Where are Drilling Rigs Operating in Western & Central PA?

Started December 19, 2016 at 04:30 pm by @farmgas in Marcellus Shale

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12/19/16 04:30:37PM

Let`s keep everyone informed of new rigs being observed in Western & Central PA.

Today I saw a top hole rig on a EQT well pad off Rte. 88 below Carmichaels in SW PA, and a larger rig on a well pad near Delmont (Westmoreland County)on a Apex Energy well pad.   Positive news leading into 2017!  Any other rigs operating in Western PA?

12/20/16 08:13:34AM @farmgas:

Thanks Mike...a very helpful tool!   Will need to use additional resources to identify well name and gas company.  Maybe marcellusgas.org for this information...

12/28/16 09:35:37AM @farmgas:

As I follow along with postings on GMS, it seems to me that most posts relate to activity in Ohio.  What about western & central PA?   What are the conditions that support or not support future development in those regions?  Where will CNX Gas, Rice, Range or EQT drill next?  Are new pipelines planned for this area or are they waiting for the completion of under construction pipelines to be completed?  Is it all about Utica gas development now?

Lynn mudder
12/28/16 10:46:58AM @lynn-mudder:

We have property in Greene , Aleppo township. Pa. Rice is talking about drilling on several different properties in 2017, time will tell. If you follow, or sign up, to receive e-notice reports, it almost daily has updates for projects in Aleppo. Springhill, and Richhill townships   We will see if it happens. Everything from well permits to water lines, to gas pipelines.  Could be a busy spring. 

12/28/16 11:16:16AM @farmgas:

The DEP E-facts site is great source for information, but nothing is better then what we hear from neighbors, friends, industry contacts or just observations.   How about Westmoreland, Armstrong, Butler, Indiana, Allegheny, Clarion and Jefferson counties?   EQT seems to be the winner of greatest quantity of new permits reported by E-facts. 

Jeff Kerr
12/28/16 09:38:52PM @jeff-kerr:

how do you sign up for the E-FACT OR E-NOTICE REPORTS old school here not very savy on the pc. 

12/28/16 09:53:53PM @farmgas:

Go to PA DEP E-facts on google and follow instructions to sign-up.   Choose those counties you want to receive daily notice of permits. 

Jeff Kerr
12/29/16 03:13:06PM @jeff-kerr:

Thank you @ farmgas 

Jeff Kerr
01/03/17 09:14:33PM @jeff-kerr:

Could you please give me the exact website. I'm having trouble locating what I'm looking for. Looking for the DEP E-facts site.

Lynn mudder
01/03/17 09:28:30PM @lynn-mudder:

Try ra-epenotice@pa.gov.  That is what is says on each daily notice. Hope it works for you. 

Jeff Kerr
01/04/17 04:18:16PM @jeff-kerr:

Thank you Lynn Mudder 

02/12/17 11:52:58AM @farmgas:

I understand a large rig is operating off Rte. 80 near Clarion.  Anyone know who`s pad it`s operating on?   EQT or Seneca maybe...

02/13/17 11:02:08PM @mab:

Do you mean interstate 80?

02/17/17 03:15:15PM @farmgas:


02/22/17 04:41:45PM @farmgas:

This rig isn`t shown in the Baker Hughes site.  Anyone know who reports drilling rigs to Baker Hughes?   Is it the gas company or drilling company?




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