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S. Chapmn T19, R14, S33
07/14/08 05:38:20PM @s-chapmn-t19-r14-s33:
We received one letter back in May from Petrohawk and called # they left us but was told they were not in our "section" yet. But someone is probably in our section, just not them. Otherwise, have not heard anything else, same as you.
08/03/08 02:41:05PM @sesport:
Not sure what you mean by how far it is from S'port homes.
08/04/08 02:41:08PM @sesport:
My understanding as of now is that drilling be no closer that 500 ft. from any dwelling, 1,000 ft. from an interstate. The later was recently changed when there was an explosion near I-10 this past spring. Hope this helps.
Bobi Carr ("parker")
08/08/08 01:39:52PM @bobi-carr-parker:
I asked Mr. McConnel for a consultation, I'm sure that he was answering that question. I have been following his answers on
08/14/08 12:36:09PM @ray:
what local group are we suppose to be in?I've been to several meetings, but none seems to be for our area.I'm thinking about joinging ERMinreals as a back-up plan.
08/18/08 10:17:05PM @ray:
Thurs.[8/21/8] nite 7:30 pm...Trinity Heights Bapt Church.landowners around Pinehill Rd, Titwell, Mcdaniels, North Pine subdivison... they are asking for $12,500seems pretty low to me.
Dick Shuford
08/22/08 05:55:53PM @dick-shuford:
Tiger if your land is in the designated unit, your in. Normally these units are or have been 640 acres. I think the 330 feet is the regulation that a well can be no closer then 330 feet from another well. Nor any closer than 660 feet from a competitors well.
08/23/08 10:52:35AM @cathaus:
I didn't attend so what I am telling you is second, third or even fourth hand! Twin Cities made them a final offer of $12,500 an acre. They had until 5 on Friday to sign and also Twin City said the offer was good contingent upon 90% of the l/o signing. Big Bad Twin Cities could stick it in their ear if were me living in that area!
09/02/08 10:09:18AM @grice:
I created 2 images of your area (map & Legend). Look at my profile, and you will find them.
09/02/08 08:16:39PM @grice:
The legends originally appears in reduced size (17%, to fit the screen). If you click on the image, it will expand it to full size (100%, more readable).
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
09/30/08 02:36:09PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Thanks, Tiger. Skip
10/02/08 06:18:47PM @kc:
Thank you. LOL!
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
10/09/08 01:47:04PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Brooklyn was the Dodgers. Giants were New York. Dad also played for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Philadelphia Phillies.
10/26/08 08:55:46AM @antsu-in-japan:
CUTE picture!!
Dorcheated   A1
10/26/08 12:27:58PM @dorcheated-a1:
Oh Tiger,You know I won't ever lose my since of humor. I'm sorry if I come off strong sometimes it's one of those thing's that passes quickly.
10/26/08 01:26:43PM @antsu-in-japan:
By the way, where are you from in Fla? I lived near Palm Beach before moving to Japan. I have relatives in Okeechobee county: no oil, LOTS of cows!!
Dorcheated   A1
10/26/08 03:01:37PM @dorcheated-a1:
Ok, I'm gonna play nice now.Yes mam, He was smoking I got a feeling after his stint as governor he'll be ready to make another one.
10/27/08 08:58:05AM @antsu-in-japan:
Cows in PB? Yep...the closer you get to Martin County!! My sister lives in Okeechobee County. I think there's more cows there than people.Your son is too adorable!!
george haddad
10/29/08 08:50:03PM @george-haddad:
Hey Tiger,My computer is running really slow, but I am looking in to obtaining a lse and have been contacted , but the lse bonus ain't where it was so ....
Dorcheated   A1
10/30/08 11:47:31AM @dorcheated-a1:
Hey Tiger shark,KB and I love to bump heads she's a good ole girl. This site would be boring with out her plus she really does have great incite to the O & G business.
Dorcheated   A1
10/30/08 01:09:42PM @dorcheated-a1:
I think KB and I need our own radio show in the morning.
Two Dogs, Pirate
10/31/08 11:26:30AM @two-dogs-pirate:
Born a bad boy, still a bad boy and everyone knows it. I live on the other end of the street from the nut house. My daddy use to say that when you left out of the nut house people started to get crazier as you headed down the street he said that the craziest man in Pineville lived in the second house from the end of the street and that you had to cross a ditch to get to the end where we lived. Shame they turned all the nuts loose from Central State Hospital back in the early 70's no one left there but drug heads now.
Dorcheated   A1
10/31/08 04:21:29PM @dorcheated-a1:
Ok Tiger,Who is on that picture.
Dorcheated   A1
10/31/08 04:31:54PM @dorcheated-a1:
She reminds me of my daughter, you know the peace and love and I'm out.
Dorcheated   A1
11/02/08 01:10:01PM @dorcheated-a1:
Your braver than me I don't ride when my is driving.
11/09/08 03:03:30PM @antsu-in-japan:
Hey Tiger...have a great day!!
