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Keith Mauck
07/11/08 12:45:53PM @keith-mauck:
Well, I think it depends on you situation. I think if I had a small tract of land I would hold out until he closed or business sign popped up. If I had a large tract..i might be tempted to sign for 15,000. Each of us has different situations that really go into the decision. If your retired and set for the golden years, you may wait...a young couple may need to sign earlier. We have 305 acres in N. Sbine and we are waiting because the bonus will be split among 4 siblings. We can either make life a little more comfortable or we can wait (which has thus far worked in our favor going from 4,000 to 10,000) andmake life alot more comfy. I think it is important in whatever one does to make sure there are no regrets...they can drive you nuts.
kilo charlie
08/16/08 09:56:33AM @kilo-charlie:
did you used to work for red river chevrolet?
Kane Bennett
08/19/08 11:01:08PM @kane-bennett:
Ken, just saw your comment from August 9th (never thought to check my comment section...). I am very interested in Haynesville's latest post for west of Converse (yesterday). We are right there. My cousin got us in contact with a very reputable attorney in Shreveport. I'll keep you posted with any developments. I'm still a little leary of posting too much information on this site. I do appreciate all of your help and comments. I've learned a whole lot. -KB
09/08/08 06:05:55PM @kevin:
Ken,I was thinking about investing a little bit of money in GCOG, but first I wanted to know how reliable your information was. How were you able to find out that they will be drilling into the Saratoga Chalk at 3790 feet? I have been checking Sonris, but they still do not have a permit yet.Thanks for any help you can be.
09/11/08 03:08:53PM @rick2:
Hi Ken, I see on your profile that you are located in Converse. My uncle and his wife have land west of Converse that was her family home place and they have been approached recently with what I think is very low offers ($8,000 p/A) they have 60 acres. They live in Shreveport now and are not in good health and don't know anything much about the HS, I have been trying to help them and encouraging them to hold out for more. Do you know what the current offers are west of Converse about half way to the lake? Any info would be appreciated.
09/11/08 03:10:58PM @rick2:
P.S., Ken I think the land I ask about is in 9N-13W but am not sure and don't know the section; I am trying to help the find their paper work so we will know.
Two Dogs, Pirate
10/07/08 11:48:22PM @two-dogs-pirate:
Ken give me a day or two what I have in the computer doesn't go quite that far South. I will have more of the lake scaned in. Looks like the property could fall between 2 townships. I will get back to you.
Two Dogs, Pirate
11/07/08 11:29:49AM @two-dogs-pirate:
Ken, I can only speak for myself but if I owned minerals in the shale I wouldn't sign for a nickle less than the highest amount paid. I would consider a higher royalty and less bonus. If you need money now then that would change the whole ballgame but if you don't then time is on your side.
Les B
02/02/09 11:07:31AM @les-b:
Ken, you are absolutely correct about the area being sandwiched between Shell & Eagle. Eventually one would expect Shell to move west into your area, if they haven't done so already.
Two Dogs, Pirate
03/02/09 02:23:00PM @two-dogs-pirate:
Ken I don't know about CHK, today 1:00 PM they are down nearly 13% at $13.63. I don't think this market has hit bottom and until it does I think I would hold off. Something keeps telling me that we are on a replay of 1997 all over again and CHK went to 75 cents back then.
Les B
03/23/09 11:50:22PM @les-b:
Ken, I do not have an informed reason for the lack of units in your area. It could be that a lot of the acreage is not leased so no reason to apply for units. Also, at this time Shell & EnCana seem to be focusing their capital $$$ in other areas of the play. Shell just seems to be moving at a slow pace in testing the Sabine Parish acreage. A lot of people in the southern part of Red River Parish are in the same situation.
Les B
08/10/09 06:56:22PM @les-b:
Ken, if you are referring to the Black Stone 26 H1 Well, it is too early to tell since it has not been completed and tested.
Kane Bennett
09/19/09 01:34:39PM @kane-bennett:
