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little ole 1st grade teacher
@little-ole-1st-grade-teacher • 7 months ago • comments: 16
Posted a new Comment on @little-ole-1st-grade-teacher:
"It has been a long time since I have been really active on this site.  I have since retired (with 28 years) from teaching and am loving it.  My motto:..."
little ole 1st grade teacher
@little-ole-1st-grade-teacher • 7 months ago • comments: 16
Posted a new Comment on @little-ole-1st-grade-teacher:
"Good to be back on this site.  Hope things start looking up for all us land owners.  Would love to hear more about GoHaynesvilleShale in the East Texas area."
little ole 1st grade teacher
little ole 1st grade teacher
@little-ole-1st-grade-teacher • 8 months ago • comments: 4
Posted a new Comment on Lots of new wells in western San Augustine county:
"Would you please give us an idea of what Highways are near where these activities are taking place?  Thanks."
12/10/08 05:34:51PM @intrepid:
You might want to join us in the Shelby Co. group.
Craig Cooper
12/17/08 04:21:23PM @craig-cooper:
Hi Margie. I'm a transplanted yankee though have been in the Houston/Cypress area for 31 of the last 33 years. So for all purposes am a naturalized Texan :-)I've travelled and worked in the East Texas area for a quite a few years and am interested in the oil & gas activities.Regards,
little ole 1st grade teacher
12/17/08 04:54:08PM @little-ole-1st-grade-teacher:
My husband is also a transplanted yankee, but has been in Texas so long he has our "drawl". Do you work in the oil & gas sector or the oil services sector? Just curious as to why you are interested in the oil & gas activities in East Texas.Margie
Craig Cooper
01/01/09 04:06:58PM @craig-cooper:
Hi Margie,Sorry for the delayed response.......have been up north and busy with Holiday activities. I work for an oil company and am currently working a project in East Texas. I started my career working the Ark-La-Tex area ~35 years ago so it has always had a fond place in my heart. Nice to see all of the activity.Regards,
little ole 1st grade teacher
01/15/17 12:02:58AM @little-ole-1st-grade-teacher:

It has been a long time since I have been really active on this site.  I have since retired (with 28 years) from teaching and am loving it.  My motto:  Retired with NOTHING to Do and ALL Day to DO it.     My husband also retired from an oil and gas services company  at the same time, but did contract work for them for about 3 years after he retired (with 28 years).   I have completed (as of October 2016) my Bucket List of seeing/visiting/exploring ALL 50 States.  I have also seen/visited/explored ALL Lower Provinces of Canada. What to do next?  Continue travelling as much as we can.  I am now a Grandma of 4 Grandchildren....when we last spoke, I was a Grandma of only 1 Granddaughter.  I have since had 2 more Granddaughters and 1 grandson.  I will be welcoming another grandchild in May or June.  Love being retired so that I can spend time with all these babies since they live close to my husband and me.    

little ole 1st grade teacher
01/04/09 08:10:09PM @little-ole-1st-grade-teacher:
Hi,I received your e-mail several days ago, but just had not gotten around to e-mailing back. I start back to school (teaching 1st grade) tomorrow.You mentioned that you work for an oil company.....being my nosey self....which oil company? Of course, no harm done if you had rather not divulge that information. My husband works for an oil services company, Schulumberger, and has for the last 24 years......So, he works on various projects for the oil services sector.You mentioned that you were working on a project in East that project in Shelby County????? I know....nosey again.....And does it have anything to do with the Haynesville Shale in Shelby County.You, also, mentioned that it was NICE to see all of the activity. Is there really a lot in East Texas or is it mostly in Louisiana. It seems like everything that has been written mentions Louisiana or some other part of East Texas. If Shelby County is mentioned, it seems to mentionaround the Stockman or Joaquin area. My land is in the section of Shelby County that is West of Huxley & East of Hwy 96 going toward San Augustine. Some wells have been drilled there, but I've not received a "red cent" other than the leasing and seismic exploration monies.It's really refreshing to find someone who seems to know a little about what is going on. My sister and I were told that we had found out more about what was going on than the people who were actually living on or near where the wells were drilled. And, I don't feel as though I know much of anything about what is going on.Hope that you feel comfortable answering my questions, if not it is nice knowing that someone is looking over the details there. lolI have a son that has been to Iraq (2 times) and is in Kuwait as I speak.My husband tells me that I am way to nosey and shouldn't be trying to find out so much about where he is and what he is doing. Of course, I know that he can't tell me everything, but if I can find out something, I begin to feel much better, at least sometimes I do. The same goes for finding out what is going on in Shelby County, especially West of Huxley and East off of FM 417 (I think, the Farm Road is 1038).So, my point is, any information that you can share with me will be greatly appreciated.Have a Happy 2009 New Year,Margie
08/11/09 11:31:09AM @amigo1:
I read all the questions you had. Dont remember how I got on the site. Not sure of what to do on this site. Maybe someone can enlighten me.
Bobi Carr ("parker")
12/31/09 02:11:36AM @bobi-carr-parker:
Eric Camp posted some great information on Pipelines. I can't find the link just now but will send it to you if I can find it.He is an attorney in Texas.
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
05/23/10 02:59:53PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Thank you for the friend request. I have stopped accepting requests until such time as I have completed my testimony in a "Demand to Develop" trial. I received several requests during the trial that I suspect were from industry members who wished to review my personal page in regard to my testimony. Please accept my apologies. I'll post more on the trial when the decision is handed down.
Jack Blake
05/27/10 04:21:44PM @jack-blake:
Jack is a landowner in LA. How about you little ole first grade teacher?
04/13/11 07:47:49PM @jffree1:
Teacher, I haven't seen any activity near or in C. Tutt in quite awhile now. Did you look at the county records (online) for any leases filed for that survey? I'm not much help, am I... ?
04/15/11 11:10:58AM @oildex:
Thanks for welcoming us to this community!
04/16/11 10:36:56AM @max:
Hi little ole 1st grade teacher, thanks for making me one of your friends. My wife taught K and First Grade and she loved it tremendously. She also taught me to stop using double negatives and the difference between 'To' and 'Too'. I missed those two with a lot more in my early years. lol
04/16/11 09:47:13PM @max:

Don't worry little ole 1st grade, the whole world is a tall tale. Sometimes some tells are taller than others, and sometimes they reflect a different light on a subject.

My lease ran out in Feb. 2010 and I'm not counting on a lease any time soon. The math doesn't add up with the price of NG along with the leased property that's closer to the pay dirt. I'm too far away from the core and it would take a Independent to take a chance and invest in a lease and drill a well. That could happen, it has before.


Craig Cooper
02/04/12 05:23:52PM @craig-cooper:


My sincere apology for the delayed reply....I've been in and out for the past few months.

I'm not aware of a whole lot of recent leasing or drilling activity in Shelby Co. With gas prices decreasing to their current low levels I know that companies are shifting their activities to the liquid plays. I expect that trend to continue for awhile before demand falls more in line with supply.

I hope all is well with you.


little ole 1st grade teacher
01/14/17 11:52:22PM @little-ole-1st-grade-teacher:

Good to be back on this site.  Hope things start looking up for all us land owners.  Would love to hear more about GoHaynesvilleShale in the East Texas area.