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American Energy Communications, LLC is a publisher of websites and tools that center around the shale-energy industry and mineral ownership. Our primary goals are to educate & connect mineral owners and industry professionals. We shape the public debate on domestic drilling by serving as a counter balance to the false rhetoric directed towards the shale industry. Since 2008, our websites have reached 2.5 million+ unique visitors. Our ever-growing network has 46,000 registered users across all 50 states. Additionally, I have authored opeds for the Wall Street Journal, Washington Daily Caller, Examiner, Times of Trenton, Virginia Pilot, Washington Times and other publications.

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Keith Mauck
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Posted a new Comment on @shaleprofile:
"Hi there, if you want to post your html code to display your latest post, post in the general group."
Keith Mauck
@keith-mauck • 7 months ago • comments: 0
Created a new discussion "A small oil field in Oklahoma is seeing big bets from producers":
"A little-known shale oil play in Oklahoma is attracting more drilling and investment as rising output from newer wells is enticing companies to boost..."
Oklahoma Oil & Gas
Keith Mauck
@keith-mauck • 8 months ago • comments: 1
Created a new discussion "Saudi Arabia's Cost of Production":
"A friend and I were discussing how much it costs Saudi Arabia to produce a barrel of oil? What's your guess?"
General Shale
Keith Mauck
Keith Mauck
@keith-mauck • 8 months ago • comments: 0
Created a new discussion "About Fracking, Mice and Men":
"From EIDA group of researchers whose previous flawed work claimed exposure to fracking fluid causes low sperm counts and ovarian follicle problems in mice..."
General Shale
Keith Mauck
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Created a new discussion "North Dakota's Bakken shale oil fields are stronger than ever, says billionaire drilling pioneer Harold Hamm":
"U.S. shale drilling pioneer Harold Hamm fired back on Wednesday at critics who say the North Dakota oil fields where he made his name — and minted a..."
Bakken Shale
Keith Mauck
@keith-mauck • 9 months ago • comments: 0
Created a new discussion "Cold Snap Heats Up Natural Gas Prices":
"The declines took the market by surprise, helping to push Nymex prices up to $3.50/MMBtu. Only a few weeks ago, prices traded below $3/MMBtu. The “bomb..."
General Shale
Keith Mauck
@keith-mauck • 11 months ago • comments: 0
Created a new discussion "Minnesota man gets 10 years for housing fraud involving North Dakota fracking workers.":
"Minnesota man gets 10 years for housing fraud involving North Dakota fracking workers. Housing Wire. A Minnesota man will spend the next 10 years in prison..."
Bakken Shale
Keith Mauck
@keith-mauck • 11 months ago • comments: 0
Created a new discussion "New Shale Sweet Spot":
"Now, shale drillers and oil majors want access to the Permian without paying the high prices and costs in Texas. And they’ve started using cheaper New Mexico..."
General Shale
Keith Mauck
@keith-mauck • last year • comments: 0
Created a new discussion "One million barrels per day is Bakken shale's new normal":
"North Dakota’s oil production remaining above 1 million barrels per day for the foreseeable future is “the new normal,” according to Lynn Helms, director of..."
Bakken Shale
Keith Mauck
@keith-mauck • last year • comments: 0
Created a new discussion "Driving Efficiencies and Cutting Costs: Interview with Jan Kulmann, Engineering Manager of Major Projects, Noble Energy":
"As operators begin to come out of the slowdown and start ramping up, particularly in the Permian Basin, new challenges and hurdles have surfaced. This..."
General Shale
Keith Mauck
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10/22/09 12:51:01PM @jffree1:
For all you do...
10/27/09 07:37:35PM @jimburgess:
Keith,Thanks for your intro comments. Sorry took so long to say this.I have sold a o and g lease on 60 acre tract in Union Parish....inw3/4 sesw sec.13 and e3/4 nenw sec 24,t22n-r1e .....I had hopedto get some comments from some of the other members....I didhear from 2 individuals.The lease broker was Manna Acquisitions......leasing for Weiser Brown.Any comments would be appreciated.I am recently retired from real estate business and am interested in beinginvolved in row or landman work. Advice also appreciated.Thanks......Jim Burgess
Bobi Carr ("parker")
11/15/09 09:59:42PM @bobi-carr-parker:
Keith,Thanks for the birthday wishes.
12/16/09 10:21:43PM @skipcrawford:
I'm just learning how to use this site. How do I put a question into a forum?
12/19/09 08:40:59AM @l-d-h:
There is an interesting article on the front page of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this morning about the residents of Dish in Denton County being tested for toxic chemicals due to the activity in the Barnett Shale. I will try to post a link, but I am not sure I know how. I am new to oil and gas and to linking on a computer.
12/29/09 08:43:23PM @jhh:
Keith,do you have a caddo parish township link on this website. i'm in Texas and i can't determine a location when people us terms such as T 4 13N 12W as an example. thanks jhh
01/14/10 05:45:54PM @redrivergal:
Keith,Thanks so much for developing the site. It's been so helpful to many of us. One question about printing out pages or answers that I want to keep for future reference---is there a way to do that without printing all the ads and other stuff on the page? Maybe I've overlooked those instructions. Thanks again.
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
01/15/10 09:56:09AM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
You still loading that van?????? LOL!
Jim Edwards
02/02/10 01:27:24PM @jim-edwards:
Yes everything is looking good for the Haynesville Shale. Thank you and all for what you do here on the web site and Hello to all. Semper Fi, jim edwards
Glenda Simmons
03/23/10 01:08:50AM @glenda-simmons:
Keith, do you have any information about drilling in Section 29, Township 14 North, Range 10 West, Red River Parish? Thank you. Glenda
Two Dogs, Pirate
04/22/10 10:17:48AM @two-dogs-pirate:
Keith, I am busy working in Southwest Louisiana T6S-R9W. I got sick of sitting behind the computer running records in DeSoto Parish for over a year and have just wanted to get away for a while. Beauregard Parish is not online and is not full of people. At least I get some exercise pulling books again and visiting with the folks is always nice.
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
04/22/10 09:05:12PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Yoda??!!! Really, Yoda!!!!!! Although you "own the site", I find it unsportsman-like to add a 100,000 points just because I was gaining on you. LOL!
greg bowman
05/10/10 11:18:13PM @greg-bowman:
Hello, my name is Greg bowman-my wife and i own 1 acre property in De Soto Parrish-we live in arizona.We bought the property because my Wife's Mom and sisters and brothers live there and my sister in law lives on our property-all next door to each other.I know what it is like with money-i'm 49 and when i was 18 years old and going to college i got hurt in a accident and my legs were parylized.We sued the Government and in 1985 i receieved a good middleclass settelment and realized real quick just who my true friends really are.i'm just going to use what you said, it's so true i Pray for patients and trust in GOD, my family and true friends.since i live in yuma, az and my family in De Soto Parish outside of shreveport don't seem to know much about things concerning this-i think in Feb. of 2010 they started drilling on our 640 acre parcel in section 32-it should be soon when we start recieving royalties.We originaly got from petrohawk 25% royalties and 3500.00 up front 1 and half years or so ago-i believe petrohawk and chesapeke made a deal and chesapeke did the drilling.What i'd like to know is- who is your lawyer and if i should have him look over any new future leasing or whatever comes up.Thank You and God Bless You. In His Grace. greg and micki bowman
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
06/14/10 09:25:18AM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Welcome back.
06/24/10 04:10:20PM @janna:
I am so sorry breaks anothers heartIt hurts badGod Bless
06/24/10 04:12:04PM @janna:
many hearts
Art Hughes
07/02/10 09:13:34AM @art-hughes:
Hi, Keith. Is a Press release like the following too commercial to post here? Of course, it relates to the Eagle Ford Shale, not the Haynesville, but many of the players in one are interested in the other.====================================================================================================================TO: Oil and Gas Exploration and Development CompaniesFor Immediate Release:Buffco Production, Inc. of Kilgore/Longview TX, is pleased to announce that it has acquired 43,000 acres of leases in the liquids-rich, oil-bearing area of the Eagle Ford shale in South Texas. These leases are concentrated in La Salle and McMullen counties. Buffco is currently seeking a partner to assist in the monetization of this asset. Interested parties should contact Mr. Frank Bufkin at (903) 988-8199, xt 213. Our contact email address is: Hughes, CPAChief Accounting OfficerBuffco Production, Inc.P - 903.988.8199, xt 219C -
True Texan
09/07/10 08:51:10PM @true-texan:
Hello Keith, Great website. I just love being able to get and give info between everyone. I'm also glad to read that in some cases you have taken steps to protect people from others that wanted a quick gain. Keep up the great work.
11/08/10 02:56:21PM @ranchwoman51:
Do you know of any lawsuits against Cobra Petroleum Production Company out of Fort Worth, Eexas?thanks,ranchwoman
12/20/10 04:31:41PM @pam:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Mauck family!!!


