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08/13/08 02:18:36AM @queenie:
Just curious, how did you get out of the contract with Arnie. I didn't think we could.When we signed with Arnie he said we would have our money in 5 to 6 weeks. That was on July 9th, and today August 12th we received a call from Arnie's office telling us the lease and check were ready to pick up.Surprised me!
08/18/08 05:54:31PM @queenie:
Sorry it took me so long to reply to you, but I have been on vacation and justed returned.Did Arnie let you out of the contract without you having to still "pay him" his 5% up to 90 days?We signed the lease this morning, got our check and went straight to our bank.NO PROBLEMS!! It is over and done with, thank goodness.Do you still need info for your friend? Have they received their phone call or money yet?God Bless,Ginny
08/20/08 12:12:36AM @queenie:
My lease went to (CHK). Good luck to you.Ginny
08/26/08 01:47:27PM @carol:
Hi, i was told to contact you to see if there was any activity in my area. I am in Township 18 Range 14 Section 30. Any help will be great.Thanks,Carol
08/26/08 09:46:51PM @carol:
Louisiana Lady,Thanks for the reply... Yes there was a meeting close to me but i have contacted the gentleman that was there and i haven't heard anything back from him yet.