Shale gas driller fined $1.2M for contaminating drinking water in Westmoreland

Started March 3, 2017 at 10:36 am by @Paul Heckbert in Marcellus Shale

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Paul Heckbert
03/03/17 10:36:39AM

Recent news:

"More than four years after a WPX Energy Appalachia wastewater impoundment leaked and contaminated the drinking water of five Westmoreland County families, the shale gas company has agreed to pay the state a $1.2 million penalty.

But the families still don’t have sufficient, permanent water supplies, said Melissa Marshall, community advocate for the Mountain Watershed Association, an environmental organization."


03/03/17 11:09:15AM @pete:

the only people who ever get anything is the government, in the end they get it all

Rodney T Hytonen
03/03/17 01:29:00PM @rodney-t-hytonen:

That's not the least bit true. Even tax money is "spent" by The Government on goods and services - so, BUSINESS actually EVENTUALLY gets every penny of money ever created!

03/03/17 01:26:53PM @craigs:

On the positive side the drillers don't use wastewater impoundment ponds anymore and have never used them in our county.

James T Monyak
03/03/17 01:59:59PM @james-t-monyak:

However, on the negative side the drillers have drained the fracking water directly in the creeks in our county.

03/03/17 07:11:48PM @craigs:

I'm sure the water removal was permitted out the wazoo by the State. If you  are not happy and have a valid concern then voice your concerns to the proper authorities.

Barry D
03/03/17 08:40:28PM @barry-d:


Good point.

Paul always posts issues after the fact.

all a part of his misinformation, fear mongering campaign.

Barry D
03/03/17 08:47:14PM @barry-d:

Once again, Paul's source is bird cage lining (a newspaper)

Other than the sensational title, nowhere in the article is it stated that the water for the homeowners was actually contaminated by the incident. Nor is a reliable source cited.

The remedial measures were "just in case" measures.

Barry D
03/03/17 08:49:11PM @barry-d:

Just as an aside, the fine was not for contamination of drinking water.




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