Deborah Durst West
01/14/11 07:31:08PM @deborah-durst-west:
Thanks for your Holiday Greeting card, many good wishes to you and your family for the New Year!
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
01/21/11 10:55:30PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

Keith, I just got a look at the sponsors for the NARO meeting and its really got my antenna twitching. I'm not going to post this on the main page but I am sending it to a small number of members with whom I communicate regularly. I thought you should know.

Chesapeake - Phillip Energy Partners (local mineral buyer/broker) - Ilios Resources (local land company and mineral broker owned by site member Laura Fitzgerald) - tfg Financial (tfg is Tim Fitzgerald, Laura Fitzgerals husband.)

02/22/11 06:54:47PM @fxef:


It would be nice to have the "Main" page link reinstated at the top of the pages. It really makes navigating GHS mucheasier.


Martha McWhiney
03/08/11 01:33:12PM @martha-mcwhiney:
I've received my Division Order in the mail yesterday for me to fill out and return. I', not sure if I'm suppose to fill in the blank wheree it says " The undersigned certifies the ownership of their decimal interest in production or proceeds as described above payable by------------------------------( Payor)and under neath the blank line it has (Company Name). Who is suppose to fill in this part and what is suppose to be written there please? I don't understand all of this, need your help please.
Joe Aldridge
03/08/11 04:31:20PM @joe-aldridge:

Hi Keith,

Bill Johnson's photo is not loading and is hanging up the "Who's Online". Just thought you would want to know. When he is online the little circle keeps circling. It does not affect the site other than that. It seems like that was maybe one of the problems with the complaints last week.

03/08/11 08:37:25PM @dbob:


It appears that the RRC is near a decision on the Parker County water well issue. I would be happy to do a bit of a write up if you think it is of interest to your readers.


Skip Peel - Independent Landman
04/29/11 09:43:24PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Keith, any luck getting Aubrey Sanders' account restored. The South Arkansas and North LA. groups are languishing without him.

05/04/11 07:50:21AM @l-d-h:
Would you consider a group for the Barnett Shale? I noticed you have an Eagle Ford Group. There might just be a few of us interested, but I would certainly be one of them.
George Smith
05/09/11 11:00:25PM @george-smith:


Changed the profile name to mine. First one was name of a Family Limited Partnerhip

Roger G.
06/06/11 09:41:20PM @roger-g:
How do i remove my full name from the photo that i uploaded?
06/11/11 09:11:35PM @colyell57:
Hello, I too have received the same thing from blessing .....etc!!!! Thanks to ALL for help on this matter!!!! Colyell57
Little Red
06/17/11 04:45:19PM @little-red:

Could you please explain something for me? I am a member of the Claiborne Parish group. Often I see the "Latest Activity" notice with a current date, but when I try to find a new topic or comment, I find nothing. There seems to be no way to "click" on to the "Latest Activity". Am I doing something wrong?


