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12/19/13 07:40:43PM @deutchen:

Hello Josh,

I wanted to contact you to see if you could share some of the things you've learned from your contact with Mark West. Would it be better for me to call you on the phone or communicate this way. As I said in the discussion, I don't know whether I'm going to sign with them but it would be good to know what to watch out for & how much I should get if I did sign. Thanks. john mauersberger aka deutchen

12/28/13 07:42:25AM @lance3:

Hi Josh, thanks for friending me...Id be happy to share what I know and what I hear. My attorney in this is Mary Keith, a local girl here who moved to Utah but comes here regularly on business. She has much experience with oil and gas and pipe line agreements... Her familyowns many acres around here and have been dealing with these things for a number of years.......Lance

Nancy S
01/05/14 09:29:36AM @nancy-s:

Hi Josh: I was just reading your posts on thread helping lady with pipeline questions. I'd like to send you a PM so I sent you a friend request. I'm being approached by MarkWest and my land is in Harrison County. Thanks. Nancy