New Horizontal well for Trumbull Co. Ohio

Started December 29, 2016 at 08:53 pm by @Robert Bond in Marcellus Shale

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Robert Bond
12/29/16 08:53:06PM

Today it came up on the ODNR site under County Engineer's part.  PAC Drilling is now on the list for a horizontal Clinton well to be drilled in Liberty Twp.  Unit size 170 acres.  What is your take on this?  PAC Drilling is from Bolivar, Ohio.

Ron Eiselstein
12/29/16 09:40:44PM @ron-eiselstein:
James Vanderink
12/30/16 08:17:21AM @james-vanderink:
This could be the norm for Clinton drilling.

"David Hill, the president of the OOGA, hailed Lytel and the two other panelists, Greg Mason of the Newark-based Energy Cooperative, and Bob Trevail of Pennsylvania-based Dallas Energy LLC, for being pioneers in drilling the Clinton and other shallow sandstones.

Such horizontal wells may well be the future of Ohio drilling, Hill said.

He said it is very encouraging that the new wells are reaching leftover natural gas and oil.

Lytle’s company drilled its first Clinton sandstone well in Holmes County in 2011. The company has added the two West Virginia wells — one is in production and the second should be producing in the near future, he said.

Mason’s company has drilled one shallow horizontal well in Coshocton County. That well has produced more natural gas than expected, he said. He said he hopes to drill three new wells this year, if the commodity prices rise. Trevail’s company has drilled successfully near Bradford, Pa.

Mason said the new drilling was 10 times more expensive than vertical wells, but the production results were 20 times greater than a vertical well."

Barry D
12/30/16 08:42:33AM @barry-d:

Drilling in densely populated areas presents a variety of difficulties. Perhaps, if successful, this venture will bring a new round of oil and gas development to urban areas in Trumbull and other counties.

PAC has been drilling in that area for several years, te company must like the production. Maybe this will increase development there.

12/30/16 02:34:10PM @joseph-ohio:
I take it as good news for horizontal development in the northern tier (even considering it's the Clinton and not the Marcellus / Utica).
Ron Eiselstein
12/31/16 08:20:22AM @ron-eiselstein:
Bond, followed your thread here, called an old time local landman from Trumbull. He'said an expert at urban, suburban units and Clinton wells. He rode out the market collapse and stayed in the industry. He is now with Dominion and a gas transmission Co. That buys a significant amount of the Clinton well gas. He says a lot of the conventional companies left, are gearing up, just a little more price hike will do it.
James Vanderink
12/31/16 09:28:37AM @james-vanderink:
A lot of smaller companies sold their shale assets 5 years ago and made big money. They all should be well funded if they want to drill.

Knox Energy-Devon
Artex- Anadarko
NGO- Anadarko
Bakerwell- Endeavor
Buckeye Oil Producing-

NGO had a permit(2007) to drill a horizontal Clinton back before the boom in Licking County.

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Robert Bond
12/31/16 01:44:53PM @robert-bond:

I thank all of you for your comments.  It would be nice to see an uptick in G&O activity outside Munroe and Belmont counties here in Ohio.  Let's keep each other informed of what is going on. 

01/02/17 07:32:12AM @joseph-ohio:
Good news to see them working on cleaning up Clinton leftovers in my opinion also.

Also IMHO it would be better news to see them working on the source rock (Utica P. P).

Giddyup JIP !

Giddyup Waterless Fracturing techniques !

01/04/17 06:02:37PM @gh:

Very cool, will stay tuned to see how this goes.  Any new development is good IMO no matter the location.

01/05/17 06:07:41PM @joseph-ohio:
For what it may mean to all of us in the Clinton geography I understand that the oil contained in the Clinton zone is of the so-called 'Black Oil' variety which is as I further understand is the type that our existing refineries are set up to process. As I further understand the oils found / contained in the Utica Point Pleasant zone are of the 'Light Oil' type which our existing refineries are not set up to process.

Kindly correct me if I'm incorrect.

Barry D
01/07/17 07:33:07PM @barry-d:


With all due respect, you stand corrected.

The oil from the Clinton is "light" crude.

01/06/17 05:03:14PM @joseph-ohio:

We've read on here that our domestic refineries in the southern U.S. use heavier oils that have been purchased from South American sources and Mexico. So it appears now we have any kind of domestic oil that we need.

01/06/17 05:19:23PM @joseph-ohio:

All that needs done is to develop it !

01/07/17 02:08:29PM @joseph-ohio:
Giddyup !
Ron Eiselstein
01/07/17 03:07:06PM @ron-eiselstein:
Our company has interest in Trumbull, looking at more acreage up in Trumbull, advantage in the last few years, many listen to the negative barfing that BP, left while smart savvy investors are buying minerals cheap. Wonder if we need to start paying the Big naysayer here for his or her whining, or maybe payments have been forthcoming all along.
01/08/17 08:21:41AM @joseph-ohio:

@barry-d, Have read elsewhere on here that the oil in my geography is supposed to be of the 'black oil' characterization. Local drillers have also characterized it's (the Clinton's production) color as black. The Utica's oil product has been characterized as almost clear on here. Perhaps it's all 'Jargonic' and the 'Light Crude' in the Clinton is black in color but still most correctly termed as 'Light Crude' ? Chalking it all up to oil patch jargon myself. Thanks barry-d.