Gale Bagley
06/21/11 11:30:48PM @gale-bagley:


Thanks so much for GHS, I have learned so much since joining this site, also thanks too

ShaleGeo, TwoDogs, Skip, Buck, LesB, and many other professionals for the answers to

all our questions.

My only regert was getting in the Political Forman, don't go their anymore.

Thanks again,

Gale Bagley

06/25/11 05:59:53PM @krkyoldhag:

Am so laughing about the a hairy woman and bikini remark. I am technologically impaired and that was supposed to be a pic of my new puppy..but I cut off the head when posting. He MUCH bigger now so one of these days will try yet again to post picture. What I wanted was to play with the royalty calculator..but I have not been able to figure out what the mcf figure should be (I know you never know til well up and going) but there are several wells near thought would play with the numbers..But cant' find where they are published....

I am between Old Town Road and 31 out of DeBerry.

06/28/11 09:33:26PM @krkyoldhag:
Thanks for the edit.
07/05/11 11:22:36AM @zydeco:
Hay Keith and Anne and young ones and little baby one ... I just wish to thank you , EVERYDAY for this site. Thank you. Just thought there are never enough times when someone would like to hear a Thank you when it is straight from the heart !!!!!
07/05/11 11:28:09AM @zydeco:
Perfect Hat Trick .... which is a racing term !
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
09/07/11 06:02:28PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
I like the new family pic. The girls have grown like weeds.
Donald Henry
09/07/11 08:05:09PM @donald-henry:

243303 HA RA SUQ;DPLP 17-12-15 H Hey Keith.. this well has just been completed can you give me any information about it and if it is a good well. Also what is the Bossier shale and how does that affect us.?

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
10/19/11 04:35:29PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Past experiences have taught me to keep my profile on "tight" settings.
10/19/11 04:39:14PM @jffree1:
No... it is set so "Shalers" can view my page. I have comments set so that I can approve them... or not.
11/09/11 03:28:59PM @candywoman1:

Do you have an email address for WildHorse Resources, LLC or a telephone number where I can reach an intelligent person in the Royalty Office? After they obtained EOG Resources, I received checks for my aunt who passed away in 1997 and my mother who passed away in 1998 when EOG had all of the correct information.

Thanks for any information

01/26/12 12:50:17PM @tammy-mabry:

I would like to thank you for your site and the access to the knowledgethat is out there about oil and gas plays and leasing.This web site helped me and my family secure a very good lease on our small family acreage. I would not have been able to do this without your help and others who are there to help us "little people". I have learned so much in these months of studying and I am grateful for this wonderfulresource...GoHaynesville.

James McAda
02/17/12 10:30:07AM @james-mcada:


Can you get the word out to all GHS menbers about FrackNation?

mt "bee" meadows
03/18/12 12:16:31PM @mt-bee-meadows:

Keith, many thanks for this exchange site, I marvel at how rapidly it responds and user friendly. It's great that the groups are made up of men and women with verious degrees of knowledge and experence. THANKS agin................bee

06/16/12 04:27:01PM @krkyoldhag:

Mr. Mauck...I just got some "insider" info that I don't know how to handle..would like to share it with you and see what you think it could mean.


Phillip A. Newsom
10/09/12 01:13:31PM @phillip-a-newsom:


I sent you an email about the Lease Offer database, but since you have not responded, I will post it here:

I entered the data for my lease offer into your site. The first time I did not notice how to enter the county. Apparently the site entered the first county on the Texas list "Anderson" I looked at the entry page again and figured out that there is a delay before the county entry box appears after you enter the state. I reentered the info with the correct county "Sabine".

How do I get the incorrect entry removed.
incorrect data: 6/1/2012, Texas - Anderson, 25%, $1000, 101 acres

Randy Peterson
11/07/12 05:28:22PM @randy-peterson:

I have a list of Gulf Coast Petrochemical Projects that have been made possible by low-cost natural gas. Feel free to post it on your website, or,let people know that I'll send them one. Just let me know.

Randy Peterson

cocodrie man
12/20/12 08:32:40AM @cocodrie-man:


Would it be possible for you, or Les B, or Skip or someone with knowledge of such, to prepare a brief tutorial on the various prices we encounter for natural gas? I remain confused about what the various prices mean and why some think one price (NYMEX Settlement, for example) to be more indicative of direction than other prices.

Thank you for your consideration.

Charles Jenkins (aka Cocodrieman)

03/05/13 09:11:41PM @ln:

Hi Keith, Skip informed me that I had 2 similar discussions going on at the same time. Would you please remove the discussion that I posted today, Tuesday, March 5, 2013. I tried to delete it but was not able to do so.



05/16/13 11:54:22AM @j-w-barber:
Doddridge activity, west???
tony allen
06/28/13 05:05:11PM @tony-allen:

Hello Keith, I have a private message graphic when I go to the SWN lease renewal thread. I have never seen it before and I don't want to download something that could hurt my computer. Are you familiar with this matter and is it safe?

Two Dogs, Pirate
09/17/13 10:30:06PM @two-dogs-pirate:

Keith, no one speaks for me but me. Gosh Darn and Skip Peel are both friends of mine that I know personally along with you. Folks like GD and SP have made GHS what it is today. Both are on different sides of the fence but that is what we need here of GHS to be a fair and unbiased site. GD has called me and told me that he has been kicked off of GHS. I know that Skip spends a lot of time answering questions here on GHS but what do you do if he dies of a heart attack tomorrow? Will LesB come back or Dion take his place? Maybe we could give the job to Spring Branch? Look back at the folks we have lost, I mean the ones that made GHS what it is and you will see who the heavy lifters were when it came to putting this site on the map. Where are we now and how did the many original posters just go away?

