Active leasing in the Carroll/Columbiana/Stark County area?

Started March 8, 2017 at 06:30 pm by @Borncountryboy in Marcellus Shale

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03/08/17 06:30:34PM

Anyone know about leasing in the Carroll/Columbiana/Stark County area?  I'm in Columbiana where it comes together with Carroll and Stark and was previously released with the SURE Landowners group.  Heard a while back that there was supposed to be a new group forming in Canton but haven't heard of any further details. - See more at:

James T Monyak
03/09/17 08:23:39AM @james-t-monyak:

Oil has crashed in the last couple of days.  Leasing will stop for a while.  Sorry, too much oil & gas for the current demand.




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