CUL across 3 sections??? Wow, has a Haynesville well been drilled this long before?

Started March 5, 2017 at 10:05 pm by @Bobi Carr ("parker") in Haynesville Shale

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03/05/17 10:39:00PM @dbob:

To my knowledge, no company has a achieved a lateral of that length in the Haynesville.  It would be interesting to know if there are physical obstructions (house, school, etc) that would prevent a more conventional CUL?  

How many frac stages would that get?

Bobi Carr ("parker")
03/05/17 10:51:32PM @bobi-carr-parker:

This sure could drive down costs for operators.

Brian Gabriel Comeaux
03/06/17 07:48:10AM @brian-gabriel-comeaux:

If memory serves me, the record is 13,000+' on a Utica well in SE Ohio.  This one looks to be right across three sections which would make it at least 15,500'.  Might be the new record.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
03/06/17 08:48:05AM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

There have been prior HC wells permitted to 10,000' but none have reached that length as far as I know.  Some have come very close in the 9600 to 9800' range.  Keep in mind that this is a "permitted" lateral length, theoretically 15,180'. Three governmental sections of 5280' would equal 15,840 less the set backs of 330' on the north and south ends of the lateral, so max length of 15180'.  It remains to be seen whether the "as drilled" survey confirms the permitted length.  Completed using current CHK frac designs a 15,000' lateral would have 150 to 180 stages.  That would be expensive even completed as a zipper frac.  This alternate well application (it's not a well permit) does bolster the trend of ever longer laterals.  

03/06/17 09:08:02AM @jay6:

Both ROTC wells (249593 & 249594) had over 10500' displacement with the HZ section being 10000'.   The HZ section of the HA is very easy drilling so adding another 5K is not a problem. The frac will be the deciding point on whether or not 3 section CUL's are worth it.  Ownership will also be an issue as operators like to drill their leasehold.  Time and results will tell.  





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