02/24/14 06:38:02PM @david14:

Just curious if you have thought about having a site on the ultra deep wells. I am one of the royalty owners in the well McMoran has drilled in St. Martin's Parish,, and they have stated they expect 50MMCF and 20BBLS per mcf with production beginning this summer.

Just as shale gas was a new phenomenon and game changer, so I think the ultra deep wells will prove to be equally so. No one has a site on this yet, as far as I know, and you may want to consider developing one.

Something to think about...

David Lee

rodney e. fortenberry III
04/14/14 05:12:24PM @rodney-e-fortenberry-iii:

Anything happening in St. Helena Parish TMS RA SUA

Spring Branch,mineral owner
05/23/14 04:17:29PM @spring-branchmineral-owner:

Keith, I hate what has happened to the TMS portion of the GHS website. It used to be very easy for me to keep up with all the current posts regarding the TMS and now it is virtually impossible. If I click on the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Group in the Groups Latest Activity section of the GHS, all I get is a blank page. You have made it virtually impossible to follow all the blogs on the TMS. I liked it much better when there was a Mississippi site and a Louisiana site as I won minerals is several parishes and counties of Louisiana and Mississippi.

Spring Branch,mineral owner
05/23/14 04:18:49PM @spring-branchmineral-owner:

Make that "own" minerals in several parishes and counties....

Richard Dickerson
06/01/14 06:56:47PM @richard-dickerson:
Yes, I was wondering if there already was a Pike Co., Miss discussion site. If one doesn't exist I am not requesting one to be set up.
William C. Morrison
06/12/14 11:29:24AM @william-c-morrison:

Great web page. I truly enjoy it and use it. We have property sits amidst of TMS to the North, Morganza Field to the West, Judge Digby to the South and Moore-Sams to the East. We keep hoping and watching.

Thank you for such a great service!

10/01/14 10:22:36PM @nancy-lenau:

I have visited your site for Many Years ! Just wanted to say a Very Big Thank you !!!! And God Bless !!!!

06/29/15 12:03:16PM @krkyoldhag:

What is going on with Samson?

I have lease held by "production" and no production in past 18 months.

Two years ago they put in road, pad, two pits and nothing since the August Kravis KKR bought Samson.

Now I read that first considering bankrupting Samson then Itochu sells their 25% to KKR for $1..

Do you hear anything about what will happen with the leases like mine with Samson (was old Placid lease). It is located in Panola County.

John Carson
03/21/16 08:52:23PM @john-carson:
Keith I have been contacted by a Landman in Tyler and he has emailed me a division order on a small piece of property I own in San Augustine county. He says they will spud in April. Who would you suggest I contact to review this division order to ensure bonus & %'s are good.Appreciate your helpJohn Carson
Todd Parrish
04/27/16 10:07:50PM @todd-parrish:

Hi Keith

I recently received a letter from a law firm working for indigo minerals

they are running a long lateral through 008-14n-16w and I noticed my full name in the surface location details map, is that a good thing for me

thanks Todd b Parrish

Phyllis Heckemeyer
04/28/16 02:16:36PM @phyllis-heckemeyer:

Where can I get an updated map of gas wells around my property? I live on FM 1277 in the Goodwin community. My e-mail address is I want to know how close to my property pads are located. Google maps does not show current activity. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

05/13/16 09:25:40PM @steve-seaman:

How do Icheck to see if the 100 plus acresIown in mineral rightsare producing or being drilled on?

05/13/16 09:29:15PM @steve-seaman:

My e-mail address is

Stuart E. Isdale
10/31/11 10:09:03AM @stuart-e-isdale:
Thanks Keith for setting this site up - has been very valuable information which has been shared. It's nice to have someone with knowledge regarding a common interest!
09/15/12 05:44:04PM @mark25:

Is there something wrong with the Forum site today (9/15)? It has kickedme off twice as I try to add a new discussion thead.

11/30/12 02:10:43AM @mark25:


I have been trying to make some changes to my profile and the system keeps saying I need to add info that is already filled out.

Any ideas on my being able to get around this problem?


Mark P

Mike Kridler2
02/09/13 11:37:38AM @mike-kridler2:

OK. Thanks Richard. We will get in touch with Marathon Oil. I appreciate the feedback.

Mary Ellen
10/01/13 11:40:51AM @mary-ellen:

PDF posted 9/27/13 by William Murrell under "Tx RRC GIS Tutorial " needs to be added to Tools tab if possible.

12/16/13 05:19:07PM @bigfoot:


I normall stay pretty close to home and rarely comment comment on any forum except the Fayette, County Texas forum; but, since I do read the Haynesville and the Eagle Ford forum discussions, I would like to ask a question. First: I'm not sure how the Eagle Ford or even the Haynesville Forum response information gets back to my e-mail. I read the comments on both forums pretty much all the time; but, on occasion I make a comment. How do the answers ever get back to my e-mail inbox? If I ever see a response, it is when I go back and look at the forum comments sometime later.


Jerry Parker

Gary Ainsworth
06/24/14 12:28:02PM @gary-ainsworth:

Kieth - thanks for creating the site, I enjoy thistopics and the exchange of information. The life blood of any news board is fresh information. That said it it disappointing that we have had only two posts onold topics in the last 6 days. I know you can't make news, but note that after a few days of little new information people stop checking. It is hard to imagine that we have exhausted the pool of potential members from the number of mineral owners and operators in the region.

Good Luck on keeping the fresh and moving forward.