Bandit, UMO
11/25/08 11:16:04PM @bandit-umo:
Thanks! I like the hand-wave! Kinda like he's greeting you... So just wave back at any little bandits that find their way into your backyard!
Rebecca Anne Gould
12/02/08 03:31:29PM @rebecca-anne-gould:
Thanks and I will join the group. Did you go to the Nov. 19th meeting at Petroleum Club? Are you with Samson OIl or another company? Our property is on Pinehill Road. Mother hasn't lived their since 1994, when my dad died.Any info you may have on the integrity of Samson or the plans to start the drilling in Section 7 next year would be appreciated. Thanks so much, Rebecca
Rebecca Anne Gould
12/02/08 03:50:31PM @rebecca-anne-gould:
Yes that is the correct location of our property. We live in Dallas. I see that you are in FL. And, yes, I will join N Caddo group.
12/07/08 07:35:37AM @victoria:
Thanks so much for the comment! I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and joining in on the discussions. Have a great day!
Dorcheated   A1
12/16/08 09:43:22AM @dorcheated-a1:
I'm getting old kitty cat, but believe or not I actually work out in the warehouse for two weeks pryor just so I could get into some kind of shape, it didn't help. But it's just a small strain i'm feeling much better now thank you for asking.
12/26/08 11:03:36AM @antsu-in-japan:
What an AWESOME picture!! Just LOVE it! Thanks so much for dropping a note off last week. I apologize for the delay - I have been so busy with weddings here...68 in November and 30 in December! BIt just started snowing here today (boy do I miss Florida!!). Happy holidays...
Dorcheated   A1
01/21/09 06:49:58PM @dorcheated-a1:
Tiger,You just made my day. There is hope for the future.
Dorcheated   A1
01/21/09 07:01:52PM @dorcheated-a1:
If you could only see the smile on my face.
Dorcheated   A1
01/22/09 06:51:33PM @dorcheated-a1:
let's us know and we will get a group up for dinner.
Dorcheated   A1
01/23/09 02:39:15PM @dorcheated-a1:
Imagine that, I read em too! ha!!
Dorcheated   A1
01/23/09 02:43:16PM @dorcheated-a1:
Just tell us when you coming Tiger, and we get some of the gang together for a dinner.
01/23/09 07:04:28PM @cathaus:
I miss her witty repartee!!
Rebecca Anne Gould
02/10/09 04:45:22PM @rebecca-anne-gould:
Thanks for info. I will search for more on Sampson. Our mineral interests are in Sec. 2.
Betty Davis
03/19/09 11:04:03AM @betty-davis:
Sending the check backis a good idea, but why did I even getit? I would like more info. on why they stay say our area is under a state lease. Southwood Terrace Area. Who's says that? What info. to they have we don't and why have we not been told anything in this regard?
lanadan Ds3
03/22/09 04:07:35AM @lanadan-ds3:
Hello and greetings from the piney-woods of N/W Louisiana!As "one UMI to another" as you put it, Bob and others, I think, have struck a nerve with some of these "knoow-it-all" O&G folks. Kinda ruffled their feathers a bit, don't you think?Anyway, for a light-hearted comment on all this, check out my entry under Bob's blog: I AM UMI. Although I was trying to convey a germ or two of truth and sanity into this subject but I still chuckle at my silliness. Your thoughts.
Dorcheated   A1
04/13/09 12:27:46PM @dorcheated-a1:
Ok Tiger Cub,I've been a good boy, I've stay out of political dicussions. Although I have been tempted, I have refrained.
Dorcheated   A1
04/13/09 06:14:12PM @dorcheated-a1:
Tiger,The one thing I have noticed, is they didn't need me to talk politics some of them didn't miss a beat with me gone.
Dorcheated   A1
04/14/09 07:05:48AM @dorcheated-a1:
Tiger,I'm still a good boy, I didn't talk politics, I just called Cifford a circus animal. That's all.
Dorcheated   A1
04/14/09 01:12:53PM @dorcheated-a1:
Hi Tiger,It's all good, John usually comes around and get's me started, But i don't really care anymore it's nice just to sit back and relax. That little girl is my punk daughter, I call her punk, she loves her daddy, she has got the smart ass gene from me, I have created a little monster lol.
04/15/09 12:09:58PM @taylor:
Tiger Cdo,The problem with being in the middle somewhere is that you listen and are open to both sides and you end up not agreeing with either side. It can be very frustrating!Tay
Bobi Carr ("parker")
04/23/09 08:12:05PM @bobi-carr-parker:
What a cute picture.
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
11/18/09 05:06:17PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
That is Houmas House In Burnside, LA. on the River Road between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. There are a number of plantations open for tours but Houmas House is my favorite and the grounds are stunning. The image is a portion of the front yard. You should see the back.
11/30/10 08:33:40PM @kassi:
Hi, I do not get on here very much either. There is not a web site re, our lawsuit but we are moving forward...slowly! I appreciate the kind words and well wished. God bless. Kassi