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@dbob • 3 months ago • comments: 12
Posted a new Comment on New NG power plant for Cherokee County:
"This one would be near New Summerfield. Not sure if it will use Lake Stryker or not. There is at least one other smaller one proposed for Cherokee County,..."
@dbob • 3 months ago • comments: 12
Created a new discussion "New NG power plant for Cherokee County":
@dbob • 3 months ago • comments: 8
Posted a new Comment on Drilling Adjacent Units with CULs:
"The limiting factors are spacing between laterals and the size of the frac package.   When spacing between laterals gets wide, its hard to justify the..."
@dbob • 4 months ago • comments: 7
Posted a new Comment on CUL across 3 sections??? Wow, has a Haynesville well been drilled this long before?:
"To my knowledge, no company has a achieved a lateral of that length in the Haynesville.  It would be interesting to know if there are physical obstructions..."
@dbob • 5 months ago • comments: 7
Posted a new Comment on Anyone have any info on Saint Mary Marco unit:
"Doug - generally suggest you look here:..."
@dbob • 5 months ago • comments: 7
Posted a new Comment on Anyone have any info on Saint Mary Marco unit:
"rrc files indicate the well has made 2.1 BCF of gas, and its making about 10,000 Mcf per month right now.  The well has probably not recovered enough money..."
@dbob • 5 months ago • comments: 2
Posted a new Comment on ExxonMobil Names Environmentalist To Board Of Directors:
"Oh boy.  Next thing you know, our Secretary of State will support a carbon tax and the Paris accord..."
@dbob • 5 months ago • comments: 8
Posted a new Comment on Berman: Days of Cheap Natural Gas are Over:
"I think cheap gas is going to get slightly more expensive.  And once it does it opens more areas to drilling and completion.  "
@dbob • 6 months ago • comments: 5
Posted a new Comment on Gas heads for biggest annual gain in 11 years:
"EIA shows that total annual U.S. gas consumption was roughly 27,000,000 million cubic feet in 2015 (or 27,000 BCF).  Maybe I've done some math wrong, but..."
@dbob • 6 months ago • comments: 5
Posted a new Comment on Gas heads for biggest annual gain in 11 years:
"The storage draws for the last few weeks have been pretty bullish.  I think some of it is that we have increased NG baseload and export enough during this..."
Keith Mauck
10/18/10 09:06:59PM @keith-mauck:
Hello! I hope the site is a place for you to learn, network and contribute. My name is Keith and I started the site in June of 2008 to open up lines of communication between landowners. Since then, we have grown to over 13,000 members.

Because our network has grown word-of-mouth, I want to encourage you to invite your friends and family by clicking here.

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Keith "Haynesville"
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P.S. Have fun SHALING!

tony allen
11/16/10 07:26:05PM @tony-allen:
Thanks for the offer,the pond was built for recreation in the 50's.It is spring fed and has never been dry.
Keith Mauck
03/16/11 02:52:33PM @keith-mauck:
Great, yes, do a write up and I'll make sure it is read. Thanks!
king john
07/31/11 04:01:00PM @king-john:

hello dbob

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
01/31/12 08:50:31PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

Doesn't make sense to me either, dbob. That's why I think it's likely inaccurate. Encana needs to concentrate on oil and liquids no matter where located. What I'm seeing in the TMS currently would lead me to believe they will have at least three rigs there sometime this year. If not, it doesn't bode well for the TMS play.

06/20/12 08:07:36AM @benedumtreesoilwell:
Look over the Crimson well in Brazos Co. It's a 72 hour test that makes it look very impressive. 24 hour test is significantly lower obviously.
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
09/10/12 10:26:54PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

dbob, did you Favorite your own discussion?

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
01/29/13 10:32:38PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

Agreed. I'm always curious when I see significant condensate production. A majority of new wells that are profitable owing to liquids don't look especially impressive in their IP and production data because there is no btu value reported for the gas component. You might see an IP of 75 bbls of condensate and 4 MMcfd and think it an average well then see a report by the operator that the well is making 2,500 BOED. Most state reporting regs don't require specifics as to NGL production or btu per mcf of gas. Dry gas, such as Haynesville, may have a btu value of 0.95 while a good wet gas well may have a btu value of 1.15.

Jerry Miller
05/22/13 04:04:27PM @jerry-miller:

New to this group, so any info on SW Walker county and /or Augustus May Energy? What is the going rate on leases in Walker county?

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
04/13/16 09:17:24AM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

My friend at Panda didn't know anything beyond what was in the article. He's nearing retirement and I guess his mind is elsewhere. You know everyone directly and indirectly connected to the electrical power generation industry is watching this demonstration plant.

Are you still working in the Caddo Pine Island? If so Julie and I are bored and want to invite you to lunch one day while you are in transit through E TX.