Kenneth Mathis
04/26/15 09:59:16AM @kenneth-mathis:

looking forward to learning the ropes in the oil & gas industry.

daniel cohen
04/13/10 03:07:31PM @daniel-cohen:
Dear Keith,I find that I have a devil of a time trying to track down previous entries/thoughts/replies. For example I was looking for entries dealing with lease addendums, and came up empty. Since I personally had added that conversation to the whole, I know it's there somewhere, and can't find it. Is this something that needs addressing in the search protocols, or is the fact that I'm just computer illiterate the issue?Dan
04/13/10 07:36:59PM @nancy-a-thomas:
Thank you. hubby and I live in chatham township. 2 of our neighbors have signed for a pipe line to go thru their property. nothing happening yet. have a well (6 wells and e&S stormwater unit) started 1-2 miles from us. have been taking pics almost every day. thanks for such a wonderful site. sincerely, nancy
Joe Narrigan
04/13/10 11:00:59PM @joe-narrigan:
Thanks Keith,Like many PA land owners I've been talking/learning and thus far am unsigned. I have 230 acres mostly in Independance and Dongeal (not too far from Claysville). Range seems to be the most active in the area with CHP, Atlas, Great Lakes all showing some interest. My farm has PA gamelands on about 2/3 and it is my understanding that PA will auction off the rights but that they do not want a large footprint on their land. Time will tell how all this goes. Take care-Joe
daniel cohen
04/14/10 08:31:49PM @daniel-cohen:
Thanks for the tip, Keith. I'll try to do that from now on.Dan
04/15/10 07:33:42PM @nancy-a-thomas:
sure, i'll post photos as soon as I can
04/21/10 11:37:27AM @margaret3:
Hi Keith, i have been out of the loop lately i was wondering if you had a new information on anything going on in the Worcester area? I check the website every now and then and i havent seen anything. Have a wonderful day and thank you.
Brian Day
04/21/10 12:17:07PM @brian-day:
Darn! I was hoping for a badge or a hat.
Diane Kosmalski
04/22/10 06:20:52PM @diane-kosmalski:
Thank you for the welcome. Great site. Still learnining how to navigate but appreciate the information and discussions taking place here.Best wishes,Diane
Michael Staples
05/17/10 12:14:37PM @michael-staples:
Hey Keith,Who are we endorsing for PA Governor?Mike
Robert D. Congdon Jr. MAI, SRA
05/18/10 11:00:52AM @robert-d-congdon-jr-mai-sra:
Thanks KeithLet me know if you want me to contribute anything about appraisals and related estate planning.Bob Congdon
Robert D. Congdon Jr. MAI, SRA
05/28/10 10:03:26AM @robert-d-congdon-jr-mai-sra:
Keith- The bundle of property rights is dived in several ways, one of which is surface, sub-surface and mineral. Many people are isolating their mineral value and placing them in an LLC or FLP for financial planning, liability protection and future management planning. I can e you much information if you wish. Thanks for the response. Bob Congdon
Susan Wilusz
06/14/10 02:38:28PM @susan-wilusz:
Hi Keith,Are you aware of any upcoming educational seminars on anything to do with/or all facets of the Marcellus Shale (drilling, leasing, etc.)Thank you!!Susan
Susan Wilusz
06/14/10 03:47:19PM @susan-wilusz:
Great! Thank you for your help.
joseph keller
07/12/10 01:53:10PM @joseph-keller:
A site for you a site for cabot I think? Joseph.
Eleanor D
07/14/10 03:09:47PM @eleanor-d:
I just posted my offer from Mason Dixon Energy, but it disappeared. Do you look posts over before permanently listing them? Thanks
Eleanor D
07/14/10 03:19:13PM @eleanor-d:
In an email I received just a few minutes ago, there was a link for posts regarding recent offers. I just left a post on the Cortland County site, stating my post in June re my offer from Mason Dixon, did not show up. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. Thanks
07/20/10 08:10:28AM @jm2:
Keith,Please feel free to act as Administrator for the Fayette County (PA) group. Outside interests keep me from spending as much time as I should at this site!Thanks,JM
Glenn Cochran
08/30/10 05:39:05PM @glenn-cochran:
Thanks, Keith....good to be involved in the Marcellus and back in the oil & gas world again....
09/04/10 12:29:00AM @nate2:
Keith, what happened to the Columbiana County discussion?
Drill Pipe
09/18/10 07:06:37PM @drill-pipe:
KeithI would be happy to give the moderator slot a go for a Columbiana Group.Not sure what or how, but maybe some direction along the way.Best,Chuck
09/26/10 08:45:24AM @bw:
Keith,Any time frame when my site for Armstrong County will be added to the Pennsylvania County List - your site is very informative and I am sure the folks in Armstrong County will be able to add useful informationBW
Shelli Isiminger
10/02/10 09:53:10AM @shelli-isiminger:
Absolutely not. :)
Jackie Root
10/13/10 10:08:55AM @jackie-root:
Hello Keith,It was good to meet you at the NARO Convention, wasn't it a great experience. We have a tremendous level of interest from PA members and will be mobilizing to capitalize on that momentum. I need to participate here at some level and having said that this site is on a somewhat lengthy list of sites where I feel I need to be????? How do I coordinate all of them? Jackie
Sarah Violet
11/11/10 08:06:56AM @sarah-violet:
Keith , Good Morning to you !What a wonderful Site you have here.Thank-you for all the hard work you are doing to keep us informed. I have property in Butler County and have joined that Group. I have an old lease on this property,due to expire in 2011. I also own property in Allegheny County, this property is very close to the Butler County line. There are several people around me who I know that have gas-leases, but no one has approached me about signing a lease on this property yet. I'm wondering why there is no Allegheny County Group?Have a good day !Sarah Violet
Terrylynn Lincoln
11/22/10 01:33:31AM @terrylynn-lincoln:
Hi Keith,I can't find "Edit Group". Can you assist me? Probably because it's late but sure looked all over the site. What Twp. are you located in?Terry
Sarah Violet
12/14/10 01:35:49PM @sarah-violet:

Hi Keith, Snow Day today, Yea !