Ken, I want to thank you, Keith, Skip, NuDog, etc. for all of the valuable information you provide. We signed last week with Chesapeake in the Converse 9N 13W area. We have around 80 acres. 5K per acre, 25%. 3 yr. Thanks to you all I had information to negotiate with. Clauses, % bonus, etc. We are very comfortable with the 5K. We had an attorney in Dallas review the lease. I'm thinking 6K or 7K would be a reasonable negotiating point if someone were contacted today in this area. They offered lower, but were quick to accept 5K. Although anyone can read this comment, I didn't want to post on the main pages, due to relatives and some degree of confidentiality. However, I wanted you to have the information to summarize if needed for the others. I hope it will be of help. 30 day draft. I'll still believe it, when I see it! Thanks, Kane
Kane Bennett
10/27/09 10:03:03PM @kane-bennett:
Ken - draft from Porter / Chesapeake was deposited. 9N / 13W --5K, 3 yr. Again, thanks to you and others for all of the information. I will keep watching Sabine closely. Are you leased? KB
11/09/09 11:32:41PM @alongview:
Ken, That is due East of a lot of leases in Sabine County held by Devon, Endeavor, and Range to name a few and also just South of the Forest well that is said to have had good results. I would guess that it will be a good area but only more wells will tell the whole story. I hope it is a good area as we have minerals in two lease just West of you.
Les B
12/04/09 10:38:21PM @les-b:
Ken, there seems to be something odd with the Ralph Webb 26 #H1 Well. I have asked ShaleGeo to take a look at this well and see if he has any thoughts. The initial information does not look good but I don't know what was the issue with the well.
Les B
03/17/10 10:37:54AM @les-b:
Ken, it may take some time but I do think leasing could eventually get to that area. Both Petrohawk & EnCana have the play almost that far south and probably just need some more well results - especially the Forest Olympia Minerals 7." you think there will be leasing possibilities as far South as T-7,SECT32,R13-W?"
03/17/10 04:01:11PM @desoto-excit:
Ken, can you tell me what you know about- Sec. 27, t9n, r14w. It is in sabine parish, converse, under water. It is supposed to be at the landing (field?) off 191 just before 171---any info would be appreciated
08/03/10 10:40:03AM @alongview:
Ken, They certainly seem to be moving in the right direction. Do you think that this James Lime development could be significant? Any good condensate production from that formation in the area in past wells? I know they drilled a number of horizontal James wells in San Augustine but mostly more dry gas. Most produced about 1 BCF in the first year or production
08/04/10 10:18:51PM @dixie:
Thanks Ken, your input in the discussions are always welcome. You sure do know a lot about what is going on in the parish, thanks for all the info.
Jack Blake
08/05/10 10:36:17AM @jack-blake:
I do, but it I am on the road and do not have it with me. I should get home Saturday and will send it to you.
Jack Blake
08/07/10 07:39:43AM @jack-blake:
CGG Veritas phone numbersAmber Baker Project manager Natchitoches, LA 318-352-3532Field office Mansfieldsurface info. 318-871-0181mineral info. 318-871-8932
Les B
08/14/10 10:56:33AM @les-b:
Ken, I just posted a comment that I was not sure if members had much interest in the Group. I stopped updating about 3 weeks ago and did not receive any comments so assumed if was of limited value.
08/15/10 04:19:29PM @jffree1:
No, I haven't but I will. Forest is touting the Granite wash because of the oversupply of NG. Everyone is doing that (E&Ps are a bunch of Lemmings, LOL) and this winter, when storage volume goes down a little and the NG price goes back up a little... everyone will talk about shale gas... if asked. Part of the sea change is that the analysts are focused on oily plays on the tail of the gulf curtailment. I'm not worried... yet.
09/04/10 08:54:41PM @jffree1:
Ken, I don't have any more info than you do about CHK and Comstock. I am pretty sure you can set up direct deposit on your royalty checks. You still don't have a lease?
Les B
11/22/10 04:16:29PM @les-b:
Ken, thanks for the intel. I have made the changes to the two drilling rig locations.
12/16/10 06:53:24PM @waltcop:

Ken, thank you for responding to my friends request. Here is my email address to use to contact me direct and/or send pictures: The picture of the rig with rig name/number of well 242013 (in section 5) sure would be appreciated.

Here's hoping they get to your section 8 soon. Again, thanks for all your help and indates.

Walter C.

12/22/10 09:19:02AM @jffree1:
Ken, did you ever hear anything about why Forest decided to P&A the well in 7N?
12/23/10 10:17:09AM @jffree1:

Thanks, Ken. It was disappointing but we still have CHK to watch in Sabine Co. (for now). I keep hearing a persistent rumor that the county will be very busy next year.

Merry Christmas

Les B
08/01/11 02:29:28PM @les-b:
Ken, even though the well came on at a little lowerrate I would not consider it a bust. You need to see a few months of production history before getting a good assessment.