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Started July 7, 2015 at 11:20 am by @Stephanie McCurry in Sullivan County, PA

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Stephanie McCurry
07/07/15 11:20:56AM

Why is nothing happening in Sullivan County? Have they stopped the wells? Has Chesapeake sold off to Chief?

Karl Swanson
07/07/15 12:15:15PM @karl-swanson:

Also, does anyone know if MARC1 is in use? I assumed when it went on line the activity would pick up in Sullivan/Davidson.

John Capwell
07/07/15 12:15:59PM @john-capwell:
There is little activity anywhere in the state, other than completion of projects all ready in progress. With large amounts of natural gas in storage, high production in existing wells and average demand for natural gas the price for gas is low. Most companies are experiencing cash flow problems and among the worst is Chesapeake. Chief is privately held so we cannot view their balance sheets but they are probably in the same postion as other companies.
Stephanie McCurry
07/07/15 02:34:00PM @stephanie-mccurry:

Thanks for the update!

justin clouse
07/09/15 10:02:47PM @justin-clouse:
The biggest problem is so much of the Worlds gas is under Southern Bradford and Northern Sullivan County pennsylvania...the Marc 1 line was near capacity upon completion, it runs 1 mile behind my house in Wilmot twp....compression is being added at Walkers farm by State Game Lands 722? In wilmot...the next wave in drilling will probably start in late 2016 or early 2017....the Marc 1 line will have another 30+ inch pipe tied to it just south of the Cherry road compression station southeast through harveys lake into Dallas...once that is build along with, the Penn East, Central Penn line, and the Diamond East expansion this area will serve as a major gas suppier for a good portion of the east coast...look up marc 2 in google and you can find some good images...
02/07/18 07:36:29AM @jr5:

I was renewed by Chesapeake in 2015 then in 2016 received a landowner survey from Chief, I'm in Sullivan county




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