Having property in Butler & Allegheny Co, I'd love to see an Allegheny Co Group.

I don't think I'm the person to moderate. I don't know enough about the Gas Industry or the computer, Yet, sure trying tho. There seems to be a lot of activity in Allegheny Co for and against. Could you post on the site we are looking for someone ?

I do have a suggestion for the Site.

"Definitions "

There are so many words flying around out there, a whole new language for some. Is there some place on the site where words & definitions can be placed ?

Starting from the 1st step to the last in the process of signing a lease and the process from the 1st step to the last once the gas co. steps foot on your property.

" Example "

1) Land man- who is he ? why is he here ?

2) Primary Term-

3) Extended Term- is there another word for extended ?

4) Impondments -

5) Vertical Pugh-

6) Liabilities- whats this all about ? ! Is the landowner really liable for anything?

Some of the terminology is easy ( common sense ) but not all is.

I think this would be a tremendous help to so many. It would give us a guide line to go by , what to be on the look out for.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Michele M Bartos
02/02/11 10:21:29AM @michele-m-bartos:
I appreciate your dedication to this site. As a land owner with a gas lease, it is important to keep up with what is happening. Kudos to you!
Tom Copley
03/06/11 01:53:51PM @tom-copley:
Keith-- Thought this graph and statistics on our respective web sites were interesting when compared to the same data for Energy In Depth. Check out the year-over-year growth rate of yours and mine versus theirs. It would be quite interesting to know how much they are spending. --Tom
04/14/11 08:06:10PM @margaret3:

hi Keith,

i was wondering has therre been any information about drilling in worcester? do you know if there are any maps that show where they are drilling or thinking of drilling? or any other information?

thank you have a great day


05/25/11 07:33:58PM @margaret3:
Hi Keith, hope all is well. I was wondering if anyone attended the meeting Tuesday May 24 at the library in Worcester NY. Unfortunity we were unable to attend and i was wondering if you or anyone that attended could please give me so insite to the meeting? Of if there is any information on any sites about the meeting? Thank you for everything you do it is very informative and
appreciated. Have a great nite

Joe Robb
06/21/11 08:50:53PM @joe-robb:
How do I sign up so I can post Morgan?Thanks
Sarah Violet
07/02/11 11:04:25AM @sarah-violet:

Hi Keith, Something is wrong, when I do a Go Marcellus search, the link comes up showing my In Box,which takes you to my private E-mails and is there for all the world to see. I deleted all my e-mails. Do you know why my in box is showing up ? What can you ? or Me ? do about it.

Thanks so much !!

Sarah Violet

Sarah Violet
07/02/11 11:14:28AM @sarah-violet:

Keith, Oh Wow, It looks like it has worked itself out. But that was scary for a few minutes. Sorry to have bothered you.

Hope you have a great week-end

Sarah Violet

DA Saltsman
07/13/11 12:58:03AM @da-saltsman:
Our group of approx 1000 acres recently signed on with attorney williams for 2400 per acre and 17.5 % and what we felt was a very good lease with lots of land owner protections. It was not the standard what we were calling a "tear off lease" with a bunch of addendums. Every aspect of the lease was 'case specfic' including a page and a half water protection clause referencing Ohio revised code 1501& 1509 instead of the( best effort clause) to correct any damage that is usually part of the tear off leases. Without specifics the tear off leases could have been a bucket of water for all we knew. I would not suggest that anyone sign one of those leases that resemble ones like dspenn`s. The unfoutunate part of signing when we did is that now we are hearing 2800+ and 18%. Our group knew at the time of signining that it may go up and I tried to convince them to HOLD and that I anticipated the bonus money would reach $3000 by the end of the year. But we are very happy with the terms of the lease. Our other concern was to stay away from any Steub attorneys that for the most part are interested in manicured lawns on their small yardsand have no idea about large acerages and what the needs are for people with larger acerages. Now that i`ve had my say about that , we are being approached about pipeline right -of ways. It appears that the same pushy tactics are being used to get the right of way leases signed. Realizing of course that we will need to get the product to the market, but I for one will not sign away my entire property for $200 to be used as ROW and then when they could be done tearing up the whole place using the clause "room to work and adjust the route"is just unacceptable to me. And at that point possibly 3 years from now they will pay the 6500 per acre which amounts to approx $15 per foot in ohio and $25 +in PA. As in the begining all of us being new to the aspects of the leases, is there any info out there about fair ROW leases
Monroe Co Landowner
07/30/11 02:12:31PM @monroe-co-landowner:
how can I delete a comment I made on monday this Monday, Titled Wishgard, LLC. or if you could delete it I would appriciate it, thanks Shirley
07/30/11 04:58:29PM @tennessee:

New to the site. Live in Tennessee. All help/info will be appreciated. Haveacreage on Pleasant Ridge. Thanks.

DA Saltsman
08/07/11 09:41:48PM @da-saltsman:
Has there been anyone who signed on for the utica shale (below the top of the Queenston) and then sold the above stratus separately which would be the marsellus----we have had some iquires, have been looking around the sight but have not run across anything.
Robert N. Hart, P.E., CMA.
08/17/11 07:50:31AM @robert-n-hart-pe-cma:
Can you let me know how to go about being listed as a land owners group?
08/31/11 10:58:47AM @finnbear:


What is involved in setting up a Noble County, Ohio and a Wayne County, Ohio section under Ohio Counties?


