Gas Producer's Price Comparison Results

Started March 27, 2017 at 09:01 am by @K22 in GoMarcellusShale

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03/27/17 09:01:54AM

See following messages in this thread for the attachment.

Screen Shot 20170331 at 10.53.27 AM.png

03/27/17 09:07:27AM @k22:

I've attached a file showing recent prices received from various producers. The prices were provided by those responding to my last post.

03/27/17 09:17:46AM @k22:

A fairly wide range of prices existed this fall but in December prices for many producers converged around ~$2.80/mcf.    Ascent and Eclipse seem to have the best prices although I only received one data point for Eclipse.  I did not include the prices for Chesapeake because it was not clear to me where those wells were and the prices were far below the others.  Finally, it appears that prices for January production should be good if CNX and Republic are representative.  If anyone has some of the missing price data, you can still provide it. 

03/31/17 10:55:28AM @shaleforum:

Good stuff, thx!

Albert Russell2
03/31/17 11:11:51AM @albert-russell2:

Thank you so much for your posting. Could you update each quarter?

03/31/17 11:58:39AM @k22:

I would certainly like to keep it updated but I only have access to the prices for Rice and Gulfport.  People would have to send me the prices they are obtaining from other producers with wells in the Belmont County, Ohio area.  I would be happy to collect the information and post it each quarter.  I would need the price/mcf, the producer's name and the location of the well.  Private notes to me on this site would be fine.




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