Super Laterals 13,000 Ft

Started February 10, 2017 at 03:19 pm by in Marcellus Shale

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02/10/17 03:19:16PM

Pennsylvania-based Eclipse Resources plans to drill 11 what it calls super-lateral wells with horizontal laterals all exceeding 15,000 feet in the Utica Shale.

Three of those wells will be in the Utica dry gas area in eastern Ohio and eight will be in the Utica condensate area.

Eclipse Resources said it intends to spend $300 million on its 2017 capital budget.

That calls for drilling 19 net (22 gross) horizontal Utica wells and drilling and completion of 1.9 net (2.0 gross) Marcellus wells.

The wells drilled in 2017 will have an average lateral of 13,300 feet.

The company also said it has updated its Utica condensate and Utica rich gas type curves. That has increased EURs by 16% and 22%, respectively, the company said.

02/10/17 04:14:36PM @gotgas:

Wow! 2.51 miles. Thanks for sharing this one.

Bobbie Farmer
02/10/17 04:32:54PM @bobbie-farmer:

Doing water testing in millwood twp.

02/10/17 04:46:32PM @laura10:

And Oxford twp.

02/10/17 09:03:27PM @sherry2:

Did they stop at your house Bobbie? We haven't seen them yet.

Bobbie Farmer
02/11/17 07:33:54AM @bobbie-farmer:

Yes right address wrong road...

bo  boboski
02/10/17 06:01:14PM @bo-boboski:

has anyone noticed any permits pulled for laterals that long.? I heard they were drilling 1st at the Scott,.or Yost. They did pull 4 permits for the Law recently. None of them 13000 ft. You'd think they would have to tell somebody before they drill those. County engineer? landowners?

Barry D
02/10/17 07:52:22PM @barry-d:

This shows the infancy of shale development . Companies are still researching what works best.

That's a good thing. Watch out once these companies figure this out.

The furture's so bright we'll all need to wear shades!

john goodday
02/10/17 09:26:26PM @john-goodday:

I think they figured it out - they just need gas prices to go from $2 to $5 - Technology is there - LNG is the real answer for displacing 10 - 20 BCF per day from various ports on a daily basis so that India, China, etc don't have to continue to burn coal.  Trump will help this to happen and true competition will take over.  Cheniere is the only facility down in Cameron Parish, La that's allowed to ship the gas - we need another 10-15 ports around the country to displace the abundant supply of Nat Gas that America has.

Keith Mauck
02/14/17 11:07:42AM @keith-mauck:
Test post from mobile
bo  boboski
02/14/17 04:31:14PM @bo-boboski:

I think I heard one time that one of those long laterals will on the law wellpad.

02/23/17 10:30:22AM @ken5:

They are to drill north on the Law well pad in April.

02/23/17 05:28:39PM @laura10:

I saw a rig up on the Frank Miller pad last night

02/28/17 09:04:19AM @fast:


do you know why the rig was up on frank Miller?

03/01/17 07:51:39AM @laura10:

Must been small rig. Gone now   I'm hearing getting ready for the big rig

02/15/17 02:07:52PM @boop:
What part of Millwood Twp is the water testing going on ?
Bobbie Farmer
02/23/17 12:06:55PM @bobbie-farmer:

West side of millwood twp

02/15/17 04:44:36PM @raymond-bauman:

WE will need not just ports but processing plants to clean up the wet gas and yes pipelines to move the gas.  The environmental extremists have moved on from fighting permits and drilling to fighting gas and oil pipelines  as they know that the economic fight to keep pipelines from moving gas and depress the price of gas will allow the extremists the ability to have a national fight to keep it in the ground. They seem to be losing on the local level in fighting development. So if you have leases or wells  support pipelines or they will keep it in the ground and nobody makes money from gas or oil

02/24/17 01:17:01PM @upperdevonian:

The "super lateral" trend has also hit Pennsylvania, specifically Tioga County.  The small operator Travis Peak Resources just applied for a 14,000'+ lateral in the utica (over 11,000' below ground).




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