09/10/11 11:35:19PM @mickgyver:

Hello it is good to have a site to help people get involved, there is too much mis communication from some of the in between lease resellers and it causes people to fear losing there offers. Most of the things i have seen compare our area to the texas barnett shale and the value of wet gas is about double as

Keep up the good work with your site it is very helpful in keeping some of us from signing a long committment and regretting it later, I believe it would be great to I look forward to see what is on here in another year when the development has gained information . Your site would probably be a great place later if you communicate the jobs that are sure to come to the various areas after the real operations have kicked in . I believe all of your audience would agree with thanks for your efforts in keeping us informed

10/16/11 09:08:37AM @dave22:
I havesent my requestto the Portage County, Ohio Group with no succcess (waited about 7 days for approval). I am a landowner that wishes to establish an open Portage County discussion forum. Can I start a new Portage County Group that is open to all.
Chris Irwin
10/17/11 06:40:18PM @chris-irwin:


What is the green dot by my name and what do I do with the gift box?


time will tell
10/30/11 08:04:53PM @time-will-tell:

Keith , just wanted to thank you for this site . It has been a great help to all of us .

Thank You !

George Brown
11/06/11 01:24:01PM @george-brown:

Hi Keith

I've been offline for a few days. I noticed now that the Venango County, PA group no longer exists. What happened there?



Michele M Bartos
11/07/11 02:21:03PM @michele-m-bartos:
I watch this site regularly and it seems that main topic is leases and %'s. As asigned up landownerI am interested in the actual activity of where the plants and drilling sites are located. I would love to see an updated map of wells and plants in Butler County. I am just an owner of undeveloped property and would like to keep on top of the progression. I read about the Sarsen Plant in Jackson Township and since my property is located in Jackson, I am optimistic. If it is possible to have a map included, I think everyone that has already signed would be grateful.
11/16/11 09:04:05PM @treemom:
I have found this site very useful, and appreciate everything you have done. I have learned a lot on many topics that affect me as a landowner. Thank you.
11/27/11 02:40:22PM @brianh:

keith as the creator of the discussion can i delete it?

Larry Gander
01/29/12 08:42:10PM @larry-gander:


In WV if you own Mineral rights, and pay your tax every year, then you always own those mineral rights.Only you may sell or lease them.


07/09/12 04:04:31PM @jk2:


How do you get someone off your friend's list?

I accidently friended someone I do not want!


Samuel J. Orr
10/23/12 11:58:30AM @samuel-j-orr:

Wonder if site should be renamed Marcellus/ Utica rather than just Marcellus. The term Marcellus shale unfortunately seems to be used in a restrictive way, but also is often used in posts to this site to refer to the Utica Shale or both the Marcellus and Utica /shales. I have been told that Marcellus Shale under my land in western Venango County is insufficiently thick tohave value but that the underlying Utica Shale may be reasonably good. It would be nice if shale articles were better atstating the specific shale formation or formationsunder discussion.

12/10/12 02:17:04PM @gbrewer:

GBrewer commented on Keith Mauck (Site Publisher)'s page 'Royalty Calculator'

"The price is not showing up anywhere with internet explorer. The price does not show up on the home page for me either, as it used to do."
Nov 30

01/05/13 11:04:06AM @shadyvista:

Will the information be available on line or elsewhere on the Clark/royalty issue??

Can not attend but have a deducting royalty lease on shallow wells.

Ronald Hayhurst
01/28/13 09:01:44AM @ronald-hayhurst:

Hi Ken,

Attached is EQT's law firm blog site announcing that a Force Pooling (Lease Integration) bill will be introduced in the West Virginia legislature this year. You can find it at:

Could you give a call at 407-493-4852.


Ron Hayhurst

with The West Virginia Royalty Owners Association

Sherre Boyanowski
05/10/13 10:24:31AM @sherre-boyanowski:

Yes, thank you. Just wish the price was higher! On the bright side, it is double from this time last year. I love to play around with the royalty calculator. They are coming to drill 2 more wells next month.

Samuel J. Orr
05/11/13 10:41:38AM @samuel-j-orr:

John Stanton III started a very active thread on the Venango County site about results of the Allam well. He accidentally deleted the entire thread. He wonders if it could be revived. Could you please contact him. He has reposted the thread's original title but of course the numerous post to the original thread are gone. Thanks for any help!

Holly Girdwood
07/08/13 06:42:07PM @holly-girdwood:
I am new to the gas lease stuff. How do I know what well I am off of and when things will begin? I am in Worth Township, Butler County and dont know which discussion thread to look at. Thanks.
07/22/13 10:11:08AM @donald3:


haveing problems with your web site. some times not fully loading. loseing the web site in the middle of posting or reading. when the gas/oil prices do not load is when the problems occurs.I know there can be many reasons for this but I have tried many things, too many to list, but seems to come back to the web site not loading. have no problems on other web sites.I haven't noticed anyone else haveing this problem, so that makes me wonder if it could be something on my end.any suggestions or info you can shear would be helpful.Don

lester long
08/23/13 11:29:14AM @lester-long:

keith so how do i get an interest started in Hampshire county west virginia to draw drillers to hamshire county.


Rodger King
12/26/13 05:42:59PM @rodger-king:

Keith Mauck,

My partner and I have received an offer from Antero Resources to lease 20.6 net acres from us for 5 years for a bonus of $1,500 per acre and a 15% royalty on production. Our property is in Tyler County and near Plum, WV. Is this a reasonable offer?

Kirk Sherry
01/22/14 03:46:11PM @kirk-sherry:

I rcvd. a letter from triana about 6 mo.s ago that they bought my lease in fayette co pa. from marathon but have rcvd no info on what plans triana has for the area ---- is there any (new) news on plans to drill in my area ? (wharton twsp.)

02/18/14 06:38:40PM @josie:

Dear Keith,

Hope this finds you well. Josie and I have been a subscriber from a long time ago. Thanks for a terrific website!

I have an exciting possibility to run by you.

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We have a structure in place that will guarantee success for those who follow our system.

I trust that you could be the person if this opportunity interests you. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more.

I hope you can take advantage of what I expect will be a hugely successful endeavor.

