastern part of the stateĀ  imposed their will on the folks in the western part of the state.

Those eastern liberals fell for the same misinformation you have been peddling on this site.

Sadly, this won't ever affect their lives, but it would have helped landowners in the western part of the state.

You should be ashamed to celebrate this.

Barry D
03/28/17 08:43:54PM @barry-d:

Typical NIMBY nonsense.

Oh, we like to heat our homes and power them with natural gas. We just don't want it to be produced here.

Hypocrites. But of course you know all about hypocrisy, don't you Paul?

Tim Tarr
03/29/17 12:31:56AM @tim-tarr:
Banning fraking in Maryland? What's next no banana plantations. Makes about as much sense.
Barry D
03/29/17 08:11:38PM @barry-d:


Well, of course we all know how dangerous bananas are.

It is well known that potassium overdoses are on the rise.

In fact, research shows an association between being in the produce isle andĀ  a possible overdose on potassium. After all, just the proximity to potassium and it's effects are well known.

Just ask Paul.

04/10/17 08:00:44AM @paleface:

We can sell them all the natural gas they need.Wink

04/10/17 07:56:06PM @jon7:

It just amazes me how, people think that "clean energy" has no byproducts or consequences.




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