Louisiana Groups

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Deborah Rowell
02/22/17 07:32:46PM @deborah-rowell:

Is it possible to cancel a lease that has not paid royalties in over a year? The last company that had our lease started a bankruptcy, stopped it , sold out and sold our lease to another company. With a lot of research, we found who now holds the lease. Royalties have not been paid since Oct 2015. The lease has been sold 3 times and each time it causes a lot of confusion because we are never contacted.  

Keith Mauck
02/27/17 01:09:05PM @keith-mauck:

This is when an attorney may come in handy on HBP and lease issues assuming you have attempted to call the operator. What part of Louisiana are you in?

Michael Anderson
02/27/17 06:28:30AM @michael-anderson:

Where did Sabine Parish go in the Louisiana state group?Used to be there.

Keith Mauck
02/27/17 01:07:28PM @keith-mauck:

Its back in, thanks for letting us know