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Started October 10, 2016 at 05:52 pm by @Keith Mauck in General Shale

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Keith Mauck
10/10/16 05:52:00PM

It'd be great to get an idea for how migration went for you...

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Roger Neal
10/10/16 09:39:16PM @roger-neal:

no problems so far!

Texas Tea
10/12/16 06:41:50PM @texas-tea:

Hey Keith,

Everything looks great.  One concern I had (and maybe this isn't the place to put this) is I did a google search earlier for something (at this point I don't even remember what) and an old Eagle Ford Forum post came up as a result.  I clicked on the post and it couldn't be found.  I expect this is a product of the switch-over, but my question is, will all of the old discussions be transferred to the new site, or is all of that information lost?


10/12/16 07:07:19PM @lerret:

Seems to let me in but there is no * symbol for my profile anywhere I can see...???? Can't change my password

I see the symbol now but no where to get at my profile and password ???


Tioga G
10/13/16 10:43:23AM @tioga-g:

Back on! Nice job!

Texas Tea
10/13/16 12:10:56PM @texas-tea:

Thanks Keith, I think the issue might be with the search engines (like google) and the delay it might have in indexing the new site and directing searchers to the new site vs. the old one.  Thanks for responding!

10/17/16 09:12:52AM @bpm:

Worked well.

Butch Kemper
11/05/16 10:06:57PM @butch-kemper:

Here I am.  Ready to see what good information that will come my way.  Thanks for running the forums.


Carl Covington
11/08/16 05:28:14PM @carl-covington:

HELLO. My migration went smooth. Thanks, Carl Covington

12/12/16 04:12:23PM @butasha:

I appear to be a little late to the party but better late than never. Here and lurking as I have in the past ;)

Keith Mauck
12/12/16 04:26:38PM @keith-mauck:

Hi there, thanks for checking in..

Jess Willingham
01/01/17 09:02:54PM @jess-willingham:

Happy new year Keith! Thanks for all the work that you do.

Gary R.
01/18/17 10:50:01AM @gary-r:

Made the migration (late!).

Hey - where is the PERMIAN shale section?Looks to be a MAJOR deal here in Texas ($6billion Bass Family sale to Mobil!) . . . and BILLIONS of barrels in the play ...!
01/18/17 03:08:22PM @shaleforum:

Gary, good question! Will you be the first member if we start it?

Allen Brown
01/27/17 12:35:27AM @allen-brown:

Painless, thanks Keith. Any chance of getting an NGL price in the header along with the NG and WTI

03/01/17 08:55:20PM @melody-rutkowski2:

Made it. Thank you. But couldn't figure out where the quote this button was. 

Keith Mauck
03/02/17 07:53:58AM @keith-mauck:

Hi there, we did away with the "Quote" button and only use the "Reply" button...thanks for the note.

Maureen Bucek
03/06/17 05:28:25PM @maureen-bucek:

I guess I made it through the Portkey.
03/15/17 10:29:07PM @shaleforum:

Hi Maureen, thx for posting

Jess Willingham
06/10/18 12:47:57PM @jess-willingham:

Does anyone know who is drilling near Deweese?




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