My best to you,


Please reply to Thanks

James Foster2
08/06/14 12:11:05PM @james-foster2:
Keith, I live out of state but own the rights to about 100 acres in Green county near Kirby Rd and I79. Working with PA Land Resources and EDF Trading. Are they reputable?
lester long
09/09/14 08:54:59AM @lester-long:

keith if you can give me a call @210-269-5381 and walk me through the website of how people setup their discussions it would be great we have had two different oil companies call to enquire about our land.


11/07/14 09:10:09AM @joseph-ohio:
Keith,Finding my reply and edit buttons not working today.These issues occur on all of my devices - desktop, laptop and mobile / cell phone.Anybody else having these difficulties.Please see if you can help.Thank you very much.Joseph-Ohio
11/07/14 06:48:03PM @joseph-ohio:


Seems like my computer is all better now.

Either you fixed it or it recovered on it's own.

In either case thank you.


Jeff Kerr
12/17/14 06:04:22PM @jeff-kerr:

Hi Keith Do you feel a 1.65 per mcf is right' that is what Rice is paying us. we went from 3.45 from Chesp on our last check from them. they sold our lease to rice in one month it dropped over 2.00 a mcf. and we were getting a little oil and LNG from Chesp. now Rice is saying its very dry now and not paying any thing on oil or NGL. Who sets the well head price any way. Rice took our unit over Aug. 1st of this yr. I wish Chesp. still had our lease bet you don't hear that much. thank you Jeff

Ed Camp
02/06/15 07:29:58AM @ed-camp:

Hey Keith; Very important work related to landowners and well decline rates we are just about to publish. You'll see it (2014 Volume 3) available in the next few days on Jim Willis' website

Let talk about a special offer to your users.



Steve Crowe
03/28/15 07:40:14PM @steve-crowe:

Anyone one else at Hadley 8H get a tinycheck from Southwestern. It is like 1/20th of the last one I got from Chesapeake?

Arizona Suzy
06/08/15 09:42:48PM @arizona-suzy:

Hi, Been reading the questions on Your Wall but no responses from you? It seems that you are the Big Dog on The Porch but where does one find the responses? I did join your group. thanks. Suzy

Arizona Suzy
07/02/15 08:36:16PM @arizona-suzy:
Hi Keith. I do apologize from my previous post. I have been on your other sites and have learned so much from everyone!!! I just love what you have done. Yes, I have been in the Tyler County one and it is wonderful.Thank you for the follow up. Happy 4th!
Martha Ann Murray
10/16/15 05:26:21PM @martha-ann-murray:

I am livingin Oklahoma....and wondering if anyone knows anything about SpringhillTownship. Any drilling going on?

Mrs. Botham
11/03/15 09:39:06AM @mrs-botham:

I am a concerned Greene county landowner whom is a part of the sandrock 6h unit. Phone calls since July have done nothing. Any new news about future royalty payments? I have never even been paid any royalty payments but have been told there are funds to be released. Any insight would be appreciated.

Daryl Brown
12/29/15 08:27:37AM @daryl-brown:

Hey good morning sir. Appreciate the work you're doing here this is a great forum.

I wanted to alert you to a member named E. Marshall. This person a scam artist. They obtain your email then send you the proverbial "I'm in hiding from my dead husbands family who want to kill me and my children and need your help getting large inheritance out of the country" You know that tired old line that is right up there with "Hey haven't I seen you somewhere before?" Anyway she/he probably needs to be banished into the land of perpetual tickling but you're the boss here.

Thanks Keith

03/03/16 04:14:12PM @jwe:

Aubrey McClelland is dead.....apparent suicide

Daniel Morris2
04/01/16 05:01:42PM @daniel-morris2:

I've signed up for ShaleCast at 5 different times. Every time I ask for a report, the site sends me to the "enter information" page. Is this some sort of Phishing scam?

Daniel Morris

Kathi Albertson
07/15/16 11:51:59AM @kathi-albertson:
Keith,I'm trying to get accurate information re the good and bad having to do with an Energreen 360 project in Guernsey County that will neutralize radioactive drill cuttings to be used for fill for a building site. I have been told that this has been done successfully in Oklahoma and North Dakota. Can you tell me how to get into website like Gomarcellus in those states? Thanks for your help.Kathi Albertson
09/18/16 09:00:11PM @jackie4:
I am the NARO-Appalachia legislative chair. I would like to invite you and everyone on GMS to attend our convention Oct.30 at the Greenbrier. The keynote speaker is Alex Epstein, who wrote "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels". Please see the Appalachia page at NARO home page for info. Attorneys and CPAs can earn 12 hours CE by attending.
02/08/17 09:39:40PM @ds2:

I am replying in this box because no reply box will appear on the discussion that I am trying to respond to.  I "followed" the discussion.  Perhaps "joining the group" in order to reply is something different.

In regards to: "Yesterday, an issue started showing. This user sums it up pretty well."Last reply under posts doesn't go to last post or even person who posted it??" 

This has been true since the beginning as I have tried to use the site.  The link "Last Reply" has almost never functioned--meaning connected to the most recently posted reply--since the new site went live. 

Sometimes, if I use the link to the user identified as posting the most recent reply, I can see the reply there.  Other times, the only reply visible under the user is something that was posted days or weeks earlier.

And, in any multi-page discussions, there is no option for clicking onto any page beyond the first.  A drop-down menu used to appear at the bottom of each page, including the first, to choose another page.  I have not seen that for weeks (perhaps months).

Unfortunately, the functioning of the site has been inconsistent and erratic.  I thought it was perhaps only because of trying to access the site from an iPad (which is always updated to the most current operating system).  But, some of the same problems occur (although not all) when trying to access from an iMac (always updated to the most current operating system).

There have been too many things to keep track of which things are working and which are not, and at what times things are responding and the times that things are not responding.

It is still a very valuable site.  It is just not as helpful to me any more, because so many functions do not respond.