Londonderry Twp. what is happening?

Started July 15, 2016 at 08:44 am by @Robert Bond in Guernsey County, OH

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Robert Bond
07/15/16 08:44:36AM

Is anything going on in Londonderry? Haven't heard any updates recently. With the increase of oil and gas prices I thought maybe there was some increase in activity or rumors of it. Did the Donna well get fracked? Has there been any pipeline activity? Thanks!!!

Norman P. Winn, Sr.
07/15/16 10:54:10AM @nc-man:

The man from Purple Land management keeps calling, since Feburary, and presenting the same low ball offer for Ascent ($500.00 an acre).

My brother responds with the same answer--- no thank you.

He calls several times a month so Ascent must still be interested in our minerals.

Our lease is up in 3 months, so, either Ascent will cave in and renew our original lease or we will be released from them.

Time will tell.

Hopefully another o/g company will pick us up, with a decent offer, if Ascent doesn't cooperate.

Anyone else with Ascent heard anything?

Well, that's all I have to share.

nc man

cecily cox
07/16/16 06:18:46PM @cecily-cox:

Nothing is happening, end of story.......... Oil will have to go up to at least S60.00, and stay there, for drilling to be profitable. I heard a rumor that the Saudi's are going to turn down the spout, but who can trust their word? Don't sell your minerals, hold them like a saving account. They aren't worth anything now anyway. This bust hit everyone unawares, including the oil companies. Figure the boom will come again, in 5 years or so. So just tuck those minerals rights away, and don't spend money you don't have. I've spoken to several people who are getting royalties, and they all say they are getting about a fifth of their original checks.Nothing we can do, except live our lives like we use to. Actually, it's kind of nice not having all the truck traffic and no garbage along the roads.........

Robert Bond
08/03/16 07:57:06PM @robert-bond:

See on the ODNR website under county engineer's report the Betts 2H,4H,and 6H were listed on July 29,2016. Hope this is an indication of others to follow.

bo  boboski
08/16/16 03:19:31PM @bo-boboski:

Ascent just pulled 3 permits for the BETTS wells in Londonderry Twp.

Robert Bond
01/27/17 09:51:15AM @robert-bond:

Anything new on the Betts wells that you reported were permitted in August of 2017?  Or  any other thing going on in Londonderry Twp. or surrounding area.  THANKS!

Robert Bond
08/16/16 03:21:26PM @robert-bond:

Thanks for the information.

09/27/16 07:32:33PM @emily4:
Abe troyer well will be fracked next week
Robert Bond
01/27/17 06:52:05PM @robert-bond:

Thank you for the information it does look like things may be starting to pick up.  Do you know anything about pipeline development or new pads getting ready to be put in?

09/27/16 07:33:14PM @emily4:
Anyone have any update on troyer west land unit?
Robert Bond
01/10/17 05:35:38PM @robert-bond:

Does anyone have anything new they can report?  Thanks for any information.

Dodge Charger
01/27/17 03:11:10PM @dodge-charger:

Right now, it's mostly pipeline activity, as far as final surveying and companies going around to calculate their bids: from Betts (been drilled, but AFAIK not fracked) to the Donna, and from Troyer to the Donna. Donna started producing (so I've been told) Jan. 6, 2017. The gas is heading north from there. The drill rig from Betts went to Troyer. That's all I know!

Robert Bond
01/27/17 06:42:08PM @robert-bond:

Thank you!  What is the pipeline activity you refer to in the area?

Dodge Charger
01/30/17 08:31:14AM @dodge-charger:

They are doing the final surveys, marking ROW width, work areas, (temp) access roads... and plenty of trucks driving around hauling estimators: they opened acceptance of bids on 1/6/17. I'd expect to be hearing which company won said bid any time now, and work likely to start soon after.

Robert Bond
01/30/17 09:13:37PM @robert-bond:

Thank you for the information and I am following your situation with the vertical well with interest.  Have you heard anything about more wells to be drilled in Londonderry Twp. in the future?  Thanks.

Dodge Charger
01/31/17 08:11:25AM @dodge-charger:

Sorry, no; I haven't heard of anything else. But then again, if it isn't happening pretty much in my back yard, I don't know what's going on!

Robert Bond
03/22/17 12:11:51PM @robert-bond:

Is anything new going on in Londonderry Twp. in reference to gas and oil drilling or pipeline construction?

