Anadarko permits second Austin Chalk well in Vernon Parish in one week

Started August 10, 2011 at 09:59 pm by @Craig Wascom in Austin Chalk

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Craig Wascom
08/10/11 09:59:23PM
Anadarko has permited their second Vernon Parish Austin Chalk well this week. This is their third overall in Vernon Parish.
Craig Wascom
08/18/11 11:47:11AM @craig-wascom:
Do you have a map of the units? Just curious about the shape. Unitization seems to be changing and I am wondering if this is going to be a trend.
Craig Wascom
08/18/11 12:47:25PM @craig-wascom:
Unit shape is most certainly being determined by the long laterals.
Craig Wascom
08/30/11 10:07:21AM @craig-wascom:

From the Leesville Daily Leader this morning:

According to the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Office of Conservation, two permits to drill wells in Vernon Parish have been issued this month, both to Anadarko E & P Company LP. The permits are issued for wells located in Districts 3 and 4.

Anadarko has a total of eight wells in the parish, two of which are actively producing.
Last spring, the Vernon Parish Policy Jury revised two ordinances in anticipation of increased drilling activity in the parish.
In March, the jury passed an ordinance revision concerning permits for pipeline crossings; dredging; and oil, gas and mineral exploration and production. The ordinance now requires driveways leading to and from oil and gas well sites to be paved. In April, the jury voted to change an ordinance to require oil and gas companies using parish roads for heavy hauling to surface the roads to certain specifications determined by the parish road supervisor.The intent of both changes is to prevent damage to roads. Parish Road Manager Carl Thompson and Secretary/Tresurer Rhonda Plummer have both been communicating with northern parishes already dealing with an influx of oil and gas exploration.
Fifty to 70 natural gas wells are expected to be drilled in the near future to access natural gas in the Burr Ferry area, according to a landman who spoke only on condition of anonymity. At least three wells have already been drilled within the last year to access natural gas which lies in the Austin Chalk, a formation that sweeps through Texas, Central Louisiana and Mississippi. In fact, the Vernon Parish Clerk of Courts has seen an increase since the beginning of the year of oil and gas landmen and abstractors researching deeds and acreage in western Vernon Parish, especially the Burr Ferry, Knight and Evans communities.Swift Energy Operating LLC also has two active wells in the Burr Ferry South field, though they were permitted earlier. The same company has nine actively producing wells in the Master's Creek field, which is also a part of the Austin Chalk and also partially located in Vernon Parish.The Master's Creek field has adjacent southern corners in Vernon Parish and Rapides Parish with a slight overlap into Allen Parish. The Master's Creek field has been producing since the 1990's.

08/18/18 12:34:17PM @christiej2020:
Have some inherited property in Vernon Parish.  Got a call this week from a landman with McGinty-Durham wanting me to sign a lease (Austin Chalk). 
He stated that my step-mother had already signed her lease on her part of the property last week, and someone up the road had signed theirs some time ago. Their land has been cleared and fences were started going up around site this week.   I am holding out on signing until I get my lease in the mail, read over it, and do my research.
 I am having a hard time finding info on any type of projections for this new revival of the Austin Chalk play in Vernon Parish, I guess it is way too early in the game to find the info.  I need as much info as possible in order to decide if I want to hire a lawyer and fight for the TRUE amount of land I was supposed to inherit preceding my father's death.  
I am in the learning phase and ANY suggestions or advice that could be given would be greatly appreciated.    




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