Fractivist Stoops to Illegal Methods to Advance the Anti-Fracking Cause

Started March 12, 2017 at 05:05 pm by @Barry D in Marcellus Shale

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Barry D
03/12/17 05:05:36PM

When you read the article check out the funding sources. Well known anti oil and gas organizations. Also, check out how much cash these folks had on hand.

Fractivists want  you to believe that they are just local folks working at the grass roots for the betterment of their community. WRONG! They are a part of a national anti oil and gas effort. Which is well funded and well organized.

Just more of their misinformation campaign.

03/12/17 05:24:27PM @ba:

Doesn't surprise me. Many of these progressives are just plain loathsome.

M. Sean Joyce
03/12/17 06:00:07PM @m-sean-joyce:

Soros money, OPEC money, Russian money.

Henry and Edsel Ford are rolling in their graves.

joseph spano
03/13/17 10:43:02AM @joseph-spano:

didnt george soros by failing coal stocks?.....(buy low/sell high!)....hypocrite!

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
03/13/17 10:52:19AM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

Yes, he did.  So did a lot of other savvy investors.

Barry D
03/12/17 09:51:24PM @barry-d:

As you read this many of you are asking yourselves why would someone stoop so low?

The answer is simple, Fractivism is a mental disorder.

Dorothy Adamik
03/13/17 01:00:39AM @dorothy-adamik:

They just keep us from supplying our own resources for this country. I can't figure out why. Is it foreign countries pumping this crap up. We have been fracking for years and there r no big problems. We need the oil and gas to start up again here in Guernsey County. The country needs it and so do the people. God will they beat what has stopped the progress.

Dottie A.

Tim Tarr
03/13/17 11:38:44AM @tim-tarr:
Voting fraud? But, but, but there isn't any voting fraud. That's just crazy talk.

Sure seems to me any organization receiving funding from same sources should be checked into. RICO comes to mind.

Barry D
03/17/17 07:49:20PM @barry-d:

Fractivist activity needs to be viewed on a scale from 1 -10.

This woman's activity might be a 9.

All fractivist activity can be placed on this scale, including the posts on this site (Childhood Leukemia caused by Oil and Gas development) these are probably a 4 or 5.

It's all dishonest and immoral.




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