Dodge Charger
04/13/17 10:43:03PM @dodge-charger:

They've completed the Troyer and Betts pipelines (except the reclamation) and one of the guys told me they're going to Belmont Cty. next. Haven't heard anything else near Londonderry township.

Robert Bond
04/14/17 07:12:55AM @robert-bond:

Thank you for the update it is appreciated,  Is there anything else going on in Londonderry Twp. at the present time? 

Norman P. Winn, Sr.
04/14/17 04:36:30PM @nc-man:


Hey, man!

Have you heard anything new about drilling in the area my minerals are located?

Section 21, Londonderry Twp.

East of Skullfork Rd.

North of Rt. 22

My minerals are on the K&R Conservation LLC., land.

Signed, second lease, with Ascent six months ago but haven't heard anything from them since.

Any rumors going around about Ascent or any drilling, period?

If anyone else reading this knows anything, would appreciate the "news".

I live out of state.

Thanks Bo and wishing you a Happy Easter!


bo  boboski
04/15/17 06:58:09AM @bo-boboski:

I've only been hearing about the pipeline work going on in that area. No drilling that I know of. Havent been traveling thru there recently. Carrizo people are saying they need oil to reach $72. before they drill any more wells in our area. Ascent is drilling, so you may see them in Londonderry area before anyone else. They just drilled and completed a well in the oil window;Old Washington,ohio. So that's a good sign. There are 3/4 huge pipeline projects starting,or started to get the oil&gas out of here to other parts of the country. The Rover,the Utopia,to name a couple.

Norman P. Winn, Sr.
04/15/17 03:30:39PM @nc-man:

Thanks Bo!

Your information sounds promising!

Sounds like there is something moving, even if it is not in your area or mine, at this time.

We must be next! LOL!

Did you get signed for a second lease from Ascent, if you choose to say?

I believe, if my memory serves me right, you said once we are both(mineral rights) in the same general area.

I would appreciated any updates, if anything starts up with Ascent.

Thanks much for this update!

Appreciate it!

Enjoy your Easter!


bo  boboski
04/24/17 05:24:51PM @bo-boboski:

Ascent just pulled 6 permits for the Raber wells.#s2-4-6-8-10-12. Londonderry twp. Ill have to find out just where this pad is and get back to you. Maybe someone else who knows will respond?

bo  boboski
04/24/17 05:41:05PM @bo-boboski:

The Raber wells are off Hoover Rd. just west of 513,between Antrim and Middlebourne. 5 of the 6 wells are almost  3 miles long laterals.20470' total depth.runniong s.s.e. bottoming out at I-70 ,just east of Middlebourne. Ascent must be liking the results of Eclipse's purple Hayes long lateral.No platmaps yet,but it looks like these 6 wells will include a whole bunch of landowners.Most of that land has been divided up into smaller parcels.

Robert Bond
04/25/17 07:49:22AM @robert-bond:

That was good news about the Raber well permits.  Is there any other Londonderry Twp. oil and gas news?   What about infrastructure news for Londonderry?  

05/01/17 07:42:42PM @emily4:
Abe Troyer is producing. I am also interested in Troyer west.
05/01/17 07:44:04PM @emily4:
Abe Troyer is eclipse. Troyer west is ascent.
Robert Bond
05/12/17 09:49:09AM @robert-bond:

Anything going on currently in regards to drilling, pad development, or pipeline development in Londonderry Township?  If not what are your predictions?

bo  boboski
05/14/17 06:01:08AM @bo-boboski:

Carrizo is looking to sell its assets in the Utica. they have two wellpads in Londonderry. The Wagler and the Lawson. Don't know how many total acres they have leased there. Hopefully Ascent will buy it, since they are interested in and have been drilling in that area.

05/14/17 10:44:55AM @laura10:

where did you hear they are selling?  I saw where they recorded some extensions just recently in Guernsey county 

bo  boboski
05/14/17 01:00:38PM @bo-boboski:

The Daily Digger.  wed. may 10th.

05/14/17 01:09:43PM @laura10:

Thank you much!  :-)

Robert Bond
05/17/17 08:38:55AM @robert-bond:

Thanks for the information.  As anything new is learned please post it here.

May 26 3:54PM still looking for any new information on what is happening in Londonderry Twp.




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