BCLG regroup?

Started March 1, 2017 at 12:42 am by @wasnieskijj in Butler County, PA

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03/01/17 12:42:34AM
JMS I was also a BCLG member. Yes, our leases are going to expire in April. Rex would be more than happy to resign us to the same contract for a TOTAL of $10 according to what I've read on this site, but how would that benefit us? The shape is boom isn't over, it's about to take off thanks to the Trump victory. All the BCLG members whose lease is going to expire need to regroup and relate to renegotiate. If we sign for a ridiculously low signing bonus, there wont be any motivation for them to drill. If they threaten to leave us out (which they will) those of us who hold out will reap the benefits. We need to start preparing to regroup and renegotiate. We hold the cards if we are patient.
03/11/17 12:06:06AM @wasnieskijj:

It is time for the former BCLG members to reunite.  If your lease is going to expire and you want to team up to renegotiate, send me a private message.


04/17/17 12:00:25AM @jon7:

For anyone whose property isn't HBP, don't forget starting this week you can call or email Rex to have your lease released.

04/17/17 10:50:29AM @kazzb:

What is HBP

04/17/17 12:37:15PM @jon7:

Held by Production. It means that you have a well on your property.

04/17/17 03:14:12PM @kazzb:

Thanks. I wish. Do you know is there any interest in these leases from BCLG or are they dropping them.

04/17/17 11:23:24PM @jon7:

As far as I know any property that isn't in a unit will probably be dropped.

04/17/17 04:18:15PM @bill15:

Or you are in a unit with a well.

04/17/17 04:50:41PM @kazzb:

How would I know that. All I ever got was paid 5 yrs ago for a 5yr + 5yr extension which runs out tomorrow. I have never received any other info from Shell or Rex from that point on. So I guess I am not in a unit with a well. 

04/17/17 05:13:09PM @bill15:

You would have received something from Rex if you were In a unit by mail, most long a registered letter.

04/17/17 05:13:35PM @bill15:

Most likely I meant.

04/17/17 06:19:36PM @kazzb:

Did many people that signed with BCLG get put into a unit with a well or are most people in the groups leases expiring this month. I live outside the area and it is hard to keep up with what is going on in Butler area.

04/17/17 07:56:58PM @gasrock:

Some BCLG members in the Morraine East Area are included in Units.   Where is your property located?    It seems that is the area that Rex will be focusing on in the coming two years.  You can check out their website for operational updates which will provide you with a lot of useful info.

04/17/17 08:20:28PM @kazzb:

Butler County Venango Twp near Boyers Pa. We border on State Game Lands

04/20/17 06:40:10AM @kazzb:

Contacted Rex yesterday about filing a release at the Butler Courthouse. The response below is from them. So if you haven't received a payment by now it is time to move on. They are going bankrupt anyway.

Good afternoon 


Upon review of your lease information, it appears that your lease expired yesterday (4/18/2017). At this time, there are no plans to renew, extend or tender a new lease.


We will be filing a surrender of lease on your behalf to clear your title of the gas lease.


Should you need anything else, please let us know.


Best Regards,

Timothy Murcko

Land Analyst | Rex Energy Corp

600 Cranberry Woods Drive | Suite 250

Cranberry Township, PA 16066

DD: 724-302-5106

04/20/17 10:45:22AM @gasrock:

I'm surprised they are not in negotiations to sell themselves.   I hope they survive for everyone in Butler County's sake.

04/20/17 11:40:00AM @kazzb:
Don't know that for sure but there's a lot of information about Rex and none of it's very positive
04/20/17 04:05:31PM @jon7:

Beats me. Maybe after the DUC (unconnected well) count goes down, them or someone else will start talking.

04/20/17 06:00:54PM @kazzb:

I am happy that they dropped mine. If they are just going to sit on it for another 5yrs. Who knows what will happen I have been involved in leasing since 1973 it is either feast or famine. At least I can look around, without feeling trapped for another 5yrs.

04/20/17 07:59:06PM @jon7:

Hey, you could of been one of the people that signed for signed for nothing.

04/21/17 05:37:57AM @kazzb:
Or signed at all. I'm happy the way it all played out.
04/24/17 11:50:45AM @gasrock:

If anyone is interested, some good news from Rexx


Moraine East Area

In the Moraine East Area, the company recently finished drilling the four-well Mackrell pad with an average lateral length of approximately 7,600 feet. The four wells are expected to be placed into sales in the second half of 2017. In addition, the company will begin completing the six-well Shields pad in late-April 2017 and expects to place the six wells into sales in the third quarter of 2017. In conjunction with the commencement of the Shields pad completions, construction has begun on the pipeline connecting the Renick compressor station to the Shields pad. The company also now expects to the four-well Baird pad to be placed into sales in the second quarter of 2017.

“With the four-well Wilson pad, four-well Mackrell pad and six-well Shields pad all currently on schedule to be placed into the sales in the second half of this year, we expect to see substantial production growth in back half of 2017,” commented Tom Stabley. “In particular, we are excited about the Mackrell and Shields pads, as they will be the first wells on the eastern portion of our Moraine East Area and will further our goal of having the large majority of the Moraine East Area held by production while also continuing to delineate the field.”

06/02/17 12:30:24AM @jon7:

Has anyone got their lease released by Rex yet?

06/02/17 07:50:43AM @kazzb:

I haven't. I wonder how many people were re-leased. You don't hear much. Of course I know from other leases I have signed some companies ask that you don't comment on these forums about leases and their terms. Some even try to get you to sign a document I always refuse. 

It is kind of strange that you don't hear anything from other members of BCLG.

06/02/17 02:05:39PM @jon7:
I've come to find with forums that there are a ton of people that read, but never talk.

It could be. I've heard of that for ROWs. Who knows.




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