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Gary R.
@gary-r • 5 months ago • comments: 25
Posted a new Comment on Say Hello to Me By Replying here...:
"Made the migration (late!). Hey - where is the PERMIAN shale section?Looks to be a MAJOR deal here in Texas ($6billion Bass Family sale to Mobil!) . . ...."
Jess Willingham
08/17/13 01:36:23PM @jess-willingham:

Gary: Just a heads up. Found out that EOG is forming a new unit in our area the Lang Section. Got this information from our neighbor whose land is behind us (North of us). This might be getting pretty close to your ares.


john watson
02/11/14 01:41:39PM @john-watson:

You are right! It's CR155, and yes, at one time both Howard and Floyd leased my place for grazing. We still consider Frances as one of our good friends in the area. Got a note from her just yesterday.

john watson
10/06/14 02:32:30PM @john-watson:
Gary:I just got a Division order on Moss 1H, and enclosed was a list of owners that they cannot locate--and yours was one of them, along with several other Raabes.You may want to contact Christy Bonetti @(713)571 4316.John