Anyone have any info on Saint Mary Marco unit

Started February 5, 2017 at 07:39 pm by @doug.fitzgerald in San Augustine, TX

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02/05/17 07:39:16PM

My wife and her brothers land (but not all my wifes) was Included in the marco well unit,also her aunt and a cousins land. They all have only a 25% mineral right. this well has been in production for several years. and they have never got a penney. Her aund called saint mary and they sent a letter saying that their 25% went to drill the well and that they would receive nothing. I know this is NOT RIGHT they should get their 25 % also wend they leased the landman told them that the person holding the other 75% had already leased and that they would HAVE to LEASE their 25% which did not sound right also.

Would like to hear what you all think. We have NO MONEY to hire an attorney

02/05/17 11:31:49PM @dbob:

rrc files indicate the well has made 2.1 BCF of gas, and its making about 10,000 Mcf per month right now.  The well has probably not recovered enough money to "pay out" if that is meaningful to your situation.  

Your rights will depend on if your minerals are in the drill site tract.  need more info to understand what your rights are

02/06/17 07:57:25AM @dougfitzgerald:

I understand the well has to päy out ONLY if you are in a unit but DID NOT lease. They leased and got paid for lease but get nothing from the well.

They should be drawing on their 25% mineral intrest

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
02/06/17 09:20:35AM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

There is little chance that anyone on this website can answer your question.   The answer will have to come from the operator of the well.  Mineral title in East Texas is often difficult to determine owing to perpetual mineral reservations.  The level of due diligence involved in offering a lease is far short of that involved with placing lessors in pay when a well turns out to be productive.  It sounds like there may be a problem with your title which is not an uncommon situation.  It is possible that a stringent title review revealed that you don't own the minerals in question.  Executing a lease and receiving  a bonus payment does not obligate an operator to pay you royalty if later research reveals a clouded title or a lack of ownership.  Follow up with the operator and ask for an explanation.

02/06/17 07:27:15PM @dbob:

Doug - generally suggest you look here:

and use the search for San Augustine County, and lease name Marco.  That should give you the online well permit.  In that permit, you'll find a "P-12"  If your wife's name or other family name is on the P-12 and there is a lease, you'll probably want to spend more time contacting owner relations for SM Energy.  Beyond that, if the names of the individuals you are concerned about are not on the P-12, you'll need more help than can be offered here.  

02/15/17 01:35:10PM @jffree1:

There is an SWR 37 on this well due to unleased interests in three 1.0 acre tracts in the unit. Scroll to the bottom of the W-1 page and see page two of the P-12. Notice was served of the application for SWR 37 and a returned (undelivered) envelope is attached. You can look at the service list to see if your kin are listed.

05/02/17 07:37:22PM @jffree1:

St. Mary (SM Energy) sold those wells last year. The new operator is Aethon Energy

Operator No. Operator Name Mailing Address Mailing City Mailing State Mailing Zip Organization Status Organization Type *TNR 91.114 Mail Hold Phone No.

05/02/17 07:38:26PM @jffree1:

Phone # (214) 750-3820

01/18/18 05:26:47PM @dougfitzgerald:

We finally found out why my wife and her brother was not getting paid on the marco well. Even though they have 25% mineral rights they still will receive nothing. The man that sold land to my father-in-law reserved 75% mineral rights and gave my father-in-law 25% BUT the lady that had sold the land to him RESERVED 1/16 ROYALTY not mineral rights. The man that sold to my father-in-law burdened the 1/16 royalty to come out of the 25% and nothing out of his 75% so there is nothing left. EVEN though they have 25% mineral rights. and it is leaving a negative balance not even paying all the 1/16 percent.




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