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07/02/08 01:06:09PM @david:
Do you mind sharing this info? Which company offered to purchase your land, and how much? I want to sell mine!
07/03/08 01:25:47PM @david:
Thanks for the quick reply! I have listed my land on Craig's list for sale w/ mineral rights, but havent had any interest. Since yoour lease is so old, I wonder someting. I have heard that many of the older leases are for only a certain depth, and that the Haynesville Shale is well below the depth covered by most of those leases, and quailifies for a seperate lease. Do you know anything about that? It wouldnt apply to me, since I am thus-far unleased, but I am tying o learn all that I can, and to share what I have heard when appropriate. Anything you know and care to share about this is appreciated!David
07/03/08 04:39:05PM @david:
Thanks. I have 8.5 acres, no leins, and am in no hurry to sell or sign. I am encouraged by your numbers! Good luck to us all!
Korie B2
07/23/08 11:38:08AM @korie-b2:
M wren,I was not sure about my mineral rights either, went and looked them up. I would be happy to help.
Snake Stewart
07/23/08 06:13:26PM @snake-stewart:
Thank you and already consider you part of us.Will be trying to get together soon.
Mom A1
07/23/08 10:24:27PM @mom-a1:
Please see my post on J-W Discussion...I would like to know if you have begun receiving royalties and if you had the royalties verified by someone.
Snake Stewart
08/04/08 07:32:37AM @snake-stewart:
I need some of the willing to handle some of our contacts for signups. It will make it much easier for a few people to handle a few requests then it would be for 1 or 2 to try to handle them all. I will get your contact info in the original sign in forms
Mom A1
08/04/08 08:15:04PM @mom-a1:
Wow! I must say that getting 25% royalties from JW is the largest amount of royalties that I've heard about. I guess being in Bossier parish made a difference?
Mom A1
08/05/08 05:01:03PM @mom-a1:
Sounds like a good thing!!!
hdm a1
08/10/08 10:46:10AM @hdm-a1:
We live in Doyline as well, I have sent you a friend request and I believe you will remember my son and daughter from your work in the film industry.
Mom A1
08/15/08 10:05:21PM @mom-a1:
Met you at the meeting at the highschool gym. My boy had on cowboy boots and I marvelled at you royalty check. Do you remember me?
Dorcheated   A1
09/10/08 09:54:45PM @dorcheated-a1:
Glad your coming.
Bobi Carr ("parker")
01/18/09 03:05:03PM @bobi-carr-parker:
Hey Margaret,I haven't seen you on the site in a while. Glad you are back.Hopefully JW will be drilling some of your HBP property soon.I received a pre-application notice for some of mine.
Bobi Carr ("parker")
08/04/09 12:20:19AM @bobi-carr-parker:
Hi Margaret,How are things going out your way?