Has CNX sent out royalty checks?

Started March 17, 2017 at 01:54 pm by @Zack Jameson in Marcellus Shale

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Zack Jameson
03/17/17 01:54:27PM

I haven't received my royalty check yet from CNX. I usually get it right after the first week of each month. This would be royalties from December production. I also receive royalties from Noble and their check arrived right on time.

03/17/17 02:14:57PM @carlgroppe:

Have not recieved royality check this month No checks from Noble since 4/2016 Consol and Noble split 10/31 No response from Consol to E mail and unable to leave message as voice mail full Noble notified me in 11/16 of no longer involved in SH 8 wells If no production my lease expires Suspect changes to occur

Zack Jameson
03/17/17 02:25:40PM @zack-jameson:

That's interesting. I guess we'll have to play wait and see. Why are landowners always kept in the dark? 

Zack Jameson
03/21/17 08:52:07AM @zack-jameson:

Carl, I checked my latest royalty check / statement from Noble and it shows production from 12/2016. I received that check at the end of February. From what I've read online , it seems that when CNX and Noble "split", Noble got most of the WV acreage and CNX got the Pennsylvania acreage. My next royalty check will tell for sure if Noble has indeed retained the 8H wells. So far, it points in that direction. 

With that said, it's awful that the landowner is not informed of these changes and it seems next to impossible with trying to contact anyone at those companies. Like I said before, we are kept in the dark.

Zack Jameson
03/24/17 08:04:45AM @zack-jameson:

I received a letter yesterday from CNX informing (what I already found out on my own), that Noble now has 100 % working interest in the wells in my unit. The previous 50 / 50 split between CNX and Noble ended in an exchange agreement.




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