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08/11/08 09:39:56PM @mark:
you seem to be in the know, so if you could possibley answer a question for me. Do you know if they devide the lakes into sections also, it appears that we only have 98 acreas of land in our section that is not under caddo lake. Would they pool us with another section or are we just screwed? There is only one landowner in our section that owns 10 acreas of land , due to the limited amount of land , its not looking to good for us. any thoughts?
09/09/08 10:36:00AM @sam-cd2:
Good morning. I have just been contacted about surveying my property for a gas pipeline. 50 ft wide permanent line with a 25 ft temporary line, 2 pipes 8" and 12". He said they pay $250/rod and $3,000/ acre for timerland acreage. With your experience what do you think? Should I contact Chesapeake directly or do they only work through middle men?