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Started June 20, 2014 at 05:47 pm by @ in Greene County, PA

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06/20/14 05:47:32PM

I have two offers for mineral rights in Greene County, one to sell and one to lease. After lots of reading, I'm leaning towards the lease, but the contract is so jargon-filled that I can't match the terms I was verbally told with the terms I see in the lease.In other words, I need a good attorney, preferably one who is paid hourly and is familiar with the sales/leasing of mineral rights in Greene County.Any recommendations?

Curtis  Huffman
07/15/14 01:39:43PM @curtis-huffman:

lots of luck with that one....difficult to even get some of them to return your calls....i wont even go into the names as i am sure many of the lawyers are busy.....their customer service just sucks....obviously, the hour rate or the % of your lease/royalties they charge make up for the volume of customers that become quickly disenfranchised and research the jargon themselves.

Curtis  Huffman
07/15/14 01:44:58PM @curtis-huffman:

oh by the way; SELL if you want quick money right now and dont care about all the mailbox checks you could get in the future....or LEASE, if you want $5000 an acre for a five year lease...and if they dont drill or trick you and tie up your lease, you can do another lease in 5 matter where you are in greene county, someone of the gas companies is going to take your gas at some point....bottom line is can you afford to wait, or do you want the money now. Selling an acre of mineral rights, I would ask $20,000.00 ; lease an acre for 5 years, I would ask at a minimum $5250.00.....the real money is in the royalties down the road.

Donald Porter
06/17/17 12:44:39AM @donald-porter:

Hello Curtis, I read your comments and even with my lack of experience in this field it sounds like very good advise (to wait). Often salesman will pressure a person to make the deal quickly and it seems its always to their advantage. Do you know what some of the rates are going now? We seem to be getting a lot of offers from one company in particular to lease our rights. Going to sit back and just wait and gather more information even though some of it is hard to understand.

Martha Ann Murray
06/18/17 12:48:25AM @martha-ann-murray:

Hi...this is Martha in Oklahoma.  Have mineral rights in Springhill Township.  Just wondering what is going on up there.

Martha Ann Murray
06/18/17 12:49:40AM @martha-ann-murray:

I'm not sure about anything at this point.

09/17/17 09:37:06AM @vcollier:
".and if they dont drill or trick you and tie up your lease, you can do another lease in 5 matter where you are in greene county,"
Do you know people who this has happened to and any recourse that can be taken? Do you know where leases are registered/stored? Do you know how you can find out who would be in your 'block'?
Thank you,

01/08/18 05:56:53PM @jmlynch:
The Sandrock wells (12 current, 6 to be drilled) in Greene County Gilmore Twp is anyone familiar with them ? Are all the wells in 1 unit or pool. I see the production per well is about 5281 mcf per well, are the royalties getting paid monthly ? Any information on Sandrock would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !!
06/05/18 05:53:33PM @joe:
Sorry to jump in with a long question. 

A few months ago my aunt, sister, and I each received letters from a company offering to buy what they are calling a combination of “oil and gas rights and non-participating royalty rights” for property in Greene County, PA.  It is a total of 44 acres among the three of us.
The letter contained portions of a chain of title (field notes from the company’s title agent) showing that in the 1970s a friend of the family left the rights to my grandparents (who died in the 1980s), and that subsequently the rights now rest with my aunt, sister, and me.  (The field notes do not contain any actual language from the wills to show the language used in granting the rights.)
The letter said that if we would like to sell the interest, the company will run a full mineral title of the property to confirm the ownership, and that the offer could increase or decrease, depending on what they find.  Further, it says that we would not be under an obligation to sell until we agree on a purchase price. 
We were unaware that we owned any rights prior to receiving the letters.
The first letter offered $2,000 an acre.  My aunt called the company, said that the offer was not enough, and asked them to send a second offer.
The second offer was for $2,500 per acre.  The second letter stated that “The big issue that is preventing us from paying more money is that about 95% of this interest is a non-participating royalty interest. …  If you owned more of the executive rights, we could offer you more money.”  This second offer was limited to 30 days.
From what I understand, a non-participating royalty interest means that we are not able to force the lease of the oil and gas, and are not entitled to a lease signing bonus.  But, if the “executive” holder of the mineral rights ever decides to enter into a lease, and the land is drilled, we will be entitled to a portion of the royalties. 
I informally talked to an attorney who said his firm would charge around $10,000 for the title search.  
My guess is that the 30 day limit on the offer is a pressure tactic, to force us to move quickly, without exploring other options.
We are wondering if $2,500 is a reasonable price and if not, who could we talk to about getting a better price?  (I’m guessing that without knowing the percentage of the royalty rights, an accurate price is hard to judge.)
I have done some research, but all of the web pages I find are talking about holders of full mineral rights.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.




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