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Started January 21, 2017 at 03:21 pm by @Joseph-Ohio in Ashtabula County, OH

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01/21/17 03:21:00PM

Link above takes you to a Trumbull County post which also references a new double lateral long bore horizontal Clinton well to be developed in the Cherry Valley Quadrangle / in Colebrook Township in Southeast Ashtabula County.

A pretty interesting read.

The link directly above should display the new well's available ODNR data.
10/11/17 10:09:19AM @joseph-ohio:
Drove past the Dumitras Well on Troutman Road earlier this afternoon and saw three (3) large tanks and three Pumpjacks / 'Nodding Donkeys' two (2) of which were working. Also a few pickup trucks. Wanted to approach the site but they had two (2) 'Keep Out' signs posted - so did not. Still wondering what production is being experienced. Maybe still too early and prior to ODNR reports. That's all I got. Anyone have more info. ? ?

04/02/18 09:55:39PM @joseph-ohio:
Found ODNR 2017 production data on the Dumitras 2H well : 74 days production , 920 Oil Barrels, 2715 MCF Natural Gas, 2433 Brine Barrels.




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