Grecoe F unit Cente/Gray twp Greene Co.

Started March 20, 2017 at 10:47 am by @guyingreenpa85 in Greene County, PA

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03/20/17 10:47:19AM

I was told by RICE that Grecoe F unit in Center and /or Gray twp. Horizontal drilling started June / July 2016.  Frac Aug - Oct 2016 and first sale happened at End of January.  Can anyone confirm this information?  Does anyone have any additional information on this unit?   Any and All information and help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks

03/20/17 12:54:57PM @guyingreenpa85:

This unit is in the Graysville Hopewell ridge road Area.

04/18/17 09:38:58AM @guyingreenpa85:

Anyone receive a royalty check from this unit yet?




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