01/08/17 02:36:36PM @joseph-ohio:


Wondering if they were totally revamped ? Wondering if they can process both heavy and light (condensate as you've termed it) ?

Robert Bond
01/10/17 05:31:52PM @robert-bond:

Does anyone know much about this PAC drilling Co.?  What other companies have done or expressed interests in horizontal wells in the Utica in NE Ohio or other areas?  Thanks for any information you  can provide.

01/11/17 02:17:39PM @joseph-ohio:
FWIW to readers and posters contributing here :

I've read earlier on here that it's been estimated that only about 15% of the Clinton's resources have thus far been harvested by the existing traditional type of vertical wells and the new long bore horizontal type wells are / would / will be about recovering the remaining 85% (in situ as others have written).

I'm goin' with that right now myself.

Would like to know more about PAC Drilling myself.

If you find anything out post us.

Maybe we in the north will hear from them sometime in the future ?

That would be OK with us.

They or Hilcorp.

Standing by.

01/11/17 03:29:15PM @gary-castellini:
There a Clinton south of me they drilled a vertical a couple years ago that making 24bbls a day for the past 1.5 years. The Clinton there is under 3000'. Hopefully the shallow Clinton areas see some development too.
James Vanderink
01/12/17 08:46:29AM @james-vanderink:
Very nice well Gary. I assume Knox county???

I heard from some in the patch(please don't shoot me if my numbers aren't correct) that a company has done some modeling of a shallow Clinton horizontal well in Fairfield or Hocking county. The Clinton is <2500' there.
Cost to drill was like 1.1m
and ROI was like just over 2years. This was in a Clinton Gas field so not much oil.
I know.... just what we need More Gas lol

James Vanderink
04/27/17 10:59:40AM @james-vanderink:
IMG_7100.PNG.png  •  56KB

Robert Bond
01/12/17 08:56:36PM @robert-bond:

Thank all of you for the information, it looks like there may be a future for some horizontal wells in the Clinton sandstone.

01/14/17 08:39:02PM @gary-castellini:
Northern Licking county James.
01/19/17 12:16:19PM @gary-castellini:
For you Joseph Ohio
IMG_6786.PNG.png  •  56KB

Robert Bond
01/19/17 01:40:09PM @robert-bond:

Now that is interesting.  What is the White Clinton is it a subformation of the Clinton and do you know the difference between the two?  Thanks!

Barry D
01/19/17 03:12:16PM @barry-d:

Stray Clinton Red Clinton, White Clinton.

Most gas/oil is produced from "Clinton" wells is from the "White"Clinton

01/19/17 03:26:51PM @joseph-ohio:

Thank you barry-d.

Apparently a specific type of 'Clinton' but prolific producer.

04/03/18 07:35:59AM @joseph-ohio:
Found ODNR 2017 production data on the Dumitras 2H well : 74 days production , 920 Oil Barrels, 2715 MCF Natural Gas, 2433 Brine Barrels.
01/19/17 01:39:34PM @joseph-ohio:

Thank you Mr. Gary.

Your Friend On GMS,

01/19/17 01:51:45PM @joseph-ohio:

Most interesting.

White Clinton is a new descriptor for us as well.

Would like to know more about it too.

Barry D
01/19/17 06:58:32PM @barry-d:


I wouldn't put to much thought into it.

It's the "Clinton". Nothing new.

01/19/17 08:12:00PM @joseph-ohio:

Hard not to think about new long bore horizontal wells in northeast Ohio (any horizon - Rose Run, Clinton, Utica, Marcellus, or any other) from my perspective !

Your Friend On GMS,


James Vanderink
01/19/17 04:51:23PM @james-vanderink:
Read on the Clinton up that way

01/19/17 08:14:13PM @joseph-ohio:

Thank you Mr. James.

Your Friend On GMS,


10/08/17 08:11:29AM @joseph-ohio:
Any more / current news on the Dumitras Wells in Colebrook Township, Ashtabula County ?
10/10/17 06:14:19AM @joseph-ohio:
Looked it up on ODNR and all I can figure is that the wells are 'Permitted' but not 'Completed' (in ODNR parlance). Anybody have better info. ?
10/10/17 06:01:08PM @joseph-ohio:
Drove past the Dumitras Well on Troutman Road earlier this afternoon and saw three (3) large tanks and three Pumpjacks / 'Nodding Donkeys' two (2) of which were working. Also a few pickup trucks. Wanted to approach the site but they had two (2) 'Keep Out' signs posted - so did not. Still wondering what production is being experienced. Maybe still too early and prior to ODNR reports. That's all I got. Anyone have more info. ? ?
10/22/17 10:15:42AM @joseph-ohio:
Guessing not.
04/05/18 08:01:40AM @joseph-ohio:
Found ODNR 2017 production data on the Dumitras 2H well : 74 days production , 920 Oil Barrels, 2715 MCF Natural Gas, 2433 Brine Barrels.




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