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bo  boboski
03/04/13 08:10:32PM @bo-boboski:

Mike, thanks for the Map. Do you know a guy that works for EQT? I know some people who live on High Hill rd. who recently signed a ROW agreement with EQT. some more down Patton Hollow rd. EQT told them their pipeline would go thru their property and under I-70, Close to GoFrac. At that angle,it looks to go directly towards Cubbison Rd. Others on High Hill rd. who were leased with Gulfport just got switched to EQT. looks like they are here to stay for a long time. They must have their eyes even further north towards I-70PDC is drilling right alongSalem rd. just above Robins ridge Golf Course. 3 well pad. 400+ ac. unit. Something to see.